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Tuesday January 25, 2022

Tarot room 51
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You will overcome a trial that only few people are able to overcome. Several people will advise you to change course and others will amuse themselves ridiculing your stubbornness, but you will succeed! Your previous experiences are unmatched and they will enable you to overcome monumental obstacles and face the greatest challenges. A temporal reward (financial independence) is at the intersection of your earthly success, but you will distinguish yourself the most on the mystical level. Be patient and prudent, because your path is long and full of perils, twists and turns. Listen to your emotions and feelings, because your instinct will be governed by providence. It will send you the right signs and will show you the right moments to act. A far-away entity will support and help you, and he/she will remain faithful to you until your last breath. He/she is endow with a formidable sense of strategy and, in order for you to achieve your destiny, he/she will lead you to the right places at the right times. His/her company will be greatly reassuring to you, because he/she will be one of those rare beings (on earth and in the beyond) to know your true abilities as well as the true meaning of your existence on the earth. Besides, a friend who is close to you (on earth) loves you unconditionally, and he or she will accompany you loyally along your entire journey. You are being asked to love him/her as much as he/she will love you. You will have to cherish him or her above all, because he/she is one of the most precious treasures of the divine (on earth), and the divine has entrusted him or her to you.

Somebody of the male sex is being evasive in his relationship with you. His actions are very superficial (or downright childish). You have a lot of difficulty in getting to the bottom of his thinking. You would like to understand but you cannot. This person worries you. It is necessary to take care of him but you have great difficulty in identifying his real needs. You need to be patient, because this person does not seem to want to open himself to you, although he has no real reason to act in this way. We are not necessarily speaking here about an adult (man, teenager or child). If it is a man, he does not act like an adult with you (inexperienced man who needs to be guided or helped, or a man who lacks maturity). Regardless of his age, we are speaking here of someone of the male sex who is easily influenced (negatively) and who has difficulty facing real challenges (facing reality). In his case, it is probably a question of a mind-altering substance (medicine, alcohol, drug or other) or of a psychological or emotional problem (trauma or bad experience in the past). You need to gain (or regain) his confidence because he does no longer knows who to turn to in order to understand what he is really going through.

A person will bring you lots of love following a professional difficulty. This person is a very close friend who has been attached to you for a long time. This is a philosophical person who is known for his/her wisdom and thoughtful actions. He/she will take care of you and will cherish you. He/she will bring you serenity and will help you become stronger emotionally. He/she will be generous with you and will dedicate all his/her time to you. His/her intentions are good. You will have moments of great complicity together. This person will offer you even more love than you dare to hope for. Your relations will be very warm and you will appreciate them intensely. You will love this person deeply and will no longer want anything else without him/her. For you, therefore, it is a question of an event taking place on the professional level that will have an immeasurable impact on your love life (intimate life). You will have access to great happiness (great fullness). Your numerical clues: 328, 12, 12, 29.
One of your female relatives is facing extremely unfortunate marital problems. A man is dominating, humiliating, or bullying her. However, he is a man that she loved very much in the past. This is a woman who you can trust and to whom you would give everything you have. She is about your age and she has great intellectual capabilities. From a religious point of view, she is a believer and prays often. She is currently experiencing financial difficulties, which are a direct consequence of the problematic relationship that she has with this man. She accepts her fate with dignity, but she is suffering inside. She no longer finds the emotional and financial stability that she had in the past. She will soon have to appear in court, because this man has committed an unpardonable act. There will be a court judgement and a sentencing will take place. The situation is so serious that it may be a question of imprisonment for this man. The news will be published in the media and there will be much talking. Certainly, a divorce or a separation is coming in a precipitous manner between this man and this woman.

Someone will give you a very big surprise. You will be invited to a celebration and one of your greatest desires will be realised. You will be invited to the festivities and it is you that will be celebrated. This will be a moment of great gladness. You will be honoured and you will receive a gift of great value. This gift will come from the contributions of numerous persons. People will come from far to give you this surprise. Amongst those that will contribute to this gift, many do not know you (or know you very little) and the reverse is also true. You have no doubt affected them or touched them in some way, either through an honourable or heroic gesture that you have made, or else following a difficult test you have gone through.

You have a strong will and you will accomplish a formidable task. You will be given great responsibilities and will assume them with dedication and competence. You will not fear challenges and people will have great confidence in you. You will have a lot of support (from others) and this will help you. You will have to implement a major project, and do so from scratch. You will have to surround yourself with experienced and conscientious people. For some time, however, your moments of free time will be rare. You will, therefore, have to pay special attention to taking good care of yourself in order to avoid ending up in a situation in which you are overworked. Do not, above all, underestimate your abilities. Despite your great determination to fully accomplish your task, you must take the time to rest and enjoy your moments of intimacy with those you love. Otherwise, all this work will be done in vain. Show yourself to be wise, then, and you will avoid exhaustion and insecurity.
Somebody loves you, but he/she does not want to have it known openly. This is someone that you know well, but that does not want to identify him/herself or declare (confess) his/her love. His/her attachment for you is undeniable, but he/she is currently in a relationship with someone else. Yet, despite his/her silence (with regards to his/her feelings), he/she regularly takes concrete steps to be closer to you (or to make you happy). Obviously, by keeping silent, this person wants to avoid awkward or inappropriate acts. He/she is most likely afraid of hurting people who are dear to him/her. Here, there is probably one or more children involved…

A love for you will be heard by many ears. A person (m/f) will have an obvious and very visible attraction towards you and this will make many people gossip within your circle of friends. Stories will even be exaggerated about your possible affair and many things will be said about you and this person, often without real facts. The reciprocal love that you will have for this person will not be as evident, but this will not prevent all sorts of gossip from being spread about your relationship with them. There will be a lot of chatting about this matter. Above all, it will be others who, by their idle gossip, will picture an intimate relationship between the two of you, before you even really have one. There is no doubt that a very genuine rumour will be spread about your relationship with this person. Many people will be convinced about the reliability of this story and everything indicates that you will never really be in a position to explain what is true and false on this matter.

You are going to meet the person you desire. This person went away and this made you very upset. There was a great lack of understanding between the two of you. At your next meeting, words will have much importance. You must use words that do good. You will have to give comfort and you will have to show some indulgence. This person hopes for your support and you must give it to him/her. He/she has been confronted with major changes (or unexpected events) in his/her life (especially on the professional level) and it is normal that he/she is somewhat lost in the face of what he/she is currently experiencing. He/she is concerned about his/her future and hopes to hear words from you that will reassure him/her. Maybe you have the opposite feeling (or a different perception of the situation), so if that is the case, above all do not let yourself be fooled by appearances. You are a responsible person and here it is not at all a question of judging anyone. Even if it is perhaps you that has suffered the most from recent events (or who has been most weakened by what has happened recently), you are the one who has to reach out first because right now (considering the circumstances) it is you that has the greatest power.

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