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Wednesday January 26, 2022

Tarot room 54
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A man is manipulating you by pure ignorance. Even if he is not doing it deliberately in order to cause you harm, he is robbing you of your creativity. This man is a very close friend. He is financially comfortable and he spends a lot of money for his leisure activities (or for his entertainment.) This is a man that you see every day (or almost.) He has a lot of affection for you, but he speaks a little too quickly. In addition to being impulsive and touchy, he speaks more than he thinks. In his way of being, he is controlling and he has a too great hold on you and what you have to do. You have personal objectives and ambitions, but he is constantly turning you away from them. You will have to learn (as much as is reasonable) to avoid letting yourself be overly governed by him. Even if he is an intimate friend, you need to understand that you are dominated in most aspects of your relationship with this man. You will have to apply yourself to take more initiative with him (or without him), because you have life goals that are legitimate (in addition to being interesting) and you must absolutely not abandon them because of him. Certainly, this man is often right, but it is not clear that your way of seeing things is not as valuable as his (if not better). Be more autonomous with this man and he will end up realizing that to be different from him does not necessarily mean being wrong. One thing is certain, you are more creative than him, so you have everything to gain in achieving greater independence towards him.

You have a very nice approach to your interactions with others. This approach is so healthy for you that it leads a person (man/woman) to compete with you. This person is so annoyed by your success with others that he or she systematically opposes all your initiatives. In this case, it is more specifically related to a project that you want to realize for a group of young people (young adults, adolescents or children). You have in mind something which could be extremely interesting to them, but it will be hard for you to move forward without certain resources (financial, material, human or other) which will be blocked by that person. In fact, this person feels significantly eclipsed by your succes and he/she would like to gain access to your position through it (or as much as you). You will thus have to negotiate with him/her and to be very persuasive to lead him/her to support you in your progress. The key to your success rests in involvement. You will have to lead this person to participate more in your project in order to make him or her more aware of the importance of his or her collaboration. The more involved he or she is, the more he or she will find his or her pride and self-esteem. It is undoubtedly by helping this person to once again find his or her self-esteem that you will be able to convince him or her to align with you to get the precious support you seek.

A regrettable or arguable matter puts you in a delicate situation. You’ll have to review the way you manage your finances since you need to get out of a position that deprives you of social privileges that every human being has a right to. This situation also has an impact at the family level and this complicates your relationship with your close ones. This is a question of a man younger than you. This man seems to wear you out at the psychological level. However, it’s a financial agreement in particular between the two of you that is problematic. You are subject to the caprices of this man and this prevents you from investing your money more intelligently elsewhere (or with people who are more deserving of your generosity). Unfortunately, a paper (or a state of affairs) that has legal value gives this man power over you. Apparently, you won’t be able to free yourself from this constraint in the short term but there are means you can use to reduce the poisoning effects of your state of servitude towards this man. One of these means is connected to a trip you plan to make. When it comes to your future, you absolutely need to arrive at transforming your “uncertainty” into “certainty”. At the personal level, you are no longer able to plan your future and this deprives you of making clear decisions regarding those who you love. In short, this trip will be extremely beneficial for you when it comes to the conditions of your psychological health. This will be a very repairing moment of evasion during which you’ll be able to rest your mind. This trip will allow you to refuel your energy and, upon your return, you’ll be able to see significantly more clearly in what you can concretely improve in your way of acting.
You arrived at a crossroads. You are asked to make a choice and you must do it with sincerity. You have to decide what is best for you and your future and not what is best for the other person. Your choice shouldn’t be based on the other person even if they threaten you or impose an ultimatum. It’s all about your personal well-being and your long-term happiness. A new job or career will be offered to you and your decision should only be based on your own needs and desires. It won’t work if you act in order to please the other person because it’s about you and nobody else. If the other person understands you, he/she also has respect for you. If, on the other hand, the other person cannot understand such a simple thing then he/she shows no sensibility towards you.

You have questions about your job or your main occupation. They concern a difficult relationship or collaboration you have with a proud and rebellious Virgo man. What's more, he consumes alcohol or some sort of drug. You wonder if you should continue to support him in your circle. You want to act, but you hesitate. Keywords: failure, carry, escape, suspicion, big expense, definitive end of a relationship, Wednesday evening, October.

A man (older than you) is getting married. This man is one of your relatives (if not, then he is a long-time friend). He carries an emotional wound from a distant past within him. This is an ambitious and uncompromising man, but he is always honest with everyone. He is madly in love with his girlfriend, even if they have already known each other and been together for a few years already. Before meeting her for the first time, he encountered her through writing (letters, work or business documents, classified ads, the Internet or other). This union is primarily a message that they now want to convey to the whole world (socially). They want to formalize their loving bond and to now appear as united for life (both legally and socially). However, this union will also allow them to improve their financial situation (social security) and realize their future plans. You will be called to get involved in the wedding preparations (assistance, advice, etc.) and you will be very happy with the role that you will play.
An important conversation is coming up and you will be asked for a guaranty to show good faith. It is a matter of work, love, tolerance, respect and personal accomplishment. You will most likely go through a growing closeness or love relationship at work. There will be a lack of discipline and you will have to correct it. An honest conversation will need to take place between you and a person who is in love with you. You will have to dissociate work and love, because there is an incompatibility. A mutual understanding will be needed, and a meeting will take place outside of your work place to clarify things. The open air will help you reflect on the situation. You will need distancing and isolation in order to meditate upon your aspirations and your true needs. One person deserves your love more than another, and you will have the duty of determining which one it is.

You have a hill to climb on the sentimental level. A slight anxiety robs you of your inner peace. It is a question, here, of both love and uncertainty. You need love, but you have trouble giving yourself value. You are a person who has a lot of charm in the eyes of many people, but you appear to be folded into yourself (because of past events). Is this the result of a relationship that was difficult? Did someone make you lose your self-esteem? Have you lost confidence in your ability to please? One thing is certain: you are the kind of person that one loves for whole life! You have a lot to offer, so you must come out of your shell. Do not have fear … You do not need to force destiny, but only to show you are available. You do not have to seduce half the planet … Just please one person (the right one) … And seen from here, this person is not so very far away.

A memory that is still etched in your mind will help you to avoid a mistake. A young person of the opposite sex is trying to lead you into a game of seduction, but he/she does not have any real feelings for you, even if he/she believes that he/she has some (immaturity). Your life experience (or a pain from the past) will bring you to protect yourself from a potential misunderstanding towards which this young person is leading you. Your instinct will advise caution and you will show great foresight. This young person is perceptive and he/she knows exactly what you can bring him/her (money, financial security, material comfort, etc.) But, in fact, he/she has an attitude that is fundamentally selfish and ungrateful, and he/she has no real idea of what could really be a long term relationship with you. You will think a lot and it will be wisdom that will guide you. A misadventure of this kind has already profoundly hurt you in the past, so you will have to make sure not to let yourself be led again into a relationship in which there is no sincerity (or is only temporary). This young person is particularly convincing in his/her manner of acting, so you will have to show great lucidity in the face of his/her intelligent maneuvers of seduction.

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