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Thursday December 2, 2021
Tarot room 55
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A person is causing you discomfort. He/she is making your life a misery. You must leave him/her, let them go or avoid them. This individual is heavily dependent on alcohol (or drugs). Up until now, you have put a lot of effort into helping them get back on track, however the support that you offer just encourages him/her to rely on your compassion and generosity. In concrete terms, this person is dragging you with him/her into a hopeless situation. This individual is part of your family. You have often had arguments with him/her. Pay attention to what he/she says because this person won't hesitate to lie to you in order to justify their bad ways.

Love is around. Someone (M/F) has a serious crush on you. This is someone whom you know quite well and who you value a lot. At the social level (work or social ladder) this person is above you. He/she probably has authority over others (boss, director, etc.) This is someone who is very persuasive when it comes to pushing his/her point of view. This person has a lot of experience in his/her work, and he/she can take very enlightened decisions in critical or delicate situation. For some time, he/she has felt very inspired by you and he/she is overflowing with hidden emotions when you are with him/her. You will soon make a short-term professional or business trip with him/her. However, we are here talking about a cautious or held back love, as this person is married (with one or more children.) Nonetheless, the well meaning attitude which this person shows towards you says a lot when it comes to his/her feelings towards you. Someday, you will necessarily have to wait for some sort of declaration from his/her part.

You dream of a better world, but you aren’t always realistic. You like to engage in contemplation, to imagine things and to think big, but you often are under the impression that you don’t have control over much of anything. Even if you are very sociable and you can’t do without the presence of others, you also enjoy working along, for this leaves you with more of a sense of being in charge of your projects. You are engaged in an activity (sports, hobby or other) with a man who is a Pisces. You met him for the first time in the month of September. This man is younger than you. He has the advantages of manual dexterity and an artistic sense. He is sensitive and has a keen sense for precision. He loves animals and boating, and he is probably an amateur fisherman. He is generous and kind, and you like to speak about business together. You share a secret. Nobody else is in on it, and you will be having a critical meeting about this subject one Friday evening. It’s happening very soon.
You need to express yourself. You have a thought in your head, but you are either afraid to share it or you can’t manage to transmit it coherently. This is taking place at the love level. In all likelihood, you probably have a declaration of love to make. There are two possibilities that are diametrically opposed and that may explain your difficulty when facing with this situation: you either know little about the person concerned and you are haunted by the idea of ridiculing yourself, or you have known him/her for such a long time that you fear creating real uneasiness between you two. This is explained from a spiritual point of view, since these two possibilities are not necessarily incompatible and may, on the contrary, be connected. In fact, you may have met this person in a different world (before you were born, in a dream, a fantasy or something else), in a way that, regardless of the situation, it’s perfectly natural for you to experience the same feelings in both cases. Therefore, you are either afraid of rejection or you fear you will upset, indispose or displease this person. The message sent to you here is that you must believe in yourself, in your motives and in your good intentions. You need to be objective and stop doubting yourself. Disappointment is an eventuality but the possibility of letting the chance of your life pass you by would be even more unforgivable. Besides, two things are definitely certain: the first one is that you have already succeeded in standing out in the eyes of this person and that he/she likes to be in your company. And the second one is that this person respects you enormously and that he/she doesn’t have any intention to hurt you, embarrass you or ridicule you. In short, this person would be completely incapable of causing you harm without causing harm to him/herself.

You are influenced by an illustrious (legendary or historical) artist (or character). This artist (or character) is from another era. He/she has been dead for a long time but, in the minds of many people, he/she is still very much alive. His/her work is fascinating (remarkable feats) and his/her fame is timeless. His/her achievements are mostly related to supernatural or unexplained phenomena. They feed your imagination tremendously. There is a matter of angels, spirits, fairies, and other entities of the same kind. Key words: flowers, gardens, uncharted worlds, luggage, travel, journey, love, autonomy, independence, tenacity, legend, and fantasy (mythical) realm.

Someone is observing you. Someone is fixated on you. This person is being discreet and looks away every time you look at them. Your contact takes place in an area of work. There are flowers or plants in this area. These may also be artificial plants or flowers in a painting, etc. Whatever the nature of these plants or flowers, they are highly visible. It is a very tranquil place. The way to this place is less frequently used. Vehicles are forbidden or restricted. If they are permitted, trucks and heavy machinery are certainly not welcome. On the other hand, it is not far from a railway and there are many dogs and cats in the surrounding area.
An unexpected event at the sentimental level is to come. This is something you expected for a long time and you no longer expect. A person (m/f) that you love (or that you loved very much) and who's become estranged from you in a very heartbreaking way (some time ago) will take an extremely significant action with the purpose of coming back to you (or resume contact with you). This person regrets certain things that may have happened between you two and he/she has decided to change his/her attitude towards you (to be more mature and/or more sensitive to your needs). He/she wants to be more present in your everyday life (a more formal relationship) and you will soon receive a very concrete invitation or a sign of affection from him/her (a gift, a written message or other).

There is a complicated situation. You have been taught something but in reality it's completely different. You feel lost and you don't really know what to do. You are not able to make a decision and yet you really must take action. You have to accept the fact that someone has tricked you. You are caught in the middle of a conflict that doesn't concern you and you are the victim of this conflict. In actual fact, you are the centre of attention and someone is fighting for you. You are expected to take sides in an argument and you are deliberately forced to make a choice that you don't think you should or want to make.

You are well loved. A person in your professional circle always appears friendly and very helpful with you. His/her small kindnesses are much more than mere politeness. This person feels real love for you. His/her silence on the subject, however, reveals embarrassment. You are special to him/her and he/she sees you as forbidden fruit. Explanation: This person is already in a relationship and his/her love for you makes him/her extremely uncomfortable. He/she does not want to call his/her current relationship into question because he/she finds comfort and security (money, family, etc.) in it. This person is very attracted to you but will not make any move to get closer in the foreseeable future. Even if he/she loves you and sincerely wants you, he/she is very afraid of compromising himself/herself in a fellowship that might resemble an extramarital affair. He/she feels trapped and it is with great regret that he/she refrains from confessing what he/she really feels for you.

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