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By Denis Lapierre - Tuesday June 25, 2019 - Certified website

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Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :91%            Your HEALTH indice :60%
Your MONEY indice :84%            Your WORK indice :82%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :83%            Your HOBBIES indice :95%
GLOBAL :   83%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   74%

Abundance, financial well-being and comfort are values acquired for your long-term future. Despite some situations that will lead you to undergo unavoidable ordeals, your destiny will be generally favourable, especially on the financial side, leading to some very good business. Your dynamism will stand you in good stead and you will experience fantastic periods of social advancement. In your projects, you will be increasingly self-reliant, rather than dependent on others, and this will bear fruit, bringing you repeated opportunities to distinguish yourself. There will be a large element of merit to your success and this will receive public recognition. Your realism in business will be noticed and this will facilitate the creation of professional relationships that will benefit you greatly. Your decisions will cause you to prosper, even if sometimes in unexpected or unplanned situations.

Very serious consideration will be required from you about the acquisition of a new, long-term property with great value (given your budget). This has to do with a property (house, residence, plot, building, shop, etc.) and a procedure that will require great judgment from you. This property is near a lake or a body of water (pool, fountain, etc.). You will make several comings and goings to meet with a woman who will be directly connected with this event. This woman will be a key person in this affair. Your procedure will be legitimate, but you’ll have to avoid improvising too much if you feel disoriented faced with the magnitude of the procedure to come. You will manage to carry everything out on the condition that you are as yielding as you are persistent. But be careful not to let yourself become discouraged by those who don’t believe in your ability to complete this transaction. These people are especially those who have superior financial abilities to yours. Your initiative may be perceived as a threat or a source of jealousy for some, while others will try to further protect their own interests rather than advise you honestly.

A person is causing you discomfort. He/she is making your life a misery. You must leave him/her, let them go or avoid them. This individual is heavily dependent on alcohol (or drugs). Up until now, you have put a lot of effort into helping them get back on track, however the support that you offer just encourages him/her to rely on your compassion and generosity. In concrete terms, this person is dragging you with him/her into a hopeless situation. This individual is part of your family. You have often had arguments with him/her. Pay attention to what he/she says because this person won't hesitate to lie to you in order to justify their bad ways.
Precautions must be taken before entering into a transaction (or covenant). A situation is not really what it seems. Things (important details) are being hidden from you in a case which you are hastened to conclude. It is essential for you to learn more, because under the same conditions, other people have better things to offer you. Make sure not to conclude any agreement impulsively, because if people are so eager to have you sign a document, it is probably because you are asking (or people are afraid that you might ask) too many questions. In fact, these are probably questions that people do not want to answer for fear of having their true colors, or the truth, revealed. It might not be necessary to cancel everything, but you first have to gather more information on what is really being offered to you. You know people that can counsel you, so do not hesitate to consult them. One thing is certain, it is that you need better guarantees before signing the document that is presented to you. In short, you will have to bring the other party to give you a better proposal, because at the moment (if the offer remains unchanged) you are clearly losing. Otherwise (elsewhere) somebody else will certainly have something better to offer you.

There is confusion in your feelings. You have illusions and you are disappointed. You have to remain honest, as much with yourself as with others. You have to avoid getting into a road of lies or of denial. You have to make the distinction between that which you are attracted to and what you need. The first is passing and the second is permanent. You have received a gift, but this gift was not sincere or had only a superficial signification.

Someone is seeking to get closer to you. This person is very attracted by you. It is someone intelligent and very cultured. This person is part of your professional circle (work or other). His/her mind is often turned towards spirituality. He/she is good company. This person is seduced both by your physical beauty and by your personality. The notion of physical beauty here is relative to what this person likes, and not to what society judges. You are exactly what he/she is looking for in the area of love and you please him/her enormously. For him/her, you have a fascinating and irresistible charm. You are older than him/her, but this is of no importance in his/her eyes.
You will come into contact with a person from the artistic community. This is a known artist or a someone who gravitates toward the entourage of one or more famous artists. This person is a man of about your age (or slightly older). You will have a privileged encounter with him. You will take a step into the world of celebrities. He will be impressed by your talent and will try to bring you into this environment. His attention will be turned to you in a spontaneous manner. He will advise you and he will open wide to you a door that is usually reserved only for stars. This man has the power to let you enter a wonderful world. But for this to happen, you will have to learn to go beyond yourself and devote yourself entirely to your art. He will offer you a dream life, but also a life of intense work and total dedication. You will have the ability to free yourself from a lifestyle that you often considered unrewarding, but only on condition that you accept that sacrifices will be necessary.

You must listen closely to something that a person from your environment will tell you. This person is a man who is older than you. His astrological sign is Sagittarius and he has authority over others. Even though he will not do it deliberately or intentionally, this man will make you understand yourself better and gain more confidence in yourself. His words will go with what you feel and what you wish to hear. He will teach you not to force events or he may convince you not to attempt to influence a person that you love. He will understand your problem and you will be very surprised by his great support and his protective attitude toward you. This man understands well what you are going through and he will give you precious and knowledgeable advice that will benefit you if taken into account. Key words: fishing, farm, agriculture, negotiation, justice, decision, test, tolerance, big news, new departure, Friday afternoon, August.

You are under the protection of an influential person. This person tries not to show it too much but others perceive it and this fuels the conversations. You make people jealous and they imagine things about your relationship. A rumour is circulating and what people say (or believe) about you does not correspond to reality. You will have to show prudence because you need to limit the gossip that could harm you. You have plans for the future and everything depends on the image people have of you. Yes, you have a good reputation, but you will still need to show yourself to be more than irreproachable. You benefit from certain advantages which do not please everyone, so you need to appear whiter than white. As you have managed to gain the trust of an influential person, you should also be capable of gaining the respect of those who are suspicious of you. You deserve their esteem and you can get it. It is up to you not to make any mistakes...
You will reach an important social (or professional) level in the coming months (or you will accomplish an admirable feat). Your innovative side (artistic, creative, avant-garde, etc.) will be better understood and more widely recognised. You will be appreciated, and even praised. Yes, you often surprise people, but nobody can deny that most of the time your initiatives pay off. Yes, your audacity and your determination are sometimes perceived as stubbornness, but it will not be possible to contest your accomplishments, as they are real and they are far from frivolous. Your fame grows and soon your reputation will no longer be in doubt. In short, you impose respect and soon your reputation will precede you wherever you go. From now on, you will be listened to carefully, because you have great ideas and people are increasingly witnessing your prowess and your accomplishments. No, your projects are not irresponsible, nor unrealistic, but merely ambitious and original. If, in fact, someone were to manage to move mountains, it would certainly be you. So, whether people confirm this to you, or whether they say the opposite, you are a genius, end of story.

You must master your love life. Your love is true and reasonable, but something opposes it. You should question the path you take to succeed in your love life. Your needs and desires are in harmony; however someone compels you to act in contradiction to your aspirations. You'll have to adjust yourself, because currently you do not have the full authority over your life and your destiny. The answer to this situation requires moderation, but you must not compromise. You must create a balance between you and the person who hinders you. You must not seek to influence that person, because by doing so, you only increase his/her dominance over you. Even if you do not agree with him/her, you need not tell or show it to him/her. Presumably, you will have to act and cunningly deceive him/her. Show that you are weak and you will weaken him/her. Less you react, the faster you conquer him/her.

You are preparing to enter a period of changes or improvements in your emotional life. Your love activities are changing and a fairly large reorganization of your daily schedule is to be expected following a new, or improved, relationship that you will have with a person of the opposite sex with whom you will maintain closer and much clearer ties. You will share an emotional bond with that person, and this in the context of a mutual pact that leaves no room for ambiguity regarding your feelings for one another.

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