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A woman is pregnant. She will have a child. This woman is always full of good intentions. She is charitable and often works for social and humanitarian causes. She likes to communicate and has the reputation of practicing what she preaches. This woman is determined and never gives up.

A situation is causing a great deal of confusion. This confusion comes along with a sense of uncertainty that is preventing you from making a decision that could have a long-term impact on your path through life. An individual is seeking to get you to take actions to support her, but you are hesitating to act as she wishes. This involves a woman who is part of the close circle of one of your friends. This woman is concealing basic information that could help you better understand what is really going on. This is about a woman who is married, but who is not happy in her marital relationship. She suffers from insecurity (perhaps pathologically) and she is asking a great deal more from you than she really needs or you could materially (or monetarily) provide to her. Fortunately, the “doubt” will be to your benefit. It will save you from an enormous unpleasantness that this woman is preparing to make you live through. It will keep you from making a mistake with regrettable and permanent consequences. Since the ambiguity of the situation is keeping you from thinking clearly and logically, you will not reasonably be capable of following through with her request, and this will effectively turn out to be for the best.

A complex and a crucial decision (or a decision which will have major repercussions) is to be taken professionally. You will have to meet several people regarding this. Some belong to your immediate surroundings while others may not. Your decision will be difficult and will bring you few moments of discouragement. More specifically, you will suffer from stress of an obstacle (or a limitation) from a person who has a negative influence on a friend who is dear to you and who has always been loyal to you. Your friend has his/her kindness, charm and unconditional love (or his/her strong friendship) as his/her particularity. This is someone whom you admire and in whom you have a blind trust. However, this person is emotional and he/she is easily influenced in order to please people who are close to him/her. Your friend is also a person who has a high sense of organization and work, and who has often been a strong support to you in your projects. An important meeting with him/her must necessarily take place in order to establish whether or not you should go ahead with a transaction or a commitment which could have a major and an irreversible impact on your everyday life and on your long-term future.