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Wednesday January 26, 2022

Tarot room 53
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You have a lot of imagination and it will serve you. You constantly have new ideas in mind and you will learn to put them to use yourself. If others do not always trust you currently, this will change. You are a fundamentally optimistic and courageous person, and you will know how to use your inner strengths (imagination, creation, intelligence, sense of analysis and deduction, etc.) to make your way and to triumph over the greatest obstacles. Your supremacy (compared to others) is in you (psychological and mental qualities) and, no matter your challenges, you will always be someone who gives him/herself completely and excels. Since you have the ability to create and the capacity to persevere, you will do great things all throughout your life. For you, giving up is not and will never be an option and, because of this, you will manage to realize very bold projects. On the professional level (especially in business) you therefore have no reason not to be successful. You still have great challenges before you and, undeniably, you will know how to face them with determination and competence. You are the type of person that is generally referred to as a hero, an idol, or a role model, and there is no doubt that you will distinguish yourself in a "very extraordinary" way during your life. You are someone who always recovers with greater strength from a setback and, as such, you will impress people enormously and you will get a lot from life (in terms of learning, experience, and wisdom).

Your patience is beneficial. You take time to think about a proposition and this is indeed what is for you the best to do. Something that a woman is offering you in unusual and you are right to be suspicious. This woman is trying to sell you something that has no real market value. Here, it is about something which has a spiritual (or emotional) value for you, but for which the monetary value is insignificant or completely inexistent. Yes, this object (or this service) is precious (symbolically), but why should you spend so much money to get it? This woman might not have bad intentions, so what is she looking for? In fact, she has lost her dignity and she is trying to get it back. She has lost everything (even her self-esteem) because of an act that she thought would be without consequences. You might be able to help her, but is this a trap? Be careful not to accept just anything, because this woman’s naivety could cause you to lose everything too. Your generosity is great, but it should not ruin you nor bring you to lose faith.

This is about a labyrinth. You are lost in a maze of corridors, tunnels, paths, passages… You seem to be astray in a large city, campus, forest of concrete or something else. This place seems easy to visit, but in reality one easily gets lost there (when one is not paying attention). You find yourself in a place that has nothing to do with what you are looking for. You feel lost and isolated from everything. What anguish! Do not panic for someone will come to help you. An angel is flying to your rescue and will help you find your path again. So, you will be able to go exactly where you want to go. You surely must have taken a wrong step somewhere. You now have two choices, but only one of them counts: Accept the help from this angel or remain a captive of your pride. Do you understand?
A young person is lingering greatly on the feelings that you feel for him/her. Your actions and your words are minutely analysed, because he/she is looking to identify the implications that they could contain. In fact, this young person is waiting for, or is hoping for a more-or-less significant declaration of love from you, no matter whether it is direct or veiled. His/her desire is so great that your actions are often clumsily interpreted. His/her youth is in case, and his/her inexperience prevents him/her from having perfectly clear thoughts about you and your situation. This young person venerates you and loves when you talk to him/her, but what you say to him/her is often taken out of proportion in his/her thoughts. Even if you have a lot of affection for this young person, you will have to be careful in your way of acting with him/her. His/her love for you is something that is truly serious, so you will have to understand that you are more than a simple friend for him/her.

You will have to show your support and tact in a private discussion which you will have with a young woman. This young woman is shy with most people, but she is very attached to you. She is anxious and seeks to get closer to you in the hope of finding relief from trouble in her love life which affects her deeply. She is inspired by what you radiate as a person (comfort) and her fervour towards you will be natural and spontaneous. This young woman is particularly beautiful physically. She is generous and likes helping others. For that matter, it is her great generosity towards others which you must take into consideration during your discussion with her. It's very likely that her ex takes advantage of her devotion and her kindness, even if he is already in an intimate relationship with another woman. This man takes advantage of her and makes her suffer. He takes advantage of her sensitivity and vulnerability. This young woman must learn to say no to him. She no longer has any reason to meet his demands and she must realise this. She owes him absolutely nothing and must stop obeying his every command once and for all.

You are alarmed by something; something is scaring you. Nevertheless, it's only the end of a cycle that's being presented to you, and not a dead end. You're in a transitional period of your life and the unknown frightens you. More specifically, during this transformation no unfavourable outcomes are anticipated. You must let yourself be carried by the wave; don't try to struggle against the current. This wave will carry you to a new world which will bring you new challenges but also a new prosperity. Of course, some people are going to have to put up with the change taking place in your life, but you must continue on your own path and not that of others. Don't be afraid for your future, as fate still holds a breath of fresh air and some exoticism for you, which you need to continue to be happy. Your life must be renewed, and it will be.
Your emotional life will take you through many experiences. In the area of love, it is abundance that will represent your biggest challenge. Many (m/f) will seek to be part of your life, but few will have the qualities needed. Small pleasures will follow one another, but lasting relationships are rare. Time will pass again and again before you discover or really understand what is best for you. For you, passion is a sacred thing, but it is too often of short duration. You need, therefore, to undergo an apprenticeship in order to be able to recognise the exact type of person that would really suit you. You are someone people love and appreciate at the first meeting, so that many fall in love with you, often even without saying. However, many do not deserve you and many have nothing serious to bring to you. The question here is not to believe that you are someone that is difficult to satisfy, but rather to understand that you are one of those that deserves what is best in an amorous relationship. Do not submit too quickly out of fear of losing the chance of your life, but rather give yourself the time to study people before accepting or undertaking anything. Not all are serious, but you are. In this regard, some people speak too much, whilst it would be in the clear interest of others to express themselves more fully.

A man who is older than you are reproaches you for insubordination. This man is part of your close circle. He is man who is cheerful with everyone but somewhat capricious with you. He loves influencing people (or impressing them) with proverbs (sayings, maxims, thoughts, etc.), but he has a competitive spirit and stubbornly believes that he is always right. He is affectionate and welcoming but paradoxically he continuously seeks notoriety and the recognition of others. Why, then, is he so intolerant with you? This man is persuaded that you have a good opinion of him while your thoughts seem to indicate the opposite. You are in a vulnerable situation in your relationship with him and this frustrates you greatly. You need more independence from this man and everything indicates that it is outside help (or an opportunity) that you need (exit door, break your chains, run away, etc.).

The progress of a project is favorable to you. You will have the energy and the necessary resistance to implement it. Your task will be demanding, but you will know how to accomplish it with great know-how. The pitfalls will be rare and they will not be able to discourage you because you will be determined not to let yourself be shattered by moments of adversity. Your past failures will be behind you definitively and you will be able to forget them in all serenity. In this project, you will be accompanied by a very close friend, a woman whose astrological sign is Virgo. You will find her inflexible with you, but during the final culmination, you will thank her for being so demanding. Through her intolerance, she will be a great source of motivation for you. She will lead you to exploit a great force which is hidden within you and which has an excessive power. Although you will be often able to move her, she will persist in not expressing her feelings. Key concepts: factory, manufacture, insect, butterfly, bee, money earned the hard way, affection, intolerance, assertiveness, anxiety, dazzlement, autonomy, total success, distinction, Friday, morning, month of February.

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