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A crime has been committed. A man is investigating an event that took place recently (or a strategy that has lasted a long time). This is evidently a investigator (professional) who works for the police (the justice system) or on behalf a company (or a government office). This investigator is looking for some very specific information. You may not be concerned, but he still has questions to ask you. He is a seasoned investigator and he is very methodical in his way of doing things. He knows exactly what he is looking for. His investigation appears to involve a case of extortion or fraud (identity theft, fake identity, embezzlement or other). Without any doubt, this crime was meticulously prepared for, because it seems to have greatly profited its perpetrator.

You will have to visit a female friend who is unhappy. This woman lives in solitude and your presence by her side will do her a lot of good. This person has many memories in her head, but her spirit is emptying bit by bit. Her current situation moves you, and makes you terribly confused with regard to what you must do to minimise the effects of her condition. The days and the weeks pass with no apparent improvement, and great uncertainty develops in your thoughts. The time has come for you to more carefully examine the approaches and actions that you see as most appropriate in these circumstances. Deep down inside you there's a very suitable response in terms of what you must do. Follow your heart and you'll make the right decision.

A wish will come true! This wish has to do with a meeting that you wish to have with a very special person. It is a meeting that you have wanted to have for a long time. You have spent a lot of time and energy to get it. However, this head-to-head will be subject to very precise rules. It includes traps and pitfalls that you should try to avoid. You will have to show yourself to be up to it, because this meeting has a specific purpose. You will have to do everything to ensure that it unfolds absolutely beautifully, because it is imperative for it to be favourable to you. What you want above all is for a follow-up (or a lasting bond) to develop, so missteps will be strictly prohibited to you. The person that you will meet is meticulous and somewhat suspicious, so you are better off showing your true colours. You will have to be convincing, but you will not be allowed to try to influence matters by hiding or disguising a truth. This person is experienced, so beware of deceptive arrangements.

You have a plan in mind. This plan is not a dream, but is an obligation which you impose on yourself. You have no choice – you absolutely have to realise it. This plan has a very precise goal and you will do everything to achieve it. You are determined to acquit yourself of your task, regardless of the time and effort necessary. Here, failure is not an option and disappointment is not possible. You believe in yourself, your intentions are good and you will not give up.

Your needs regarding spiritual matters are not fulfilled. The afterlife does not seem to be receptive to your prayers (or to your calls for help). You have pressing needs, but nothing seems to materialise. Nonetheless, a transformation is occurring in you (soul, personality, energy…). Are you not aware of it? You are a combative person and you will realise your dreams. Did you not know it? Yes, you will gain access to the afterlife (answer to your prayers), but only at the moment you least expect it. Someone is waiting to communicate with you (or make a concrete gesture) and it is only you who knows the reason for his/her waiting. Have you abandoned something? This being seems to be waiting for you to take up again something you have abandoned. Have you renounced a mission you should have pursued (or a project you should have brought to completion)?

A friend wishes to talk to you. This is a man and he has been your friend for a short while. He is part of your social circle (sport, hobby, culture, social club, volunteer or other). He wants to help you reach an objective you have set for yourself. This is a man who is (more or less) well off financially and who has the time to devote himself to you. He knows that you have taken a tumble with regard to a project and he wants to help you bounce back. He is a joker (he loves to laugh and to make people laugh) and he has a beautiful way of expressing himself. From a professional point of view, this man is self-employed. He is courageous and persistent. Although he is not afraid of risks and sometimes seems adventuresome, he is cautious and never takes decisions lightly. He has contacts that you do not have and can organise things in your favour. He is interested in what you do and you can speak to him about your situation openly.

You are in search for self-knowledge. You have a lot of will power and your understanding of human comportment is considerable. The knowledge that you have acquired so far is abundant and often serves you to assist and enlighten others. On the other hand, you like to withdraw from time to time to meditate your current accomplishments and your future projects. You will soon be faced with making an important decision. This will happen at the meeting that will take place with a man whom you do not know as yet. It is a businessman who has achieved material success. He has enjoyed a prosperous life on the financial level and he has amassed a rather large fortune up to now. There will also be the question of a factory or manufacture. Your meeting with this man will take place at an airport or close to an airport; if not, this man will have taken a plane during the preceding hours. You will meet this man because of a cancelled appointment.

You’ll need to appear suspicious as someone will attempt a transaction with you through deceit. This person will try to reverse a situation to his or her benefit. It’d be good to distance yourself or to sever your ties to him or her since this person doesn’t really deserve your friendship. A change is announced and you’ll need to reconsider your situation from a new angle so as to not allow yourself to take a path that isn’t for you. It’ll be absolutely necessary to study well all the offers you get so as to not allow yourself to be fooled by someone that doesn’t deserve your trust. You currently feel a need to share but you could have more extracted from you than you want to give. This person will feel no remorse to try to abuse your kindness or generosity. Your intuition will be useful to you. Make an effort and you’ll be able to read his or her thoughts and avoid a shocking and shameful fraud from him or her.

You will have a decisive encounter with a kind and generous man. This is a very close friend. You have a lot of affection for him. He has intelligence and his business acumen as qualities. He is brilliant and always evaluates very carefully every risk in everything that he does. He appreciates you very much and he would like to have a more constant relationship (friendship) with you. He will advise you and will have a great influence on a decision that you are about to take regarding your love life. His words are important for you and they will comfort you in your choices. You are in a situation in which you had to pay an important sum of money to maintain or try to improve your love life, but do not worry, because you did not spend your money for nothing. You invested your money well, and nothing was in vain. Even if you think that you are significantly poorer, nothing is lost and absolutely nothing was wasted. On the contrary, you are wrong to think that you took the wrong path, and this man will show it to you very clearly. He is in good faith and he will skilfully guide you in order for you to achieve the goals that you set yourself. More concretely, a joie de vivre is coming quickly thanks to your efforts. You will have a successful love life (love, faithfulness, abundance, and lasting happiness) because you will make the right choices. You will be very proud of yourself!

Thank you!
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