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Thursday October 28, 2021

TAROT ✯ 2021

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You will be offered a new job or a new business opportunity. This is a very interesting offer. This job (or business opportunity), however, forces you to move. What you are being offered is not in your immediate environment (city or region). You will have to travel a long distance (by train, plane?). It is even possible that you will have to consider emigrating. In any case, you will go there to see things more clearly. You are not necessarily ready to abandon everything (country, family, friends, etc.) in order to live elsewhere, but the taste of adventure is well rooted in you. Even if they require a certain amount of audacity, new challenges do not scare you. Moreover, here it is a question of an obvious financial gain. Can you really allow yourself to miss out on such an opportunity? In short, this offer is serious but you will have to consider it with regard to all it requires of you (major life disruption).
Your thoughts are powerful and your wisdom is undeniable. You are a person of extreme kindness and you accept sacrifice as an obligatory passage. You have great human values and you are ready to defend them at any moment. Progress and new ways of thinking do not upset your beliefs, because what you have learned does not come from this world. Even if some do not always approve your way of living (or of doing things), you have a free spirit and you can be proud of it. Your faith in something greater is unshakable, therefore you will be able to overcome all your ordeals, without exception. Your strength (mental, psychological, psychic) is extraordinary and only the will of the Divine will be your limit. Your place is amongst the greatest and in the hereafter you will be welcomed as a hero/heroin.
An old friend you have not seen for a long time is going to contact you with an invitation. The situation is complicated, so he/she will have to convince you. In the end, you will accept. You will return to a place you know well, but which is now part of your past. It is a place where you have lived or have spent a lot of time (several years). Something unexpected will happen during this meeting, but nothing serious. A person will come to see you. You will be surprised by this meeting. It will be a pleasant surprise. This is a person for whom you have a lot of affection (reciprocal affection). Life has distanced you from each other, but this was never really your wish (nor his/hers). Something important is going to change for you. You have matured greatly (maturity, wisdom) since that time and no longer see things in exactly the same way. This person is important for you, so this meeting will not be banal.

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