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Thursday December 2, 2021

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You have small annoyances to forget (or overcome) regarding the person you love. Despite his/her clumsiness, this person loves you deeply and he/she does not genuinely wish to displease you. Even if he/she is not always aware of everything he/she does, he/she has much to offer you. We are talking here about a sensitive person who has a strong need to be loved (by you), despite his/her flaws (or appearances). With him/her, even if words are often without effect, gestures (large and small) by contrast have great importance. Perhaps this person does not hear (or does not understand) everything you tell him/her, but on the other hand, he/she notices and appreciates absolutely everything you do for him/her. Therefore, in this specific case, since conversation is not always effective, cunning will always be your best alternative.
Be careful with your health. A small problem needs to be considered a little more seriously if you do not want your health to deteriorate. An action needs to be taken before the situation gets too complicated. Your physical health is directly related to your psychological (or mental) health. Your fatigue may soon end up turning into exhaustion. You do not necessarily need medical care right now but you definitely have to take more care of yourself. If you continue to neglect taking care of yourself, sooner or later you will find yourself forced to consult a doctor (or perhaps even become hospitalised). If you still do not feel the urgency of action, tell yourself that everything accumulates with time and that falls happen without warning. If you are one of those unlucky people who are already facing a serious (or chronic) health problem, this means you have to be more careful in dealing with your condition. Your lifestyle is perhaps not sufficiently adapted to your physical condition, so you will need to make an extra effort to not give in to habits that are harmful to you.
You will have to abandon (or defer) fulfilling a wish because of the love you bear for someone. A desire that you have had for a long time no longer has the same meaning (symbolism) (or no longer has so much importance) for you because of this person. More specifically, you want to accommodate (or please) a person that you love and your desire is not compatible with what you want to do for him/her. In this situation, you have to share something with this person. You have an objective in common and this concerns the financial security of you both. Key words: home, family, material comfort, survival, sharing, love.

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