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Thursday December 2, 2021
Result of your Reading

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Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :68%            Your HEALTH indice :66%
Your MONEY indice :68%            Your WORK indice :85%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :94%            Your HOBBIES indice :96%
GLOBAL :   80%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   87%

A project is uncertain from a financial standpoint (acquisition or business deal). New circumstances are coming to partially undo your plans. Even if this project isn’t questioned, it seems fairly obvious that it should be postponed (or its form should be reconsidered). This situation involves a woman who is about the same age as you, and who shouldn’t normally have any influence on what you do (carrying out your plans). She is an intelligent woman who is comfortable financially and self-employed. She is indulgent with people, and she truly loves everything she undertakes. Although her schemes are not intended to harm you, despite everything, they have a negative impact on your project. When the situation is carefully analyzed, everything indicates that you are in competition for the same thing (acquisition or transaction). You should not resent her for this, for her ambitions are as legitimate as yours. In other circumstances, this woman would have probably been able to become a good friend for you, but for the moment fate is against you. In this case, there is absolutely no question of malice on this this woman’s part, so you will have to agree to a compromise. Yes, things will be resolved, but only with new initiatives on your part.

You are at the beginning of a journey and everything is possible. Contradictions may still be reconciled if you show ingenuity and open-mindedness. You can go on with your project with confidence as long as you resist recklessness and trivialization. Since everything is possible, you are in charge of making sure that everything progresses favourably. You are the key person in the events to come and your intelligence and your good decisions in the short term are what will show you the trend that your long-term project will follow. Thanks to your great imagination, a great number of choices and opportunities will become available to you. You will have the opportunity to have fun but you will need to remain serious at all times. Your attitude and curiosity, together, are what will bring you the wonders you seek but you will have to measure your initiatives so that they can remain enriching for many years to come.

Your situation is making you live with great anxiety. An outcome is uncertain and it is creating troubled thoughts in your mind. You are questioning yourself a lot, because you know that the current events will have a major impact on the direction your life will take in the coming years. However, despite the fact that all of this is causing you great concerns, your worries are not really justified. You need to stay calm in the face of what you are experiencing now, because nothing is decided yet and it’s in no one's interest to see you fall into a ravine. Yes, your distress is palpable, but you have to keep your cool. The worst scenario is simply not possible or feasible, therefore you should stop letting yourself become overwhelmed by negative thoughts. If you regain control over your mind, your concerns will eventually fade. You're not alone and nobody will abandon you. Yes, your biggest problem will be resolved and your situation will gradually return to normal. You have to have faith, because the divine does indeed exist and angels have a truly extraordinary power. Let the light take you over and the darkness leave you. You're about to lose something very significant, but what you gain in return be worth a hundredfold. So, get ready to experience something great, because that’s what's coming for you!
An important meeting looms. You will be asked more about yourself, and you will be judged on your honesty. You will have an interview with an older man. This man is in business and he is interested in talking to you and asking you questions. He thinks that you may be of use to him, but first of all wants to be sure of your honesty and professionalism. He has a lot of experience with people and will quickly be able to detect your weaknesses. However, it is not your weaknesses that count here. These are trivial if you have the qualities he is looking for. This man has the ability to adapt to the weaknesses of others as long as that they don’t constitute (or do not become) an issue. If you manage to demonstrate your honesty and good intentions beyond all doubt, he will be inclined to take you under his wing. This man has outstanding expertise and knowledge which he will pass on to you if you can make him accept you. You should therefore be as honest as possible with him, as he has a lot to offer you. Above all, do not try to lay claim to any qualities that you do not truly possess, as he will see through this. Show him who you really are, as this is what he expects from you.

Your love (or your great affection) for someone is legitimate and your attachment to him/her deserves to be respected. You have the right to love who you want and nobody should deprive you of this right. Here, you do not have full sentimental freedom, because somebody is putting obstacles in your ways. Be careful in your relations with the person that you love (or for whom you are affectionate), because somebody is looking to cause the failure of your relationship with him/her. The one who is looking to cause the failure of your relationship is somebody who is relatively close to you. This is somebody who is a part of your professional environment (work, business, studies, justice, healthcare, or other). This is someone who has a bad reputation and who obviously has no dignity, given his/her (contemptuous, arrogant, or rude) way of behaving and acting with the opposite sex.

You’ll have a disappointing meeting with a woman who is your friend. More precisely, this woman is a member of your family. She stands out for her patience and perceptiveness. She’s also opportunistic and sometimes quite adventurous. You share a very sincere friendship with her. Following a conversation you’ll have with her about a person (2) who is new in your work environment, but with whom you are about to start a close relationship, your meeting will take a turn towards your love life. In fact, your friend knows this person quite well and she will talk at length about him/her to you. You will learn then that it’s a person (2) on whom you can’t count and with whom you can hardly maintain a loyal friendship, let alone a relationship. However, this person (2) will soon be part of your regular circle and you’ll have to grow with (or despite) him/her. Be careful not to trust this person (promises or other), because you could get big disappointments. Even if this person (2) will fail to influence you or dominate you, you’ll quickly understand how your friend was right about him/her. This is a person who will be a burden to you, especially in obligations that will require teamwork. This is a person who continually tries to dodge unpleasant or hard-working tasks so it will be totally useless for you to count on him/her when you need a little more mutual assistance from him/her.
Somebody is planning something specifically for you. This person wants to make you live a wonderful, or even unforgettable experience. He/she must get in touch with other people in order to refine his/her project. This project aims to give you pleasure and to make you live a real moment of happiness (intense happiness). It also aims to make you discover something that you have never seen (or lived) until now. Here, we are talking about somebody who loves you very much and who is very warm with you. In his/her way, he/she wants to thank you for everything that you do (every day) for him/her. This is someone who is part of your close surroundings. He/she is sensitive and extremely sociable with everyone. On the other hand, he/she is somewhat anxious in love (or in a privileged relationship), which sometimes makes him/her possessive in his/her relationship with you. The link that connects you is very strong. It is based mainly on mutual trust, but also on exclusivity.

An event will be extraordinarily favourable to you at the emotional level. Someone (m/f) who is hesitating to make the first move will have an incredible opportunity to get closer to you. Moreover, you will have control over the situation. You will have an unexpected power over this person and you will be able to manipulate him/her (psychologically, lovers’ games, etc.) however you like. It will be easy for you to force him/her to commit and he/she will admit everything you wish to hear. This individual is in love with you and the effect you have on them is unequivocal. All you need to get what you want from this person, are exceptional circumstances, and this is actually what you will get. This person has a burning desire to have a more intimate relationship with you and he/she will no longer be able to hide his/her feelings. You will have an unparalleled opportunity to get straight to the point, then it will be up to you to open or close your door.

Your current path is unpredictable and will soon force you to redirect your approach to love. As things stand, you tend to rein yourself in, inhabiting an ambiguous inner state which is taking you nowhere. You feel limited by your present context and this will soon lead you to re-evaluate your situation in terms of your emotional life. By consequence, you will have no choice but to commit to a new, more realistic approach, which will be distinctly healthier for your emotional well-being.
You will have to help a woman (a friend) regarding a problem that absolutely needs resolving as soon as possible. This woman does not feel good and needs help. She is part of your close entourage. She has been working hard for some time and does not take the time for a breathing space. She needs to take a holiday (or rest), otherwise she will fall ill. Unfortunately, she will not get a break until she has solved her problem. This woman has made a promise (made a commitment or signed a document) that she regrets. This concerns a major expense. You will have to guide her (or support her) in a process that she cannot manage alone, because she is exhausted both physically and mentally. She can no longer see things clearly and her actions regarding her problem have become incoherent and totally vain. This woman seriously needs your help (your support). She occupies an important place in your life and you must act without delay.

A close friend needs your love and comfort. To really understand what is happening in your friend's mind, you have to go back and look at past events. This person needs to open up to you and you need to help this person to do it. You must show diplomacy, like you know how to do, so you don't unsettle your friend further. This individual wants you to speak to him/her. He/she wants you to take the initiative. On top of that, he/she has invested in a project and you must help your friend finish it. From a financial perspective, this project is profitable, but your friend needs to be motivated and needs support from you. You are very important to him/her and you must clearly demonstrate your love and support.

You will need to consult a doctor. Somebody is going with you. This doctor is a man, but a woman is also involved. This woman is not necessarily a doctor, but she does also work in the medical field (doctor, therapist, nurse, etc.) and she is having an interview with you. We are speaking here of a health problem that is not really serious, but which is persistent. It is not disabling, but still requires the intervention of a health professional. The doctor (man) is taking notes and is giving you a piece of paper that you will take with you. He wants to see you pay more attention to yourself. Everything indicates that you will have to change certain aspects of your way of living in order to avoid a problem that could become more important in several years’ time.

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