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Tarot Reading - Thursday May 13, 2021

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You will be drawn into a series of very exciting events (physiologically, sexually) and you will do things that are quite unusual for you. You will be charmed by a new person in your entourage and it is this person who will incite you to venture onto a path that is totally unknown to you. This person will seduce you and invite you to leave your comfort zone. He/she will work at pleasing you (or gaining your confidence). You will become his/her obsession and will be led to compromise yourself in a very audacious game. You will experience very strong emotions with him/her. We are talking about a person who is affected by a great feeling of insecurity (socially) and for whom you will be the source of new sensations. The further you follow him/her in his/her desire, the more he/she will feel appreciated by you (and therefore the more socially appreciated). This person needs comforting (affection, understanding, tenderness) and it is through the sexual act (direct or indirect) that he/she seeks it, because he/she knows no other way.
Your pride attracts admiration, but it does not necessarily do you a favor on particular occasions. You must protect the (positive) image people have of you at the social level, but in order to do so, you will need to be careful in your relationship with a person of the opposite sex who is a bit younger than you. This person is a longstanding friend who is trying to reconnect with you after a difficult separation. He/she makes a big impression with his/her kindness and charm and it’s difficult for you to remain indifferent to the emotional attachment he/she has for you. This person is sociable, influential and has financial resources that could be described as very average. It seems quite obvious that he/she has been loving you for a long time, but he/she never had the opportunity to show it to you as much. However, your heart is currently pointing at someone else and this puts you in a very difficult position. You'll have to find a balance in the way you act and think if you want to do the right thing and make the right decisions. You don’t want to be ungrateful to anyone, but can you really give up everything to start your life again in a totally different manner? Here, you are more or less equally loved by two people at once, but only one of the two has what it takes to truly fulfill you and allow you to live a lasting love. You learnt a lot about life so far, so you know that no matter what decision you will take, you will have regrets. Since your feelings will not bring you the answer you're looking for, you absolutely need to think about it with your head rather than your heart.
Your love life will contribute to your prosperity and your reputation. It will allow you to improve and consolidate your financial situation (your financial power). You will accumulate large amounts of money. You will have surpluses and will be able to invest aggressively (stocks, shares, companies or other). You and your beloved will form a winning combination. You will be a great team! You will be both feared and admired. Others will respect you and you will achieve a degree of public (social) fame that up until then you have never known. It is also a question of artistic ability. You have learned a great deal from the past and you will now know what to do and what not to do. You will avoid the traps, because you will know how to recognise them at first glance. You will be careful and know how to refrain from taking hasty actions, even when there is an urgency to act. For all these reasons and more, many people will want to be friends with you (as much for good reasons as for bad ones), so you will learn very quickly to be selective in your relationships. Keywords: couple, abundance, veneration.

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