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Wednesday January 26, 2022

Tarot room 73
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A person is in an excellent position to harm you (on the professional, social or financial level). This person has the same ambitions as you (rivalry, competition) and the situation is very delicate. You need the advice of those close to you (family, friends, colleagues or others) in order to make an informed decision. Be careful because your future is at stake and you cannot allow yourself to act on a whim. You are not alone, so you should not make a decision that could be detrimental to the people you love (or to people who support you). Be sure to be well surrounded because you absolutely have to discourage your rival from making a decisive move. Do not take initiatives lightly and you will be taken seriously.

A collaboration (a project, a business agreement, or a transaction) with a woman older than you is becoming complicated (or is on track to becoming complicated). This woman is part of the inner circle of one of your friends (a man). More precisely, this woman has an amorous link with this man. This collaboration is leading you (or will lead you) to exorbitant spending. This woman is ambitious, and you will have to be careful. In fact, she is hiding something important (or fundamental) from you regarding an agreement that you have (or that you are about to conclude) with her. She does not say everything (or she distorts the truth). The friendship that she pretends to have towards you is not sincere (or is very superficial). She does not know you well (that is to say : she has no interpersonal sensitivity or affinities with you), even if she seeks to demonstrate the opposite. The goal of this woman is only to bring you to engage yourself in an unreasonable or unfair financial operation (or major transaction) that will only be profitable for her. Be careful, because this woman is very persuasive and, to your great chagrin, you could take the bait. Be vigilant!

You have a move to make on the financial side. You foresee (within the next month or next year) to spend or save more money than usual (in preparation for a major investment), therefore you will have to secure or consolidate your financial situation (adapt or adjust your budget accordingly) in order not to reduce your quality of life. You desire a greater long-lasting material comfort but this comfort has a price which requires changes and new habits. Hence, you will soon have to submit yourself to new life conditions that will be slightly more restrictive for you. Since you suffer from a significant social pressure in this regard, it’s imperative for you to be more determined than ever.
Your name has been written on a will which will lead you to move one day. This will was written by someone you regularly come to see. This person lives in the countryside or near a small village. The road that leads to this place is winding and surrounded by small hills. The surrounding landscape is made of several steep slopes as well as a few animal farms. This person has psychic powers and has often enlightened you regarding your future projects. This person is very positive regarding all aspects of life and he/she is the ideal person to cheer you up when you need to be encouraged, stimulated or inspired. The bond that unites you both is therefore extremely strong and only death will be able to break it one day.

A close friend needs to overcome a very serious difficulty with regards to his relationship status (romantic feelings). He is a polite and endearing man, but he has not been himself for some time now. He feels rejected by the person he loves and does not know what to do to get a grip on himself. He is uncertain about his future (especially in terms of love) and this makes him anxious. In fact, his situation is very complex and it raises suspicions of a great psychological distress. This man is trapped in obscure thoughts and this seriously affects his job performance. He is in love with a close work colleague, but this love is unrequited. The woman he loves has recently started dating another man. Your friend knows it and it makes him suffer. Despite his goodwill, he is very bad at managing the inner pain that afflicts him. He is selling himself short and his world is falling apart.

Even if you acted in good faith, you have committed a fundamental error in your love life. This error has undermined your relationship with the person you love. If you assume responsibility for your error, you will find again the love lost and you can strengthen the relationship with your beloved. You definitely have to seek forgiveness from the person you love (even indirectly, if this is the only option), otherwise the fracture will worsen and you will experience an irreversible failure. Be careful not to blame the other person for your own faults, even if this was never your intention. Everyone has his faults, of course, but above all you must recognise yours. Here, you need to keep an open mind, even if you believe yourself to be right. Yes, you have principles, but you are perhaps a little too uncompromising in your way of doing things. Just like you, your beloved has their strengths and weaknesses, so you need to focus on their strengths rather than their weaknesses. You are an extremely sensitive person so be careful not to let your sensitivity become a handicap in your love life.
Be careful not to allow a too impulsive man to hurt you. You have made a mistake of little importance but the reproaches were quick and severe. This man doesn’t seem to take into consideration your goodwill. He sees only the bad side of things and forgets your good intentions. This event is purely accidental and your good judgment shouldn't be put in question in any way. You did what you could and what you thought was right and according to the circumstances or the information that you had at that time. In the same context, this man wouldn’t have probably been able to do any better than you but he could have done even worse. However, you must remain humble towards all this because this event isn’t of much interest and it doesn’t deserve much attention (common event). This man is in a period of his life where he has many concerns and where anxiety is especially present so there is no doubt he will eventually excuse himself or forget it all (depending on his level of personal pride).

You're fleeing from something. Something frightens you to the extent that you can't face it. This anguish is very worrying because it paralyses you in a fundamental aspect of your life as a couple. Your happiness is compromised by it. The anxiety in which you're plunged is downright excessive. You must confront this fear once and for all. If you don't it'll stay with you for the rest of your life, and forever deprive you of full enjoyment of your existence on Earth.

A loved one is very busy and right now is barely available for you. You may have difficulty contacting a person you love and who is normally very closely linked to you at an emotional level. You will have to increase efforts to maintain the special relationship you have with this person, because he/she seems to be concerned by something that you are not really aware. His/her concern is important and, for a more or less obscure (or psychological) reason, he/she does not seem to be able to let you know what this is about. If you do not want to stay in limbo indefinitely, you will have to look by yourself to see what happens because this person seems determined to say nothing about what concerns him/her so much.

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