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Wednesday January 26, 2022

Tarot room 45
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You have a lot of imagination and it will serve you. You constantly have new ideas in mind and you will learn to put them to use yourself. If others do not always trust you currently, this will change. You are a fundamentally optimistic and courageous person, and you will know how to use your inner strengths (imagination, creation, intelligence, sense of analysis and deduction, etc.) to make your way and to triumph over the greatest obstacles. Your supremacy (compared to others) is in you (psychological and mental qualities) and, no matter your challenges, you will always be someone who gives him/herself completely and excels. Since you have the ability to create and the capacity to persevere, you will do great things all throughout your life. For you, giving up is not and will never be an option and, because of this, you will manage to realize very bold projects. On the professional level (especially in business) you therefore have no reason not to be successful. You still have great challenges before you and, undeniably, you will know how to face them with determination and competence. You are the type of person that is generally referred to as a hero, an idol, or a role model, and there is no doubt that you will distinguish yourself in a "very extraordinary" way during your life. You are someone who always recovers with greater strength from a setback and, as such, you will impress people enormously and you will get a lot from life (in terms of learning, experience, and wisdom).

You will have to help (or give your support to) a young man in the course of action he is about to undertake. This young man knows that you have a great deal of life experience and he expects a lot from you. He has already made a number of errors up until now and he wants to avoid making another. He wants to have you at his side because you are the person he trusts the most. You have the power to comfort him regarding his course of action and this is exactly what he expects of you. We are speaking here about a journey that will take place in the near future and the preparations for it are causing great anxiety. Even if he tries not to show it, this young man has fears about this trip. For him, though, this trip is an imperative and he will therefore need reassuring.

A man from your surroundings is getting bogged down monetarily. He is older than you and you have little contact with him. You meet him from time to time, but you know him mostly because he is closely linked to someone in your immediate circle. Even if he is a generous man with those who are close to him, he is stubborn and opportunistic. He spends too much money on behalf of a company or government institution. He has received certain privileges, but he is abusing them. His status gives him rights that most people do not have, but he uses them to excess. He wastes money with impunity and makes unwarranted claims. Even if he believes himself free from all proceedings or investigations against him, he will be summoned by an authority. He needs to account for his actions and problems for him are clearly in sight.
Be careful not to take something unimportant to heart (everyday situation). An insignificant event is going to take place and you will have the impression of finding yourself in front of something serious (even if it is the opposite). Be careful not to be too impulsive because it is your own reactions which can transform an insignificant matter into a serious problem. Appearances are often misleading, so be vigilant, as a situation will leave you perplexed (unfounded anxiety).

A bad joke on the part of an immature person will have very disagreeable repercussions for many people. It is a question here of an act committed in a place of work. The activities of a business (company, factory, shop, business centre or other) will be disrupted. A combination of things will be affected and this will have an impact on a large number of people (+/-) (relative to the size of the business). We are speaking here about a person who commits a thoughtless (stupid) act in order to impress people. This event will have huge consequences and it will affect you personally (or directly). The person concerned is a man who has been your friend for a short time or who has been part of your entourage for only a few months (or a few years at the most). Violating laws or regulations is a game for him because he loves challenges. He regularly needs to feel the adrenaline rush inside because it provides him with great feelings (drug). He is probably a great sportsman or a big fan of sports teams. He enjoys extreme sports and he often has a tendency to attempt experiences (in his personal or daily life) that pose a risk of danger. His great temerity is worrying, so watch out for accidents (mostly damage to property).

A distant friend, a professional man, will take a significant commitment to you. This man has his kindness and charm as virtues. He has experience in business and regularly handles large sums of money. Papers and contracts take a prominent place. This man is trustworthy and the exchanges that he will have with you will be loyal and honest. This is about a personal journey that will lead you towards a resounding financial success. You will make a gesture that you hesitate to do since a longtime. You'll have to spend some money and your signature will be required. This is clearly a bold investment (real estate transaction). These are the current events in your life that will persuade you to act. This real estate transaction will have to be concluded quickly enough, otherwise you will lose all your chances of an immediate profit. Two very obvious elements are also associated with this event: a "signboard" and "cat." You must surely know what it is, if not, when the time comes, these clues will be blindingly obvious to you.
You must thank a being of the afterlife for the help he (she) has given you. You get the answers you were searching for through this being. Furthermore he (she) pushes you to dig deeper into your spiritual inspiration to help your exchanges with him (her). On this point, he (she) invites you to find a specific location in your house that will be conducive to meditation. You'll use the area to favor meditation deep within you. This place allows you to be more responsive (receptive) to his (her) messages. You will then adopt a personal communication ritual that you will practice each time you would like to interact with him (her). He (she) will recognize this ritual, and each time he (she) will come to meet you to receive your confidences and wrap you with his (her) love. This being is a person you know well, whom you love deeply and who died. Although he (she) has no infinite powers, he (she) still has the ability to help you with certain aspects of your life and intervene for you with God when necessary.

You question yourself unnecessarily, because an answer is found within you. You must analyze the situation by taking consideration of the different facets of your friend’s personality. Presently, a purification ritual operates in your life. This purification is the prelude to an interior transformation which will lead you to the path of liberty and prosperity. A person is causing you problems but you must not care about this. The situation will not persist forever, because you have the solution in your mind and all that is left for you to do is to apply it.

You are at a crossroads between three fundamental elements of the Tarot. These are free will, providence and time. This means that you have a major task to accomplish or an irreversible decision to take. You will therefore need to show great wisdom. Your destiny is in your own hands and what you do will bring consequences. These consequences are inevitable, therefore you must make sure that they will be favourable to you. We are speaking here about a definitive turning point or a timeless decision. An event, therefore, that will have a major and long-lasting impact on your future. The time factor dominates, so it needs to be considered with great importance. Providence is favourable to you, but only if you act in a thoughtful manner. The possibilities are varied, but still limited nonetheless. It could, then, involve a new job, career change, marriage, having a child, buying a property (house or other) or something else of this nature that will have a long-lasting or irreversible impact on your life.

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