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Tuesday January 25, 2022

Tarot room 79
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You are currently passing through a period of emotional or psychological fragility and you are in need of protection. You have a clear idea of what you want from life, but recent events are causing you to doubt. You have recently completed an important stage in your life and you must now rise to a new challenge. You are thus in a period of transition, making you more vulnerable. During this transition, you will be closely bound to another person, a Capricorn. This will be a friend, a man whom you see on a daily basis. He is of generous spirit and you are free to trust him. He will allow your current path to lead you through a positive development. Key words: factory, manufacture, bird, self-esteem, refinement, distance, artistic work, Wednesday morning, month of May, happiness in love that is unstable but growing.

An adventure or a trip lasting a few days will be given or offered to you by a person (m/f) who has a marked interest in you. This trip will take place at the seaside (or nearby). This is a person you have only known a little while. This invitation will be made to you in the context of your professional activity (work or otherwise). This person is looking for the means to seduce you or to make closer ties with you. However, they aren’t telling you everything. They are hiding a secret from you about their social life. In fact, this person is already involved in an intimate relationship with someone you don’t know. This tie is rather cloudy. It’s not a legal or amorous tie, but it carries a sexual aspect. In this case, sex is associated with money, blackmail or a loss. It may also be the result of bait, a lure or a trap with the goal of satisfying an immoral or uncontrolled impulse. This person clearly behaves excessively with regard to sexual practices. It has to do with debauchery, indecency or obscenity. This person’s doings may be direct (person to person) or even indirect (by internet, telephone, etc.). What’s certain is that their priorities (or ambitions) are different from yours, so be careful and be wise before accepting anything.

Your freedom is priceless. You enjoy your freedom too much to allow others to dominate you. You should, therefore, not be submissive in your love life, because in the end you will feel trapped. Better to distance yourself from those who wish to run your life. You are not the sort to be manipulated, so your reactions are often unpredictable. You act on impulse and it is generally catastrophic for those around you.
You have to withstand malicious attacks from a woman in your neighbourhood. A young woman is persecuting you (or harassing you) maliciously and unfortunately she has the power to harm you. Even if you feel the need to defend yourself, you must not attempt to answer her (to retaliate), because that is what she expects from you in order to better attain her intended objectives. Her goal is clear, it is to provoke you. For some reason (unclear or indeterminate), she seeks to reduce you in the eyes of others by causing you to exhibit excessive or aggressive reactions or behaviour. You will, therefore, have to ignore her as much as possible in order that these attacks turn against her. If you know how to contain yourself (master yourself, control yourself), people will soon see for themselves that you have nothing to reproach yourself for.

You will have to cover a great distance. A burden, work or duty will keep you away from home for a while. You will volunteer to do it – it will not be forced upon you. You will have to stay there for longer than expected. It will be a difficult but gratifying experience. You will turn it into a personal challenge. At some point you will consider giving up completely and going home, but your personal pride will get the upper hand and will drive you to see it through. You will learn a great lesson in life from the experience. It will teach you courage, humanism and determination. You will grow from it. The hidden concept: the river of life.

A faraway person who loves you will continue to be faithful to you and will keep strongly attached to you despite the distance. This person still loves you even if your relationship only lasted a short moment. They can now no longer open up to other people and their life without you is lonely. Indeed, this situation cannot last forever because their psychological health will eventually force them to come out of isolation. But for the moment, their commitment to you is so strong and so real that your well-being comes before everything, even before their health. This person had plans for you and planned on sharing them with you in the coming months. They must now question their future plans and this will take time given the magnitude of love they hold for you, and which they will forever hold for you. Their need for you will not disappear in the short term and this solution will be prolonged again for some time.
A romantic surprise is to be expected. A young person wants to invite you to do an activity with him/her. This person is playful and sporty (or really likes outdoor activities or physical training). He/she wants to be closer to you, but this makes him/her very uneasy. He/she is very intimidated by you (by your charisma) and this explains his/her ambivalent and hesitant behaviour in your presence. In fact, his/her attraction for you is such (extreme nervousness, great insecurity) that he/she prefers pretending in front of you rather than to try to convey his/her true thoughts (or feelings). In the coming weeks, his/her approach will be very impressive and you will not be able to remain indifferent in the face of the monumental effort that he/she will make in order to invite you (directly or indirectly) to this activity with him/her. Prepare to be very surprised and very touched by his/her initiative (or proposal).

You are hurt by the actions of a man. This man is about your age (or perhaps younger). You have only known him a little while, but you have already given him your trust. He did not, however, deserve your friendship and has greatly disappointed you. You planned a trip, an outing or an activity with him and he did not honour his commitment. He did not keep his promise and this does not really bother him. This man uses nice words but in reality he only thinks of himself. He has been unkind to you and he virtually doesn't care about it. He abused your kindness (or your feelings) and is almost insolent with you. You would like him to apologise, but he will not do so (or else his apologises will not be sincere). Do not expect anything more from him even if you are ready to forgive him, because you will accumulate the disappointments. His attitude toward you is regrettable, but it is the story of his life. This man is incorrigible and must not be relied upon.

A person of the opposite sex, a very close friend, is very attracted to you. This person has as main principal qualities (human) his/her patience and his/her sweetness. He/she is gifted and creative in business and he/she has recently made some very important investments. Moreover, these are investments that will have large paybacks in the future. This person is very serious in life and he/she demonstrates high levels of maturity in his/her relationship with you. He/she knows your very large force of character and in this sense he/she knows that you will never reproach him/her for being ambitious, equally financially as professionally. This person has many projects in mind and, over time, many of them will be realized because he/she is tenacious and he/she leaves nothing to chance. There, it is a question of a very organized being who knows exactly where he/she is going. His/her seriousness and his/her tenacity make him/her a person who will experience few failures in life. You will take the route together, as you have the same path to follow (the same destiny).

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