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Wednesday January 26, 2022

Tarot room 74
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You will have a dispute with a professional young man and shall succeed in overcoming this disagreement through great effort. This man’s brutality or rudeness towards others will work against him. Despite his desire to want to control everyone, your shrewdness will allow you to control his behavior. You will confront his threats with great wisdom. He will succeed in harassing you a bit with his spontaneous and excessive reactions, but he will not truly be able to intimidate you.

You will have a great grip on the people in your surroundings. In your community, your actions will repeatedly have an extraordinarily significant impact. For everybody, your opinion will be of great value and your decisions will always be very respected. For your rivals, you will be a formidable opponent and for your allies you will be an extremely charismatic person. Your presence will be sought everywhere and those who want to be your friend (admirers, disciples, or others) will be many. As such, your authority over others will be very high and your opponents will very quickly have to learn to fear you. Your strength will be recognized by all (even among the greatest) and your power will be considerable. You will put many enemies, adversaries, or competitors to flight and your domination will be complete (or almost complete). Your success, both on the personal and the professional level, will be obvious and undeniable. You will, without a shadow of a doubt, make an innumerable number of people jealous and you will be the idol of an incredible number of people. However, you will be the sole judge of your destiny and nobody will be able to prevent you from becoming the person that you want to be. You have a very powerful aura (inner energy, soul, etc.), and so you will be a master at not standing out from others, if that is your wish. No matter your choice, you know that life does not stop after death, so what is awaiting you on the other side will always be what matters the most to you. You have a privileged relationship with the divine and this can never be explained here (why, how, etc.) because this is at a different level (truth or knowledge to which we do not have access).

You have the unconditional support of a very close friend. This is a woman who is very important for you and who works with you in the implementation of an expensive project, of a personal endeavor, or of a major initiative. This woman is for you a great source of inspiration and without her you might be much less ambitious. Here, we are talking about somebody who is very intelligent and who has the ability to solve complex problems and crack particularly difficult puzzles. Even if she likes to play to lighten the mood, this woman does nothing randomly and she is ready to make sacrifices for you. On another level, this woman is also inhabited by a strong sexual energy. She is thus as intense in friendship as in love, and in intimacy her carnal needs sometimes become obsessive. Clearly, nature gave her a body whose needs overflow, but she nonetheless knows how to remain respectful, honorable, and faithful. You will make a trip with her and you will talk of business. This woman is as ambitious (and maybe even more) than you, so you will get along well. You will dream larger than life, but regardless, dreaming is not a sin even if sometimes we get lost in fantasy and imagination.
A person is very attracted to you. This is a friend who is part of your entourage. You are not joined to this person, but a very special bond links you both (in an indirect fashion). An embarrassing or confused situation is coming. This person will attempt a reconciliation with you in order to give himself/herself value in your eyes. He/she will write you something or else he/she will get you to read a text that explains his/her situation and/or feelings for you. You will read this writing or text and you will be able to read his/her thoughts. This friend will make himself/herself vulnerable to you, so it is quite possible that you are deeply touched or shaken by his/her gesture.

You will be in close contact with a young woman who is very competent in business. She will be able to make your money grow and will offer you her support. She will help you make financial and/or real estate investments. She has completed her graduate studies and she is the person you need to take care of your personal heritage. This woman is a young mother. She is either pregnant or else has just had a baby. She is in love with life and is happy (a smiling and nice person). She is hypersensitive and does not want to hurt anyone. This is a very orderly and organised young woman, so you can rely on her. She knows how important your personal heritage is (whatever its size) and will ensure you are fully satisfied with her work. She is listening to you and will do what you ask of her. She will give you very good advice and everything will be wonderful. This is a question of a trustable person and financial security. Thanks to this young woman, you will be able to realise a project that you hold dearly to heart.

You are going to meet a person who believes that he/she knows you. However, he/she does not know you at all. So why this feeling? We are talking here about a person who has a great affinity with you. A conversation will be established and a bond of trust will quickly be created between the two of you. This person works with people (the public). His/her work is to help people who are in difficulty. This is a blameless person who is admired by everyone. There is, however, a void in his/her life (private life). It even seems that you could possibly fill this void. Clearly, this is what this person seems to think. Be careful here, because even if this meeting seems accidental, it has all the characteristics of a twist of fate (providence).
An important conversation is coming up and you will be asked for a guaranty to show good faith. It is a matter of work, love, tolerance, respect and personal accomplishment. You will most likely go through a growing closeness or love relationship at work. There will be a lack of discipline and you will have to correct it. An honest conversation will need to take place between you and a person who is in love with you. You will have to dissociate work and love, because there is an incompatibility. A mutual understanding will be needed, and a meeting will take place outside of your work place to clarify things. The open air will help you reflect on the situation. You will need distancing and isolation in order to meditate upon your aspirations and your true needs. One person deserves your love more than another, and you will have the duty of determining which one it is.

You have to hide from someone. You must, in fact, avoid a person who is in love with you and shows it a little too much. He/she is not much older than you and is someone from your workplace (or a person who performs tasks in your home environment). This is someone who has been in an accident in the past (during a journey). Moreover, he/she still has after-effects (physical and psychological) or a visible scar from this accident. This is a person with whom you were friends until just recently, but who now makes you uncomfortable because of the feelings he/she has for you. You are not attracted to him/her at all and for some time you no longer feel comfortable with the way he/she behaves with you. While being as respectful as possible, you are unable to show him/her your disinterest, so (when you have the opportunity), you prefer to run away from him/her out of fear of offending him/her. This person really goes too far and this annoys you greatly. Be careful, however, because nothing has ended. This person has understood nothing and in desperation will soon make an very explicit move. This move will cause deep unease between you two (a move that has sexual connotations).

There will be movements, changes or rotations of individuals, materials or works, and these will be large and remarkable. This upheaval will be very positive for you as it will improve your environment and will give you much greater ease regarding the things or people that gravitate around you. This important development to come will lead you, or force you, to enjoy much greater freedom of action in many domains, and even new ones, and will let you take advantage of better opportunities for personal fulfillment in your present activities. This turn of events will be very beneficial to you. It will bring you magnificent opportunities on the professional, financial or material level, and will result in much greater enjoyment of all aspects of your life path in general. This situation represents, then, the coming of progress or of a process that will bring you a lot of good and hope for the future.

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