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Tuesday January 25, 2022

Tarot room 84
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You are facing an ultimatum. A woman is making trouble for you. However, her reproaches are baseless and completely unjustifiable. From a social perspective, the situation will demand that you come to a definitive decision in order to extricate yourself once and for all from her clutches. Your disagreements with her are never-ending and this is clearly a source of unhappiness for you and for those who are close to you. This cannot simply go on and you have to put a stop to it. This woman is weakening you psychologically day by day. If you wish to regain your autonomy and your enjoyment of life, you must not waste any more time. You have to gather your forces again, as this woman is gradually assuming control over you. Here, time is a determining factor. The longer you wait, the harder your task will become. This woman is sapping your vital energy so she can dominate you better. From a legal point of view, she has no authority over you, so there is no reason for you to hesitate any longer. You have to free yourself. If you cannot do this for yourself, you should certainly do it for those who are close to you. It is a matter of moral responsibility.

You have an innate need to create. You mental balance comes from creation (the arts). Your power to create gives you the confidence you need to successfully handle daily struggles and to free you from aggressive energies. You need to exteriorise your thoughts and your emotions (in a more or less subtle way), and it is with your hands that you will most often succeed in this. You can be proud of what you manage to create, because your works are truly unique. Your talent is obvious and you have a lot to offer to society. You are really an artist and do not need to doubt what you can accomplish. You clearly need to express yourself and it is through works of art (or writings) that you will best achieve this. Free yourself through your creations and you will make many others happy as well as yourself.

You have to pass through a period requiring a great deal of reflection. This is in connection with a recent conversation you have had with a very close male friend. He suggested to you, or requested, that you invest yourself more fully (devote yourself, get involved) in an activity, a pastime, an art or a sport that you practice regularly (with him, thanks to him, for him…?). You are already involved in this activity (…) and if you want to do more, there will be additional costs. In this sense, you fear not being able to commit yourself further, because this may be a difficulty that you will have to overcome financially. You probably do not wish to refuse this offer, but if you accept, it is clear that it will make you review your plans for the future because it will require major changes in your life.
You must be wary of the questionable motives of a person. Someone asks you something under a false pretense. This person says he/she wants to improve your situation whereas his/her real motive is to make a selfish acquisition at your expense. He/she does not respect social conventions and he/she feels no shame to get a good or money from you. You should not trust him/her because he/she deceives you and he/she will do you harm.

A situation that is presenting itself to you is extremely complex. You have a hard problem to overcome and you will have to work very hard to manage it. You will have to be ambitious and tenacious to reach the goal that you have set for yourself, as somebody is competing with you in a terribly aggressive manner. Definitely do not give up, because the most stubborn will win. This person is not as qualified or as resourceful as you, and as such, he/she will have to spend more money or energy to reach the same goals as you. On the other hand, you will need to remain alert at all times, as we are talking here about someone who can take decidedly disloyal or dishonest means if he/she feels about to be beaten. On the psychological level, you are clearly more experienced than your adversary, so remain intractable and maintain your position, he/she will eventually give up.

You need to go through a trial. You have to go forward without looking back. This trial is a heartache which you are not able to overcome or forget. You have the right to happiness, but it will not be with this person. You must not continue your efforts in a hopeless road. Stop a moment, and you will discover the extent to which you can have a much better life without this person who simply does not love you. Taking a new road will also signify savings for you. By drawing away from this person, you will find yourself in a better financial situation. This person is making you spend and waste your money in an illusory manner. It is not you that interest him/her, but rather your money (your savings or your financial resources). Continue your road without looking back and you will feel much better. Without this person in your surroundings, you will come to better manage your assets and to make much wiser investments with your money (which will benefit you in the long term) instead of impoverishing you. You have to relearn how to live in a more balanced way (emotionally) because reality is catching up to you. Note that if you are currently in a couple, this person may not necessarily be the one whom you are with, although this is possible. In other words, this prediction could also be about somebody whom you regularly frequent at work, at the store, at school, or otherwise, and who is making you doubt the solidity, the pertinence, or the viability of your couple. As such, be careful, because if this is the case, you will have to identify the true role of each person (in your love life) before doing or considering anything.
You will have to asset your rights because you suffer actual harm. You will have to request a hearing with someone who has legal decision-making power (lawyer, judge, public administrator, civil servant, or other) otherwise you risk remaining mired in a precarious situation (deprived of freedom or limited in your actions or initiatives). You are subjected to an obvious wrong on the professional level and the only serious and reasonable solution available to you to properly or definitively solve this situation is the intervention of this person. Indeed, this approach will not be simple, but it is necessary because there is no doubt that you are currently deprived of your basic rights.

A canal will open in your subconscious. Your subconscious is trying to call out to you. Words emerge in your mind and you must listen to them carefully. This is linked to one of your fears that you are not able to manage well. You must use your intuition more. Remain careful and a truth will be brought to light. You will enter into interaction with a woman who is older than you. This woman’s astrological sign is Scorpio and she belongs to your close entourage. It will be a question of negotiation and compensation. Your future happiness will be closely linked to your intuition. Key words: Spiritual accomplishment, favorable legal aspect, love at home, Sunday morning, month of October.

Amorous feelings will be revealed to you in an unexpected and very surprising manner. You will discover, in a single encounter, the great attraction that a young person feels for you. This young person will enter your social circle and you will soon feel his or her attraction for you. This is someone who is definitely younger than you, and this shows at first glance. This young person will soon move into your neighborhood. He/she will be living next door to you, or very close (same building, same street, etc.) His/her move seems to be a result of two separate events; more precisely, a breakup and a business opportunity. You will very quickly notice the ways in which this person is watching you. From the very first days, he/she will act towards you in an unexpected manner, which will however be very indicative of the effect that you have on him/her. This person is very careful with his/her initiatives that aim to impress (or to be noticed by) the opposite sex, and you will be surprised on this point in particular.

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