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Your Fortune Telling - Paradoxical draw

By Denis Lapierre - Saturday April 20, 2019 - Certified website

   Warning: Sometimes you have to read between the lines.   
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The health problems of someone are not as serious as you have been told they are. This concerns a man who is about your age. Your connection with him is only superficial (marginal relationship) (nothing intimate). The facts that have been relayed to you about him (about his physical health) are exaggerated. If one looks more closely, either he is a hypochondriac or else he is trying to appear more ill than he actually is. This man is experiencing emotional problems with his entourage, which could explain this rather preposterous situation. He is trying to attract the attention of others toward himself and is doing so in an almost obsessional manner. It is a need that he has and this cannot be treated. In short, if there is an illness, it is a psychological one, nothing more. Keywords: susceptibility, excess, cure.
You need an explanation. You have been pushed away from a project or activity and don’t know why. Someone seems to want to get rid of you. You are either in the way of someone or represent a threat to that person. You’re not okay with it, but there’s nothing you can do about it. You have spent a lot of money and are about to lose everything. You have taken a lot of risks by getting involved in this and now you are paying the price. Unfortunately you cannot do anything else but demand explanations. Moreover, the explanations will not be satisfactory, and it doesn’t seem like you will be told the truth. Better not place too much hope in your requests because there is definitely no intent to be honest with you.
You will meet a person (m/w) who will lead you to change your habits, even unconsciously. This person will bewitch you with his or her charm and attractiveness. Just his or her presence will arouse a very spontaneous emotion in you. Your times of solitude and contemplation will give way to romantic reveries and absentmindedness. This person will notice you and be sensitive to you. Instead of rejecting you, he or she will make you come out of your shell so he or she can better interact with you. It will be useless to resist him or her, for you will be likely to act incoherently. Your fondness for him or her will be inescapable. You will not be able to turn away from him or her without hurting yourself on the inside. On the other hand, be careful not to isolate yourself from you circle of friends to focus on this one person, for you will be likely to neglect profound connections to long-time friends who have great value in your eyes. You must have a lot of tact in everything you do and everything you feel. Your feelings and your relationship with this person will be legitimate and intoxicating, but you must act with the maturity that is necessary regarding your romantic situation.


An important problem arises in your love relation. Somebody asserts their power and their authority too much. The way of the heart has been lead astray. Sharing is accompanied by no sensitivity and confidence in the other no longer rests on any basis. An attitude must be changed.

Your view of things is good and you can rely on it. You will know how to feel the feelings and the ambitions of people, and you will show great foresight in your future actions. Your sixth sense will not often fail you and your opinion will have great value with your friends. Important decisions are coming, and you will take the right course without too much difficulty. Your wisdom will be sought, and people will not be afraid to call on your good judgement to evaluate or settle disputes. You will come to anticipate events (both unfortunate and good) and many people will praise your qualities. You see beyond what is visible and this makes you a person completely apart. You will be increasingly consulted for your advice, because your gift will be recognized. People (especially young people) will be dazzled by your abilities to see everything around you (energy, vibrations, emotions, spirits, the dead, angels, divine presence, etc.) and you will have a privileged place in the heart of people grieved or tested by life. However, do not be discouraged by naysayers, because it is jealousy that is making them talk. Malicious gossip and insults have always been a part of this world, so do not stop at the offenses that people will give you (you have to ignore these people). Of course, you do not possess the absolute truth, and it is certainly not them who will help you to reach it.


You’re determined. You have a plan and you’re determined to stop at nothing to achieve your goals. For you, everything is possible, even if it’s very risky. You have a lot of respect for others and you know how to negotiate with professionalism and elegance, but this doesn’t stop you from being a tremendously driven person who won’t be outdone by their rivals. This enthusiasm will work in your favour, because your challenge is great. You must battle relentlessly to achieve your ends, but your cause is noble. You know exactly what you want and you will get it.

A test must be overcome as soon as possible. In fact, you must openly disapprove (condemn, denounce, incriminate or something else) a person who shows highly inappropriate behaviour towards you. This person has no place in your private life and he/she delays (or cancels) actions that you wish to take (or steps that you wish to take) to improve your living conditions. Your ambitions are great and legitimate but this person is hindering you. He/she is part of your close circle and you have already had a more or less intimate relationship with him/her, which proved too superficial to last. Furthermore, this link has been broken for a long time and you no longer have any feelings for him/her. This is someone who speaks a lot and who, despite your intentions, always has a negative influence over you. He often seeks to obtain benefits from your good deeds, while he/she has absolutely no merit for the decisions and initiatives you take. He/she is selfish (or egocentric) and his/her actions against you demonstrate well to what extent he/she is insightful in his/her way of using you (exploiting you). What is all the more unfortunate is that he/she knows personal information about you (secrets, private life, etc.) and that he/she allows him/herself to use it to manipulate you better (blackmail, moral pressure or something else). Be careful to act intelligently, as this person has the power to strip you of your assets or to abuse you.


A woman is thinking, and her thoughts directly concern you. This is a very close friend (at the social or professional level). She has to make a decision and you're an important part of her preoccupations. This woman knows you well and knows what kind of reaction she should expect from you. She is intuitive and understanding, but her role (work or otherwise) impose choices and constraints on her. She probably has authority over you (or something to that effect) because she has to decide your fate in relation to a situation that is evolving faster than expected. Fortunately, you can trust her judgment because she is determined to do everything to avoid inconveniencing you (drawbacks, harm, etc.). Yes, you'll have to submit to changes that are happening in your environment, but everything will go smoothly. Therefore, turmoil is coming at a social or professional level, but you'll be able to maintain most of your acquisitions. Despite the constraints, this woman will save you from huge problems. Even if it all happens behind the scenes, you can consider her as a true friend.

Sunday April 21, 2019
Intervention, Spiritual entity
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Work, patience
Friday April 26, 2019
Faith, reward
Sunday April 28, 2019
Compassion, generosity
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Battle, victory
Wednesday May 01, 2019
Energy, vitality
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Work, patience
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Challenge, perseverance

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