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Thursday December 2, 2021

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Your freedom is priceless. You enjoy your freedom too much to allow others to dominate you. You should, therefore, not be submissive in your love life, because in the end you will feel trapped. Better to distance yourself from those who wish to run your life. You are not the sort to be manipulated, so your reactions are often unpredictable. You act on impulse and it is generally catastrophic for those around you.
You are afflicted by an emotional wound that creates a lot of anxiety for you. We are talking here about an event that really shook you. Even your sleep is disturbed by it. In fact, it seems that someone (m/f) in your inner circle has decided to ignore you because of a mutual misunderstanding. There was an incident at a meeting, and this person reacted very badly. Obviously, you both saw things from totally different angles. You clearly regret a gesture or a word, but the damage is done and you cannot go back. However, if the situation is analyzed clearly, you are not completely wrong. The problem arises most in how to approach this, and is not related to whether you are right or not. All in all, you should not dwell too much on little insignificant details which only aggravate what is already complicated. You have great qualities and you are capable of unconditional love, and this person knows it. As such, you will both have to water down your expectations, because in truth, the origin of this misunderstanding is only a minor incident, not a tragedy. For your part, you will also have to get used to taking a larger perspective with regards to some situations before reacting too strongly. You are a strong person and you can hurt yourself just as much as you can hurt others. In short, no real long-term unfortunate consequence will appear here. The person in question will in fact adapt, but you will also have to adapt to a reality that you do not (and for which you will never) fully control.
You need to be attentive to the needs of a woman. We are speaking here about a woman whose age is far removed from yours. So either she is much younger than you are or else she is much older. This woman loves you and she needs you more than you imagine. You are very important to her and she would like to see you more often. She adores it when you make conversation with her because you make her happy. This woman is not very cultured and does not have many true friends. She is less clever than you are and (for her) your advice is like gold. She does not know everything about life and she often counts on you to guide her in facing her difficulties. She is wary of people, but she has a blind faith in you. You are her ray of sunshine, so when you distance yourself from her she loses her bearings.


Be careful not to take something unimportant to heart (everyday situation). An insignificant event is going to take place and you will have the impression of finding yourself in front of something serious (even if it is the opposite). Be careful not to be too impulsive because it is your own reactions which can transform an insignificant matter into a serious problem. Appearances are often misleading, so be vigilant, as a situation will leave you perplexed (unfounded anxiety).

You are drawn by an extraordinary achievement. Your ideas seem to be contradictory, yet they connect in a way that is difficult to put into words. Their apparent opposition is fascinating and makes them even more remarkable. Even if others do not understand your goals, you should not doubt their feasibility. Your dreams may be grand but they can be achieved. You have a great will and you should not let yourself be discouraged by people who do not believe in your potential. You are stronger than them and you should ignore them. Your place is above them, far above in a place of prodigious creation that they are not aware of but that you have the ability to reach. Do not be afraid of your power, for it was given to you by a very great supernatural entity, capable of annihilating all of your enemies with its will alone. You are protected by forces beyond this world and you are a beloved creature. Key concepts: park, flowers, traffic, walkers, kindness, sincerity, perfection, supernatural woman, feeling, forthcoming change, bravery, emotional shock, anxiety, purity, astrological sign of Aquarius, great achievement, divinity, Friday, night, month of May.


Circumstances (or an environment) will be conducive to an exchange of trust, yet you will have to wait a little while before confiding a secret that you hold within you. You will be in the presence of a loved one who will want you to open up to him/her, but in spite of what they tell you, they will not be ready to hear what you will have to say. Your feelings are honorable and the person concerned is the right one, but you will clearly have to wait a while longer before speaking to him/her safely because certain events taking place at the same time may ruin everything.

Someone who has a lot of money will try to please you. This person will try to get closer to you emotionally (or will seek to have a love affair with you). This concerns someone very rich who will enter your life. You will be very impressed by this person’s financial capacity (and by everything he/she will have to offer you as a gift). You will really be destabilised, because this person has the power to radically and totally change the course of your life. He/she will easily be able to ensure your material well-being, and to do so in a permanent and definitive manner. We are speaking here about someone who is not much older than you are. This person may not speak the same language as you do (different mother tongue). He/she is going to ask you to renounce something (sacrifice?) so that you can follow him/her. He/she will offer you to realise one of your dreams, but only under certain conditions. Your numerical references regarding this event: 162, 237, 1, 38.


A friend is very impressed by one of your achievements (or one of your projects). This is a person of the opposite sex who is fascinated by your expertise. He/she is about your age and he/she has only been in your environment for a short time. He/she is currently suffering from an emotional injury and he/she is looking to get closer to you (in order to feel better) (he/she is looking for a more personal or more intimate relationship with you). He/she is amazed by your accomplishments (the things that you do) (your talent). His/her reactions are obvious. Here, we are talking about feelings of admiration and love. This person is very impressed by you and he/she will also try to (in his/her way) impress you. You will be moved, troubled, or shaken by what he/she will do for you (his/her action or initiative).

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