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Wednesday September 22, 2021
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Your priorities will soon change. A financial review will be necessary and it should be carried out in the upcoming months. Following a new reality in your life, you will have to reestablish your financial balance. You have deadline imposed to take action, and once this period is over, adaption or adjustment difficulties will come or grow if you do not correct your situation. If you bring order into your transactions now, you will get through this period without major worries. But, if you are slow to take action and you ignore this new reality, your possibilities of financial adjustment or reorientation will be seriously compromised. Doors will be open to you for a specified time and you will need to take advantage of them, because after this period, they will be closed. Your determination and speed of execution will then be your greatest allies financially. In addition, an excellent opportunity is also to be expected, but only if you adjust quickly to what awaits you.

The emotional bond you have with someone you regularly come into contact with will increase. This person will unconsciously, but surly, develop very loving feelings for you, following the often playful and animated encounters that take place more and more frequently between the two of you. This person's virtue is their authority or their charisma over others. They have a very engaging personality, if a little reserved. They are higher up the social scale than you and you will be very flattered by the particular attention they pay to you. This person is undeniably attracted to you. Moreover, they are on the point of making surprising confessions to you that will be unexpected or rather confusing given the circumstance that link the two of you together.

A man wants to comfort you and encourage you. This man is gentle and has the power to make you advance in your personal development. He radiates a revitalising energy and, by his very personality, he is a remedy for depression, despair and pessimism. This is a man with a big heart. He transmits determination, favours the revival of projects and allows for the return of hope. This man has a charisma and a dynamism that will affect you closely and that will influence you (or inspire you) regarding a project that you have in mind and which you will soon carry out.
Somebody loves you secretly. He/she is very close to you, but he/she cannot go further because this is an impossible or unreasonable love. In fact, the main obstacle to this love is that one of you two is (or both of you are) currently in a relationship with someone else. However, even if there is nothing concrete between this person and you, you have frequent physical contacts with him/her (touching, fondling, cuddling, or other) and these contacts seem to be regular and agreeable (or acceptable) for all sides. This may be explained by different reasons, such as: contact sports, medical or beauty treatments, massage therapy, physical assistance, an artistic performance (dance or other), a deep affection for each other, or anything else that brings you to touch each other. Certainly, you have a very close relationship with this person, since this relationship is close enough to cause him/her (in particular circumstances) more or less obvious embarrassment,* of which you are not necessarily conscious. *(Sexual embarrassment. Unintentionally triggered sexual desire.)

The stubbornness, lack of understanding or harebrained ideas from someone close to you will cause you to take a break from your friendship with him/her. This will create a rift between the two of you for a while. This person, with whom you share a great camaraderie, will indulge in immature thoughts or actions which you really cannot condone. You will limit your contact with him/her until he/she comes back down to earth. You both have opposing points of view or opinions regarding a specific topic and you must keep the situation from worsening by pulling back for some time.

You will obtain a new privilege in your professional life. This new privilege will be of immense benefit to you. We are speaking here about a promotion, a new job, a new appointment or something similar. It is also possible that it concerns successfully passing an exam (academic or professional) in order to obtain a diploma, a permit or some kind of certificate. More specifically, it concerns a competition, a test or even an election which involves several people or candidates. You will pass while others will fail. You will be chosen or selected, or else you will successfully pass through the selection process leading to this new privilege. In summary, you will distinguish yourself in your professional life and you will be rewarded. You will make it to a new level and you will feel great pride in this.
Good will overcome evil. Thanks to your will and courage, everything will go back to normal. Your determination will result in the reconciliation of two opposed elements that are continually in disagreement within yourself and that have been making your life full of anguish and anxiety for a long time. Without looking back, you will have to forgive someone who hurt you and only then you will be able to head towards a much brighter future, where a beautiful existence awaits you. You will get a new life in which extraordinary happiness will guide you on the path of remarkable prosperity, impressive wisdom and never-ending love.

You will need to make a decision about a young mother who lives nearby. This young woman is living a difficult situation with a child, and you will have to act so as to diminish her suffering. Your action, no matter whether it takes place on a moral, spiritual, material, financial or other level, will comfort her enormously. Whatever you are able to do, don’t hesitate to do it, for it is your hand extended to her that will provide her with great relief. This young woman feels she is burdened by life and you can make all the difference. This has to do with a young woman of foreign origin who recently moved into your neighborhood. Although she doesn’t have a lot of money, her main worries are not of a financial nature. She has a job, but she seems poorly adjusted to her new environment. She has had an accident (not necessarily a very serious one) not so long ago and she is still experiencing the emotional shock that she underwent at that moment. This accident was so unanticipated that she now suffers from great insecurity. Open your heart to her and life will reward you.

A family conflict is becoming increasingly important. This does not concern you directly, but it affects you. It is concerning a person (m/f) who is relatively young and who is spending his/her money in an unreasonable manner. This young person is returning from a trip. He/she is closely connected to a farm, agriculture, botany, horticulture or something else related to nature or to the earth's resources. This young person is hardworking and generous, but lacks maturity. It would appear that someone is abusing their generosity and their naivety. In fact, he/she is squandering all his/her savings to the profit of a dubious individual (probably a person of the opposite sex). One or more of your family members are trying to reason with him/her, but nothing works. The atmosphere is heavy and reaches you. Even if you would like to do something to improve the situation, for the moment you cannot do anything and unfortunately you will have to accept things as they are.

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