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Saturday January 29, 2022

Tarot room 95
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A contradiction with a young woman has lasted for a long time, even a little too long. Your quality of life is subject to her way of doing things and you feel like taking a firmer decision in order that this situation changes. Even if this young woman does cause you serious worries, much of the problem does not seem to come from her, but rather from the man with whom she shares her life. This man is younger than you and you barely know him. You practically never see him, nonetheless he is often there. He totally dominates this young woman and this does not seem to cause any particular problem between them. In fact, it is their relationship (or their non-relationship) with their neighbours that is worrying. This young couple live in a very marginalised manner and this seems to be due to their religious beliefs. In fact, they seem quite fanatical, because the majority of people of their religion (or who have the same beliefs) do not act at all in this way. In short, these two young people seem to seek isolation rather than good cohabitation within society. As a result, perhaps it is better not to try too hard to socialise with them, because it is probably this which causes them to withdraw into themselves. They do not live as you do and they do not want to become contaminated by you and your way seeing things. They are seeking divine purity (religious zeal), and in their eyes you are an unclean person, even if they do not verbally communicate this. Be tolerant, but do not make more of it than is necessary. This situation is only temporary, because these people will eventually leave for a place that better suits them.

A woman near your home (in your neighbourhood, same street, same building or other) is preparing to go on a voyage abroad. This woman is a little younger than you are. This voyage will be a long one and will cost her a lot of money. She has invested most of her savings (possibly all of them) in it. This woman is adventurous and sensitive. She wants to escape from the stress of her environment for a while. On her voyage, she will stop in a country where poverty is all pervasive. Her voyage will be more focused on making discoveries and human history than it will be on the beach and holidays. This voyage is a necessity for her rather than an option. She will have a romantic encounter during her voyage. This encounter will be decisive for her future life journey.

You will travel a lot. You will discover the world and find it wonderful. You will visit extraordinary cities and you will see breathtaking scenery. You will discover other people and you will learn to know and understand them. However, you will also see inequalities between people. You will witness irresponsible actions and you will understand why some people are vulnerable to poverty and misery. Nonetheless, you will always come back from your trips with the certainty that things are improving, and you will keep a lot of hope for people who have high hopes for the future.
The knowledge that you have acquired will be profitable for you. There will be balance and harmony between your decisions and your actions. You are entering an era of splendor, and everything will go well for you. Your knowledge will allow you to understand the inner workings of things and the results that will be necessary for you to realize a dream. You will be able to make your assets turn a profit for you. There will be relationships and exchanges. Dialogue will be essential, and it will enrich or consolidate your existing links. You will be able to find similarities between things that are fundamentally different and you will mange to prove that you are very creative in your initiatives that are aimed at establishing your dominance over your rivals. It is certain that you have had to work for a long time to get there, and you will be greatly rewarded. Whether you are isolated in a hidden corner or at the head of a group in the midst of chaos, you will find a way to exercise your power, and do it very intelligently.

Someone (a benevolent and understanding person) is going to question you about a situation you experienced in the past. Without a doubt, this meeting will cause you to suffer (psychologically, emotionally) (tears, grief), but it will also allow you (partially or in a certain way) to relieve yourself or free your mind of a burden that you have had a lot of trouble carrying for some (or several) years. During this event, you had to make a very difficult decision. Some people are convinced that you made a grave error and today it still crushes you when people bring up the subject. You have something to be forgiven for, or you would like to have made a different decision than the one you made at that time. This event led you to cut ties and distance yourself from people you loved (and whom you probably still love). Tell yourself that you were not in control of the situation when all that happened. So you must not hesitate to entrust in yourself, because this will help you to overcome the feeling of guilt you have been dragging around like a ball and chain all this time. Things are not necessarily the way you feel and it may not all be irreversible.

You will be welcomed by a young woman. This young woman has long hair (or thick hair), and she is very beautiful. Her physical beauty is very feminine, but her personality is very strong, almost masculine. She is jovial, and she loves to sing (or hum). This young woman is connected with the sea. Either she comes from a coastal region, or she is fascinated by sea creatures, boats, etc. You will sleep under her roof. She has a stubborn nature, but she has high moral values. She is cheerful and energetic, so she must surely love sports and/or the outdoors. She will receive you at her home with open arms. You can trust her, because she likes to share what she has. She always makes it her duty to take care of others (no matter who they are), and she will watch over you.
The next few years will be much more profitable, financially speaking. You will make significant gains, but you will also do some fundamental learning and you will take informed action (investments and long-term planning). This is all because you are convinced that you could clearly do better than you are doing now. You are right and you will demonstrate this. You are sure that you can make bold choices without necessarily jeopardising your financial security and you are not wrong! Living day to day is becoming less of an option for you, so a lot of things will change. You know that you have decisions to make and you will act accordingly. It is now a question of the whole of your life and not just the present moment.

You will obtain gentleness from a person that is loved. This person is around your age and he/she is under the astrological sign of Leo. He/she is good for you and he/she wants to bring you joy and happiness. Your relationship with him/her looks to be harmonious, complicit and very balanced. This person has the capacity to weaken your worries and to stabilize your energetic system, which can transform you into someone more productive at work and more focused in your daily activities. He/she is therefore a corporal entity with great impact over you. Just his/her presence close to you also reduces your risks of illness, and in a significant way. Therefore, it is in your interest to do everything, as far as possible, to keep this person in your regular entourage. He/she will bring you health, tenacity and clarity. Key concepts: camp, beach, wisdom, friendship, love, communication, energy, health, great respect, Thursday, afternoon, month of October.

You will have to help (or give your support to) a young man in the course of action he is about to undertake. This young man knows that you have a great deal of life experience and he expects a lot from you. He has already made a number of errors up until now and he wants to avoid making another. He wants to have you at his side because you are the person he trusts the most. You have the power to comfort him regarding his course of action and this is exactly what he expects of you. We are speaking here about a journey that will take place in the near future and the preparations for it are causing great anxiety. Even if he tries not to show it, this young man has fears about this trip. For him, though, this trip is an imperative and he will therefore need reassuring.

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