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Tuesday January 25, 2022

Tarot room 32
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You are going to have a business meeting with a man. You will have a frank and very constructive discussion that will be followed by an agreement. You will have this man’s support and you will obtain guarantees on his part related to the implementation of a project that is very dear to your heart. This project is a personal initiative that you have cherished for a long time and that will take on great importance for you in coming years. Your meeting with this man will be a turning point that will assure you of the success of your venture. This man is someone you do not know personally, but you will have the chance to come to greatly appreciate his high level of honesty. This is a man of his word who almost always completes his work without any delays. He will do everything in his power to satisfy you, including in the smallest details. This is a responsible man who is indefatigable and has great physical power. Your partnership with him will be an excellent choice and your project will be in good hands.

You will witness disconcerting behaviors. A young woman that you like a lot has an inconsistent behavior for reasons she insists on keeping secret. This young woman is intelligent but she is under the romantic influence of a person (m/f) who flouts her. She spends (or gives) all her money for him/her and she is on the verge of a romantic nightmare (both financially and psychologically). She’s humiliated by this (despicable) person but she is too much in love with him/her to put an end to it. She accepts the most implausible excuses and she continually forgives the unforgivable. Here it’s a question of unrequited love but most of all of manipulation of feelings and emotional blackmailing. This young woman is shamefully manipulated (emotionally and psychologically). She fears a break-up so much that she lowers herself to accept compromises that are clearly unreasonable. She’s probably a victim of adultery (otherwise of extreme and possessive jealousy) and her naivety causes her considerable harm. Attention: this young woman could also do something under the influence of some sort of threat (to be verify).

A transaction with a woman must be avoided (or refused). This woman is a part of the entourage of a very close (male) friend. You know her, more or less. She is afflicted by an affective or psychological wound that is permanent. She would like to be your friend, but she doesn’t correspond to what you like or what attracts you to others (her personality). This woman made a promise to you that she will never be able to fulfill. She wants to close a deal with you, but she is not realistic in what she proposes. Although she is not necessarily dishonest with you, she does not have the capacity to evaluate things objectively. She thinks she is doing good and she believes that everything will work out easily. She is much too optimistic. She does not have enough money to conclude anything with anyone. You will have to try to encourage her to reflect on her proposition, but it is far from certain that you will succeed. She has a lot of will, but she does not have the means to her ambitions. She is simply not reasonable (credible), which she does not yet understand.
An experience you have had with someone was very disappointing. You thought you would have good times with him/her but you were very disillusioned, even frustrated. There is no doubt that you took a bad decision. You were not happy with him/her and you regret it. For his/her part, this person would like to repeat the experience with you, but you do not want it. That is really the last thing in the world that you want. You now experience discomfort or a great deal of embarrassment when dealing with this person. He/she insists and you have to get yourself out of this mess. You need to remain courteous but if you overdo it, he/she will insist even more. You are in a very uncomfortable position and you need to explain yourself. Sometimes, however, it is better to flee from someone rather than try to explain what one is feeling. If this person thinks nothing but you, there will be no right way to act. Yes, all this is insane, so the better you are able to use your imagination, the better you will get through this.

A young woman of foreign origin causes disruption. Against her are her indecency and frivolous sexuality. She is very beautiful and she has the power to charm and to bring temptation that leads to carnal pleasures. She is not faithful to any man, and she destroys existing love affairs. Be careful, because she can cause devastating effects. Here is a message for you: take great care of the person you love because an illusory love could overshadow a real love.

Your emotions have great influence on your behavior. Impulsiveness is something for you to manage. You seem to have a tendency to react too spontaneously when dealing with certain situations and this does not always favor you, even if it relates to you at times. Because of this tendency to react (or get anxious) quickly in certain situations, your thoughts are not always as clear as they should be when dealing with what you really live. More or less, as regards small pleasures and the little annoyances in life, you have to think a little more before acting (or becoming anxious). So you have some learning to do, because you need to discern the contexts and situations that could be much more favorable for you. Not all situations require an immediate response from you, so you will have to get used to taking a little more perspective in dealing with different aggressions or temptations (both large and small) that you go through every day as some are not as threatening or as urgent as they may seem. Even if your intentions are good, your interventions are probably not always justified, which indicates that you're psychologically wearing yourself out for things that are not really worth it. You must take care of yourself and be more rational with yourself. Learn to save your strength (internal/mental), because there is no doubt that you can be much happier in your environment than you are now. For you, "universal wisdom" is a goal to reach, while impulsivity is a challenge that you must learn to overcome. Therefore, if you believe that you are a person who is asked to do a lot, you are not wrong. Therefore, if the Divine asks a lot from you, in all humility it is surely because you have a special place in the other world.
You need to reflect upon what you can do again (invent, create, design, etc.) in the coming months. You must put your imagination to work and come up with good ideas. You will need to consult people. You must surround yourself with people that brighten your life and stir up passions within you. Furthermore, you need to surprise yourself as much as you can surprise others. You have improved yourself a lot over the past few months and your future looks even richer if you persist on enhancing your lifestyle (or your living conditions). Remain close (or get closer) to the people you love and you will congratulate yourself for it.

Your perseverance in business or work will pay off for you. Your tasks, good ideas and honesty will enable you to profit, to accumulate important riches (savings, investments, property, etc.) and to earn a solid reputation among people in your midst. You will learn to recognize your weaknesses as well as your strengths, which will give you a clear advantage over those who stray by not knowing how to measure their capabilities and limits. Your name and signature will be respected by all authorities, and many will have confidence in your promises and projects. Your honesty and reputation will make you into a well-respected person and, as a result, you will have nothing to fear in terms of being refused or rejected on the grounds of your requests for permits, loans, investments or other things from large institutions (banks, public administrations, international societies, etc.). You will prove yourself in everything you undertake, and you will be the first person on whom one can count when one is seeking somebody competent and devoted. To put it plainly, on the professional path, because your initiatives will be intelligent and you will be an indefatigable worker, you will encounter very few setbacks.

You are expecting (or preparing to receive) upsetting, burdensome or disappointing mail. This is an invoice or account statement relating to a debt or claim. It concerns a significant amount of money. The money demanded cannot be paid back in one instalment. You will have to make several payments because the amount is too large. You will have to work a lot to free yourself from this debt. You know that you are in a demanding situation, but your decision was taken calmly and you are determined to respect your commitment. Even if you are in a tight spot financially, however, you will manage to make the savings necessary to achieve your dream. You are someone who has a lot of will power and it is this that makes your strength, no matter what is required of you. Your perseverance is great and it will always make you a person who is highly respected socially.

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