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Your Fortune Telling - Paradoxical draw

By Denis Lapierre - Tuesday June 25, 2019 - Certified website

   Warning: Sometimes you have to read between the lines.   
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You are in a hopeless situation. This has been the case for months perhaps even for years. You must look after yourself and stop worrying. It’s true you have a reason to worry, but there is nothing you can do. This involves an illness suffered by someone close to you. This individual is an elderly person or someone who for many years has battled with a degenerative disease. This person has loved you very much and helped you in the past. You would like to see this person recover, but in actual fact, you have to be realistic. Time must do its work. Your role now is not to intervene, but to accompany.
Someone wants to guide you to make a spiritual apprenticeship. This person thinks that you have abilities that others don’t have and he/she wants to lead you to develop them. He/she wants to be your spiritual guide or a person who is a resource. You met this person very recently. He/she also wants to introduce you to someone else who has more knowledge and greater wisdom than he/she on this subject. It is a person who draws his/her teachings from a document (manuscript, book, writing) that is very old (that has survived the Middle Ages). Keywords: monk, sage, hermit, saint… (Person who has renounced material goods to dedicate him/herself totally to spiritual life).
You will soon attend a wedding. If it isn’t a wedding (this is possible, but less likely), you will be invited to a ceremony or gathering to confirm or witness the romantic commitment of two people. In this case, it is likely to be an engagement, a wedding anniversary or something along these lines. More specifically, it is a ritual or symbolic act involving a signature on a document or a promise of love made in front of witnesses (or both). These two people love each other unconditionally and the connection between them is very strong. There will be a reception (meal, food…) and you will be a favoured guest at this event.


Disarray is present in your life. You are going through a challenging period on the emotional level. You wish to escape and your desire for attachment is soon directed toward a person (m/f) who is new to your circle. For you, this person represents the joy of living and the naïveté that you do not find any more in your usual interactions. Far from being pretentious, this person also demonstrates a large tenderness for you and this touches you greatly. You have something in common and that is what attracts you the most about him/her. It has to do with something that is very symbolic for you and that moved you at once during your first encounter. On the other hand, this person seems to create large ambiguity in your thoughts. You know the trap that he/she represents for you and you greatly fear the large instability that he/she could create in your life.

Your needs regarding spiritual matters are not fulfilled. The afterlife does not seem to be receptive to your prayers (or to your calls for help). You have pressing needs, but nothing seems to materialise. Nonetheless, a transformation is occurring in you (soul, personality, energy…). Are you not aware of it? You are a combative person and you will realise your dreams. Did you not know it? Yes, you will gain access to the afterlife (answer to your prayers), but only at the moment you least expect it. Someone is waiting to communicate with you (or make a concrete gesture) and it is only you who knows the reason for his/her waiting. Have you abandoned something? This being seems to be waiting for you to take up again something you have abandoned. Have you renounced a mission you should have pursued (or a project you should have brought to completion)?


Your good social relationships are going to develop remarkably and will allow you increase (constantly and without limits) your sphere of influence both in your area of professional activities and in society generally. You have great challenges ahead of you and you will have solid supports (both in your immediate and more distant social sphere) to reach your goals. Over the years, you will be surprised to discover the extent to which you are liked and appreciated. People won’t hesitate to encourage you in your projects, because they will know that you are a reliable and determined person. Nothing will be insurmountable for you, for you will be sustained and supported by others. You will have numerous friends (and contacts) on whom you will be able to rely and it will become easier and easier for you to get what you want. You will know prosperity and you will enjoy its rewards (socially, financially and politically). You will be highly respected and people will make great efforts (competition, overbidding, power struggles, promises, etc.) to become a member of your limited circle of privileged friends. Your charisma will be great, so it will be up to you to choose your friends, not the other way around. Truly, keep your eyes open, for excellent opportunities will present themselves to you beginning very soon.

Movements, events, and activities in your surroundings will lead to confusion and anxiety. The actions of a man will be the cause. A romantic link will be broken. This man will commit adultery. It is also possible that he has already done so. His wife (or his spouse) will be deeply destabilized. She will experience virtual psychological annihilation. Her health will be affected. Her family will have to help her avoid sinking into depression. This woman was madly in love, and therefore, her world will collapse completely. She will have to start again from scratch. Her return to health will be difficult, but it will make her stronger for the future. Her trial, although difficult, will finally be a great lesson for her. This woman will arrive at a very mature outlook on life. A better life awaits her with another man. Her future is beaming with happiness and promises that will be kept. Her married life will blossom later, and she will be truly happy. However, it will be with a man who will be notably more respectful, and truly in love with her.


You will have a transaction with a woman about your age. This transaction includes a particular arrangement or layout that will lead to the conclusion of a more comprehensive agreement during the next year. Here, we are talking about an important sum of money. You will acquire a property or a good of great value. This is something that gains in value over time (an investment) and that you will be able to leave as a heritage after your death. Still with regards to this transaction, you will go to (or close to) a well-known mountain (if it is not a mountain, then we are certainly talking about a very high building or structure). There is also the matter of an artist and an animal. You will make a fascinating discovery. You will either climb up the mountain (or the structure) or you will very much want to do so. You will have an observation or identification task (or activity), because you will have to make sure that everything conforms to your desires. This will be an honest and sincere transaction and you will be happy with what you will see. This transaction will be final and fully finished during the next year. Curiously, it includes a triple persistent mathematics (3, 6, 9, etc.) that you should probably notice pretty quickly.

Wednesday June 26, 2019
Challenge, perseverance
Saturday June 29, 2019
Battle, victory
Monday July 01, 2019
Strength, freeing
Wednesday July 03, 2019
Passion, courage
Thursday July 04, 2019
Strength, freeing
Sunday July 07, 2019
Intervention, Spiritual entity
Monday July 08, 2019
Faith, reward
Thursday July 11, 2019
Challenge, perseverance

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