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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 11
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You will have to abandon (or defer) fulfilling a wish because of the love you bear for someone. A desire that you have had for a long time no longer has the same meaning (symbolism) (or no longer has so much importance) for you because of this person. More specifically, you want to accommodate (or please) a person that you love and your desire is not compatible with what you want to do for him/her. In this situation, you have to share something with this person. You have an objective in common and this concerns the financial security of you both. Key words: home, family, material comfort, survival, sharing, love.

You will quickly resolve many of the problems facing you in the immediate future. You will be able to turn a disconcerting situation to your advantage. Combining caution and finesse, you will come up with a method to advance effectively in both personal and professional spheres. A person of imaginative brilliance will be placed at your disposal, to provide assistance, encouragement and support. This person will guide you in demonstrating a quality of tenacity or fearlessness that you previously may have not recognised in yourself. This support can be relied upon. These new developments will allow you to radically reshape a thorny situation that has hindered you for too long. This will cause a chain reaction in your spiritual nature and in your method of addressing the less significant challenges that remain still present in your thoughts. You will quickly eliminate the remaining barriers that hinder your life journey.

You are in a period of fertility and abundance. You will have a descendant (direct or indirect). A child’s coming into the world is still a secret or uncertain, but it is actually real and will take place. It announces spontaneity, pleasure, the unprecedented, and a new beginning in your life. At that moment, you will receive a gift and an unexpected letter. Likewise, this birth will announce or favor the return of a person born under the astrological sign of Aquarius. This person left your life some time ago and will return on a Saturday in the month of May. Key words: prosperity, filiations, creek, generosity, receiving, happy event, night.
You’ll have the opportunity to knock down an adversary. Nonetheless, it won’t do you any good to finish him/her off. You’ll win the conflict or the battle, so do nothing beyond what’s necessary to win, because if not you could also find yourself among the accused. Even if this person dealt you a major blow, you can’t take justice into your own hands. Be wise, balanced and accept that you can’t get revenge. By doing so you’ll honor the human being that you are. Only the divine can fulfill your destiny, so let justice take care of the rest.

Someone is very attracted to you, although you have not noticed it yet. This is someone with whom you believe you have no affinity. This person loves you although you believe this to be totally impossible. In fact, this person does not at all act in such a way as to show his/her interest in you, even when in your presence (a question of pride, ethics or discomfort). Sometimes you even believe he/she has a bad (or false) impression of you. You are wrong to think this. Watch carefully what is going on around you and you will be surprised at what you will discover. We are speaking here about a sensitive person with a great artistic sense. He/she is successful professionally and quite categorical in his/her way of speaking (opinions, convictions, thoughts, judgements, etc.). This person is part of your social environment (charity, public service, social assistance, community support, health care, speciality service or other). You are sometimes very close to him/her, but this never lasts very long. You need to be more of an observer because certain signs are unmistakable. This person wants to touch you (to caress you or even kiss you), but holds back from doing so.

Amorous feelings will be revealed to you in an unexpected and very surprising manner. You will discover, in a single encounter, the great attraction that a young person feels for you. This young person will enter your social circle and you will soon feel his or her attraction for you. This is someone who is definitely younger than you, and this shows at first glance. This young person will soon move into your neighborhood. He/she will be living next door to you, or very close (same building, same street, etc.) His/her move seems to be a result of two separate events; more precisely, a breakup and a business opportunity. You will very quickly notice the ways in which this person is watching you. From the very first days, he/she will act towards you in an unexpected manner, which will however be very indicative of the effect that you have on him/her. This person is very careful with his/her initiatives that aim to impress (or to be noticed by) the opposite sex, and you will be surprised on this point in particular.
You are soon to have success in your personal life thanks to your tenacity and good work. Your efforts will be successful in a personal activity to which you dedicate much time and energy. Your thoughts will be precise, your actions will be targeted and your ambitions will be legitimate. Your choice will be the right one and you will be rewarded for your perseverance.

A job you have to accomplish requires a move or a trip. This job cannot be carried out under current conditions. You have to go (leave for) somewhere, either to accomplish it or to get something (material or immaterial) that allows you to complete it (tool or teaching). This is a project that is very important to you and one that will please a lot of people. However, you will not manage to complete it as you wish without spending more money than expected. This project will be a success, but will cost you more than you anticipate. In order to avoid disappointments, therefore, you now have to foresee spending more money for its realisation. This project involves both health care, the protection of people and a refuge (shelter, community). You have great ambitions regarding your project, but for the moment you are keeping it secret. Moreover, a great upheaval in your life is predicted before its implementation. This upheaval will destabilise you, but it will make you stronger. You are a reliable person and people know it. They will remember you and your work. Your efforts will be crowned with success. You will be the architect of a great achievement.

You will need to find your way in an environment where there is a crowd. It will be a place where there will be an uninterrupted come and go from morning to evening. This relates as much to your love life as to your professional life. You need to speak to a neighbor (man). You need to embark on a big journey. It will be a business trip. This trip will set off jealously in love. The person that you love will have difficulty understanding everything. You will have to explain yourself in order to reestablish harmony in your relationship with him/her. You will need to be down-to-earth in your clarifications and must not try to creep into eccentricities.

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