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Wednesday January 26, 2022

Tarot room 21
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You are very intrigued by a mysterious feeling that has taken hold of you. It is with regard to a person with whom you could easily fall in love (if you haven't already) under different circumstances. It is someone who was born under the sign of Leo. Although you don't do it deliberately, you think of this person often and frequently get lost in thought. Are you perhaps revealing your affection for this person a little too openly? Are you afraid of drawing them into a passing infatuation in which they might be disappointed? One this is certain: this is becoming more and more embarrassing for you. Why then are you so sweet towards this person? You are questioning yourself and troubling yourself. Do you feel a secret and reprehensible desire that you cannot control? Significant keywords: youth, ambition, contrast, eccentricity, sensuality, Thursday morning, month of December.

The course of your love life is arduous, since it is poorly accepted by someone in your circle. This individual is a woman of approximately the same age as you. As a visible characteristic, this woman has a physical injury, handicap or a permanent scar. She is an educated woman, but sometimes a bit too critical when it comes to others. She is (or has already been) divorced or separated. The love relationship that you currently have (or your desire for someone) displeases her. She worries that it will damage the relationship you have with her. This woman likes/loves you in a way that is too possessive and is trying to keep you (perhaps unconsciously) exclusively for herself. She focuses solely on her own (emotional) interests and she is depriving you of a love life to which you are entitled. She is so worried you will stop being interested in her that she is acting in such a way as to distance you from the person you love. You will need to be very sensitive to this situation, for even if this woman isn’t your enemy (nor a rival), she is an impediment to your emotional life and is turning you away from the true love that is your destiny. Even though you have a pretty nice relationship with her, you are eventually going to have to make her accept things the way they are, for you need to think first and foremost about yourself.

A man, a very close friend, is about to start his life over. This is a tender and loyal man. He is intelligent, financially comfortable and has a stable life. However, this is a man who lives with the weight of a past mistake. Early in his life (or several years ago) he was involved in shady deals (illegality, criminality, drugs or other). He feels remorse, because something went wrong and a person was marked for life (disability, trauma, permanent damage or even death). This man is trying to repair his mistakes as best as he can (as much as possible). He sincerely wants to start his life anew and he hopes that you will understand. He needs to get away from some time in order to recharge.
You are threatened by a person of the opposite sex who is older than you. Be careful, because this person will bring you problems. These problems could even lead you to court. This person has beauty, charisma, and a physical (sexual) attraction as his/her characteristics. He/she is passing through your life and he/she is extremely jealous of you even if he/she does not truly love you (superficial sincerity). He/she has financial difficulties and he/she is counting on you to fix his/her problems. He/she acts with you like somebody who is kind and sensitive, but in reality he/she is hiding his/her true face. He/she always has beautiful words for you, but this is only a game (he/she is pretending). His/her influence over you is growing and he/she will bring you problems. Of course, you should understand his/her situation, but you will also have to demonstrate intuition and lucidity. Your relationship with this person is evolving in a way that is clearly unfavorable for you, so be vigilant. Especially (if it is possible or if it is not too late) do not let him/her charm you, because his/her way of doing things is very clever and you could easily fall into his/her trap.

A good financial deal is coming up in connection with your love situation. A man (a friend or kin of the person you love) will make you an offer you cannot refuse. This man will make you benefit from a golden opportunity concerning a very profitable investment. This investment will be within your reach (financial means) and it will help you secure your position in your love life. You don’t know this man much yet but you will be more and more often in contact with him. He trusts you and he will try to strengthen the bond of friendship he shares with you. This is someone who is intelligent and cultivated. This man knows how to recognize good opportunities in business and he quickly becomes skeptical of dubious offers. This investment will ensure the seriousness of your relationship with him, so you won’t have to fear about his good intentions towards you in the future.

The atmosphere is heavy around you. There are dark thoughts. A heartbreaking event has occurred. A person needs to confide in someone. This person is a woman of foreign origin (or who has returned from a long stay abroad). She needs to talk to someone. She needs help. You might not be able to give her all of the help she needs, but you can direct her towards someone who will be able to take care of her.
Your budget is regaining its balance. The expenses were many and the income was not enough, but this will soon be ancient history. Financial stability will take its place in your life once again and you can now see your future as a new day. You will find your happiness once more, because new events in the next weeks will radically change your personal path. Things are in the process of being jostled (very favorably for you) and the coming months look like they will be particularly stimulating (especially financially). The period in which you only worked for your survival is ending because abundance is imminent, and it will be enduring. You have some dreams and they will come true. It’s only a question of time and of your will. Prosperity is assured to you, so it’s up to you to make good decisions or head in a good direction in the next days (daring decisions which are prudent and clear). More especially, as far as the realization of a dream which you have had for several years is concerned, you don’t have to count in terms of years any more, but rather in terms of months or weeks. We are speaking here of a dream associated with a trip which you will make by train, by car or by plane (public transportation). This trip has two parts: it will at the same time announce (1) the end of something and (2) a great piece of news. Furthermore, you should bet on an imminent change regarding your work (or your financial independence).

A new friendship with a young man is coming or will deepen. This is a young man you frequently see when you go out shopping or to periodically make other, more specific purchases. Or this also might be someone you see regularly in an office, a workshop, a store branch or any other place that runs as a commercial facility. This young man likes teasing, is endearing and always has lots of original ideas running through his head. He is sensitive and is always concerned about you and your well-being when you two meet. He has recently moved and lives near a hospital or a medical clinic (or a business that offers medical service like a pharmacy, laboratory, etc.) You have always impressed this young man and he has much respect for you. An event, a transaction or something else will lead to meet with him outside the usual routine. This will be an unplanned yet interesting and very pleasant encounter. You will get to know each other better and you will discover very specific similarities with each other that will lead to a greater familiarity between the two of you in the future.

A coming appointment is very important for you (emotional level.) A meeting is scheduled with someone you love. Here, it is a question of a meeting or an interview which you fervently wish to happen. This appointment will indeed take place, and it will be in a public area. This will be near a watercourse or body of water (river, stream, lake, sea, fountain, etc.) You will be in a place where most people consume alcohol. The person that you are scheduled to meet is someone from your past. This is therefore probably a friend from childhood (or from adolescence), an ex, or somebody else that you knew in the past and with whom you lived several significant events in your life. However, paradoxically, this appointment is making you anxious, because it seems that you do not really know what to expect. In addition, this appointment includes a sacrifice. As such, it is either secret, or you have to cancel or postpone something to be able to honor it (miss work, miss another appointment, leave friends or family, etc.) What is certain, is that you love this person and that you are very eager to see him/her again.

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