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Your quick tarot

You sow love in your house. You need comfort and you work (in the smallest details) to make it as pleasant as possible. It has an intimate interior design and you feel very connected with it. Your home is your place of rest and contemplation. You have learned to tame your moments of solitude and it is almost entirely at home that you allow them to manifest. Your home is both a place of escape and a place of relaxation. More particularly, the place where you sleep is very precious to you and very private. You totally engross yourself there and, with few exceptions, you do not like to receive people in this place. Your bedroom is an intimate haven where intrusions are not allowed. You protect your dwelling a great deal as it seems to have been abused, defiled or profaned by an unwanted person (in the past), and this over a fairly or very significant period of time. You have already been (or have felt) attacked by someone you no longer love or whom you never loved, so you quickly become uncomfortable (or anxious) when you find yourself with people who are a little too intrusive with you.

There is someone who needs gentleness. This person is older than you and their astrological sign is Cancer. He/she needs you to be more present in their life. He/she has a problem which is troubling them a great deal, but you don’t think this problem should require that much attention. This person doesn’t see things the same way you do, as a result, you should make a greater effort to put yourself in their shoes. In fact, your perception of the situation isn’t really an accurate reflection of reality. Things aren’t as you believe them to be. This person is hyper-sensitive and their network of friends has become much smaller in recent years. He/she has some financial decisions to make and some important legal papers which require his/her official approval. You must listen to them and treat them carefully. Key words: fishing, road, car, material achievement, stubborn, unwell, persuasion, gradual improvement, laughter, Friday afternoon, the month of March.

You are about to experience a wonderful adventure. Your thoughts will be turned to joy, love and human warmth. You will participate in an enchanting celebration and you will be given a special gift. You will be loved, pampered and entertained by a person who is around you who feels a deep and an undying love for you. This person belongs to the Zodiac sign of Taurus and he/she is known for his/her manual skills. He/she is recognized for his/her thoughtful actions and for being detached from material values. This person holds a key that can bring you great and incomparable happiness. His/her first actions will be focused on freeing yourself from insecurity which prevents you from achieving your complete development. Key concepts: action, speech, detachment, growth, power, sensitivity, travel, important invitation, will, on Sunday night, month of December.

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