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A man close to you feeds off of the energy of others. He is part of your inner circle and he is not honest with you. He hides things from you, although he always insists that “you” hide nothing from him. He seeks to have an exclusive relationship with you while he is totally incapable of doing the same for you. His emotional imbalance is clearly unfavorable for you. This man may neglect or forget many things with you, all while seeking to impress others. You will never have the recognition that you deserve from this man, because for him, his personal ambition comes before anything else. Moreover, even if he always tries to look good in front of others, this man has a growing and fairly obvious lack of personal hygiene. He does not take care of his body and this may become very annoying when in his company. This man lies to you! He shows no sympathy for you and you absolutely do not matter to him.

You will move with the help of a horse or you will make a trek on horseback. Your relationship with this horse will be remarkable. This animal will bring you closer to nature and allow you to detach yourself from the complexities (or your complications) that are connected to urban life. You'll discover a very special facet of small pleasures that are linked to a rudimentary life and this will be very beneficial for your health. The chemistry between this horse and you will be excellent. You will take the time to admire the scenery in all its simplicity and you will see existence on earth in a new light. You will appreciate this moment greatly. This opportunity will also allow you (and above all) to forget an unfortunate event that you lived in the past and from which you still have had trouble freeing yourself.

Currently, your way of life gives the impression that you're melancholic. You are in fact delaying making a decision which would see you abandon something. Even simply thinking about it makes you sad. You need to rediscover your enthusiasm, and to do this you must make yourself more open to other people. You'll be offered a journey which could be the breath of fresh air that you need, to change your thinking and get your life together again. This journey will be very good for you; it will allow you to freshen your mind and resume your future projects.