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(Thursday August 05, 2021)

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You will be noticed because of your actions. Your spirit will be enriched by a balanced, radiant energy which will be abundantly expressed in your relationships with others. With your good behavior and the good influence you have on others, protection will be acquired for you for many years to come and will manifest itself principally at the major turning points in your life. Important will be the marvels that will have the task of preparing your destiny. Powerful will be the phenomena that will be charged with watching over you and keeping away the evil spirits obstructing your way. Your enemies will have to be on guard, for great misfortunes will afflict those who dare to spread evil in your path or inflict wounds on you, regardless of whether these are psychological or physical.
You question yourself unnecessarily, because an answer is found within you. You must analyze the situation by taking consideration of the different facets of your friend’s personality. Presently, a purification ritual operates in your life. This purification is the prelude to an interior transformation which will lead you to the path of liberty and prosperity. A person is causing you problems but you must not care about this. The situation will not persist forever, because you have the solution in your mind and all that is left for you to do is to apply it.
You have recently experienced financial constraints, but fortunately everything comes to an end and you will soon cease suffering from them. On the other hand, even if the situation was only temporary, there were consequences and their effects are still being felt. It is impressive, however, to see how resistant you are when faced with adversity. Of course suffering affects you like it does every human being, “but it does not blind you”. You have a strength within you (extraordinary or supernatural) that firmly holds you on to life (In all circumstances) and which passes all understanding. It allows you to go through trials that would nonetheless overwhelm many people. This force is such that it is inexplicable (on the level of human thought). You manage to keep your composure in the face of the biggest challenges and you know how to remain standing at the most critical moments. In short, whatever the trial, you always succeed in getting through it and you will do so once more. Things will quickly return to normal for you and people will once again wonder how you do it. But who, then, are you to succeed in such exploits? Trials make you grow more than they do a lot of people, so by bouncing back like you know so well how to do, you will assuredly reach great heights. In this sense, this transition in your life will not be solely negative as it will also lead you to see things more clearly and to blossom even more professionally and financially. So there is nothing more to add: Success awaits you (success, prosperity, happiness and fulfilment) because it is part of your final attainment on earth, and you have already long chosen the right path that will lead you to it.

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