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There is someone who needs gentleness. This person is older than you and their astrological sign is Cancer. He/she needs you to be more present in their life. He/she has a problem which is troubling them a great deal, but you don’t think this problem should require that much attention. This person doesn’t see things the same way you do, as a result, you should make a greater effort to put yourself in their shoes. In fact, your perception of the situation isn’t really an accurate reflection of reality. Things aren’t as you believe them to be. This person is hyper-sensitive and their network of friends has become much smaller in recent years. He/she has some financial decisions to make and some important legal papers which require his/her official approval. You must listen to them and treat them carefully. Key words: fishing, road, car, material achievement, stubborn, unwell, persuasion, gradual improvement, laughter, Friday afternoon, the month of March.

You will visit a place where many people have made a sacrifice in the past. There is a bridge or a quay near this place (human construction) (watercourse, river...). It is a place where a ritual occurs. This is probably on an annual basis or something like that. There is a gathering of people, and a spiritual ceremony takes place at these times. Actually, it is a place of worship and offerings. A particular magic (real or imaginary) haunts this place (a spiritual, divine or other presence). People have testified to having an extraordinary (amazing, marvelous, fabulous) experience at this site. This is why you too will go there (curiosity, tourism, conviction?).

Someone who is malevolent makes you lose your time and your money. This is a man who is hardly much older than you. He takes advantage of your generosity (your goodness) and he makes fun of you without your knowledge. You have to be careful whom you do a favour to. This man maintains (or seeks to maintain) a relationship with you with the only aim of having a good time at your cost (at your expense). He is not at all honest with you. He has nice words with you (for you) but his real intentions are clearly harmful to you. You will have to be doubly careful because in a short time he can make you lose everything you possess (even your self-esteem). You must not trust him because he acts in bad faith and only thinks of himself.