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By Denis Lapierre - Saturday April 20, 2019 - Certified website

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Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :96%            Your HEALTH indice :93%
Your MONEY indice :91%            Your WORK indice :60%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :83%            Your HOBBIES indice :75%
GLOBAL :   83%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   74%

A period of personal retreat is to come. The particular juncture where your love path is taking you will force you to carry solitary actions and to turn inwards until you can better analyze the emotions that will dictate your life. Your mind will be confused by your feelings and you’ll have to isolate yourself from your usual environment for some time. You’ll have a retreat at the personal level, as you’ll have to make a decision or a choice that shouldn’t involve anyone but you. You’ll realize how much your happiness is fragile or uncertain and you’ll have to take the time and make the decisions that will be imposed in order to reinforce it, modify it, or renew it and this will be at the expense of something you hesitate to give up. You’ll have to adapt to an undeniable reality but you refuse to admit or endorse it. An important period of reflection and isolation will thus be essential for you to consolidate the positive aspects of your love life and better shape your path in love.

You’ll need to reconsider your relationship with someone close. It’s a woman who is older than you and with whom you have a privileged relationship. It would be to your advantage to know this woman better because she has much more to offer that you might think. This woman is passionate, honest and she has respect for you. Your relationship mainly lies with work (professional, social or communitarian). She has already refused something to you simply because of wariness because she doesn’t know you well enough and she is still hesitant to entrust you with more responsibility. You know that she shouldn’t be wary of you, so you’ll have to make an effort to show her that you are a trustworthy person. Don’t hesitate to admit your mistakes because everyone makes them (even her) and she knows it. Be honest with her in everything you tell her and she’ll be able to better judge the sort of person you are. Candor and humility are the keys to your success in your relationship with this woman. Don’t try to impress her because her life experience is great and you’ll frankly be wasting your time just as much your energy. This woman isn’t easily swayed so you’ll have to show your true colors if you want to be able to affect her. Show that you are dignified and proud of what you truly are deep down and you’ll earn her esteem.

You will receive money. You will be rewarded for your efforts. It will be a surprising amount of money and you will be able to free yourself from a debt. This money will come from a man who is around your age whose astrological sign is Sagittarius. Hidden concepts: stream, pedestrianized circulation, wisdom, courtesy, profitable trust, honest sentiments, trip, judge, divorce, Saturday, night, month of January.
A break in your life journey was to be expected for some time. Yes, you were right, but you must remember that this situation is only temporary. Your hands are tied, so be careful for now to not make any promises you cannot keep. You have very little control over events currently, so it is better to stay on the defensive rather than to attempt an intervention that would have virtually no effect other than to make you waste your energy unnecessarily. You must think of yourself now, because others are too busy taking care of their personal problems. You must fight the ingratitude of some with indifference and insensitivity. A man not much older than you is going to leave. He was only passing through in your existence and will no longer be present in your life. You are closely concerned by a divorce or permanent separation. It is the divorce of a family member (woman), or of an intimate friend (possibly even your own if you are a woman). Fortunately, the shock will be short-lived. So it is useless for you to spend sleepless nights worrying about the insecurity of the present moment because everything will be much better soon. Hang on to your passions because they are what will keep you from distress and vulnerability. Here, it is your force of character that will make all the difference.

Somebody’s immaturity is troubling you (emotional feelings). This person is impulsive and insolent. Whenever you try to help him/her, he/she feels criticized or reprimanded, even though this is not your intention at all. Obviously, he/she is aware of your grievances, but he/she will never admit it (pride). Even if you are very attached to this person, it is quite evident that his/her stubbornness and preconceived ideas will always bring him/her to reproach you. Curiously, this person seems to be running on "autopilot": The more you try to help him/her, the more you are (for him/her) someone who is looking to manipulate him/her. His/her brain seems to be programmed to contradict you, and this, no matter what you say or what you do, whether you are right or wrong. In fact, this person does not want to shirk from his/her responsibilities, he/she simply wants more freedom (autonomy, less constraints, etc.) with regards to others. He/she knows that he/she has obligations, but he/she wants to be able to act as he/she pleases without being judged. The problem here does not come from you, but rather from the type of people that you represent in his/her eyes (age, sex, way of thinking, family links, social status, education, religion, race, or other.) This person makes unconscious classifications and reacts with you according to the type of person to which you seem to belong. We are thus here talking about perceptions rather than enlightened reasoning. As such, as long as this person will not have found his/her way (destiny or clear purpose in life), the problem will persist. The day that he/she will have found it, he/she will stop seeing people according to the group to which they belong (but rather according to individuals’ distinctive personalities). This person must evolve by him/herself, so there is no point in blaming yourself.

You will have to see a man that represents law or justice (a lawyer, a policeman, a counselor, a mediator, an administrator, a colleague, a friend or someone else). This has to do with your work or an activity that you do on a regular basis, and to which you devote much of your time. A person is causing you problems because of her jealousy. This person is a woman who is just a little older than you. Despite your good intentions, you will not be able to settle your differences with her in a friendly way. You will need an intervention, a mediation or an arrangement with a third-party (male). This situation is complicated, because this woman is stubborn. You will have to travel in order to speak in private with this man (a car or another means of transportation). This dispute is having a direct impact on a trip you are preparing (or that you wish to prepare) for. You will have to stand up to this woman and strengthen your position. The people you associate with are behind you (friends or colleagues), so you can count on them to support you during this step forward. You will not have to be very persuasive in defending your point of view, because this man (of law or justice) has a lot of experience and is not easily swayed. A decision will be made, and this woman will have to change her behavior. Consequences will be clearly established if she does not cooperate.
A story from the past is still present in your mind. You’ll have to stop going backward and stop inflicting harm uselessly on yourself when facing that which has finished and irreconcilable with the present time. This has to do with a woman who is slightly younger than you. She lives in the countryside and she grows her own food. You know this woman well, but she doesn’t have family ties with you. She is pious and she leads a life of hard labor. She is a friend from childhood or from your teenage years (school, university, etc.) After a long friendship, she took a different path than you. She let herself become indoctrinated by people, an ideology, a religion or something of the sort. Crime is undoubtedly nothing to be excluded. You have tried to convince her of her error and it eventually ended up with a definitive break between you two. Today, you know that your friend is suffering, but unfortunately, you can do nothing else for her. She has been manipulated and her indoctrination runs deeply. A day will come when you will have the opportunity to see her again under better conditions, but this day will take some time to arrive. Meanwhile, you need to think about yourself and your long-term happiness. Take care of your own fate and remain radiant in your life because this is what is required of you. Whenever the right time comes, you will discover that time does things right.

Love is afoot. A person (m/f) is incredibly in love with you but won’t say a word. This person is very sensitive, but they are distressed from fear of rejection. This undoubtedly explains their silence. This person is a very close neighbor. Their feelings for you are boundless. This person is a prisoner of their emotions because they can’t manage (or don’t have the possibility) of opening up to you. The reason is simultaneously simple and complex. It’s that you aren’t willing that a tie should arise between you two. Something is obstructing this – the context. You are in a position that deprives you of accepting any amorous agreement with this person, and they know it. Appearances are deceiving because you are simply unable to evaluate the magnitude of love this person has for you. More specifically, this person has a job that is closely or loosely tied with justice. Their priorities are mainly concentrated on their job and long term career, but their personal activities especially deal with hunches and feelings. This is probably a person who has a double life – professional and spiritual. The person obviously does volunteering or assistance in your neighborhood or in the community you live in. You know this person well and you are not indifferent towards them.

You will receive a positive response to a professional, administrative or legal request. Your earnestness has been noted and a person with decision-making authority wants to help you. This person will even guide you to assure that you achieve the goals of your project. Your enthusiasm will pay off. You will take advantage of a business opportunity and your good judgement will lead you to financial gain.
An important meeting looms. You will be asked more about yourself, and you will be judged on your honesty. You will have an interview with an older man. This man is in business and he is interested in talking to you and asking you questions. He thinks that you may be of use to him, but first of all wants to be sure of your honesty and professionalism. He has a lot of experience with people and will quickly be able to detect your weaknesses. However, it is not your weaknesses that count here. These are trivial if you have the qualities he is looking for. This man has the ability to adapt to the weaknesses of others as long as that they don’t constitute (or do not become) an issue. If you manage to demonstrate your honesty and good intentions beyond all doubt, he will be inclined to take you under his wing. This man has outstanding expertise and knowledge which he will pass on to you if you can make him accept you. You should therefore be as honest as possible with him, as he has a lot to offer you. Above all, do not try to lay claim to any qualities that you do not truly possess, as he will see through this. Show him who you really are, as this is what he expects from you.

Your daily preoccupations are figuring prominently in your mind. They are taking up so much space that they cause you forget a person that you love who now lives far away from you. This person has long been part of your circle and he/she still has a precious place in your heart. But now the connection is almost broken. This person loves you as much as before but thinks he/she is no longer of any interest to you. He/she would love to hear from you again. He/she would like to get back in touch with you. But he/she does not dare to do so because he/she fears annoying you or having to face being rejected by you. He/she fears no longer having a place in your life. This person probably made a wrong decision in the past because he/she often does not sleep well.

Your memories contain traces of a difficult past (suffering?). A bad period in your life (constricting or unhappy) still regularly haunts and distresses you. Because of this, finding yourself alone with yourself is an ordeal that constantly needs to be overcome. More specifically, you are always searching for an inner peace that has difficultly gaining a foothold in your thoughts (also in your sleep and in your dreams). Your life's journey, however, is now leading you where you want to go and you will undoubtedly reach your goals (especially on the emotional level) (this is only a matter of time). Fellowship is very present in your life and you have the support of people who are dear to you and have all your trust. Do not worry, though, because these famous memories will cease to trouble your thoughts, for your existence now takes you elsewhere. Where you are going, the sky is blue, nature is green and the sun is shining. (Fulfilled love, shared happiness and long-lasting engagement).

  Thank you!

Copyright © 2019 (4)  Denis Lapierre