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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 13
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A lady (who is alone or who has become introverted) is wandering around you. Her objective is not obvious. Her thoughts are confused and her actions in the near future are difficult to elucidate. She is probably living with a great sorrow. She would like to talk to you (to confide in you), but she does not dare to. She is a lady who is very fond of you, but she is very reserved concerning her private life. She is disoriented and appears to have lost her way (internally). She is no longer able to take decisions. Her path in life has been brutally interrupted. Someone has abandoned her, and she no longer knows where to turn. She is a lady from your business circle (business, office, workshop, clinic or other). With a determined nature, always looking for social justice, she was always very involved in her community. But now, nothing is working out. In her life, everything is suddenly in upheaval. She had a very important appointment (for her) and this meeting has been cancelled for reasons that are unknown or which have never been clearly explained. She has been betrayed and she will find it difficult to recover.

A man is facing an obstacle that is difficult to overcome. This man is younger than you and is a longtime friend. This is an intelligent and realistic man. He is experiencing important financial problems following the loss of his job (or of his main occupation.) He is currently asking himself questions regarding his professional life. His thoughts on this are deep and they will be decisive for his long term future. However, here it is a question of a man who has charisma and who easily gains the sympathy of others. He has great mental strength and, more than any other person, he knows how to bounce back in critical moments. You thus do not have to worry too much for him, because he will always have the support of those near to him. He has relations with influential people and he will be able to benefit from extraordinary resources to overcome his challenge. As such, his bad luck is not really bad luck. Here, it is rather about a new start for him. This man has learned a lot from his past experiences and he will be able to do great things in a new life journey. He has a promising future and he will accomplish great things in the years to come.

You have some uncertainties about the romantic leanings which someone in your professional surroundings (work, business, studies, healthcare, or other) has for you. Someone, with whom you do not want to have a romantic relationship, is clearly demonstrating his/her attraction towards you. You may have been clumsy in your way of expressing your feelings (for him/her) and this has greatly complicated matters. Clearly, you do not want to wound him/her, nor find yourself in a delicate position, but this is creating some discomfort. This person is so (indirectly) insistent that you are beginning to doubt yourself. You certainly do not know what to think, because your heart is elsewhere. But, in fact, who is the person making the most sincere efforts for you? Is it the person who loves you or the person that you love? Watch out for life’s traps, because appearances are often deceiving and nothing is ever as simple as one would wish. For now, this situation seems temporary, but is it really? Between what you want and what you do not want, is there a certainty? Are you, in reality, troubled (in different ways) by each of those two people? In short, here the problem lies not with the answer, but with the question. So, if you ask yourself the right questions, you will have the right answers.
Someone is criticising you a little too regularly (or is judging you a little too severely). This is a man who lives nearby. He is possibly a neighbour. Sometimes he is annoying and is easily irritated. It is better not to overreact to his words because you can easily cause him to become threatening (verbally). In fact, even if you try to do the right thing (clarify things), the situation does not improve. The more you try to prove your good intentions, the more the situation deteriorates. This man believes himself immune to the criticism of others and you will never be able to make him see reason. In your relationship with him, it is better to try to get used to his temperament because you do not really have the power to bring about a change in his attitude. It is also a question here of a car or some sort of motorised vehicle. The scene includes some wreckage. A fire or an explosion seems to have taken place. Your intuition tells you to not get too close to the area.

You will have to use your good judgment before responding to a controversy. It concerns a young woman in your circle. Even though you are not implicated, this situation affect you personally. This young woman wants to induce you to take her side (or to decide in her favor). People are accusing her of being dishonest, and charges are being leveled against her. This is in connection with an unsettled debt or a payment that was not made. This young woman is trying to improvise a way to clear her name (or to get out of trouble), but her position is nearly indefensible. It will be difficult for you to help her because the facts are incriminating. You will have to demonstrate great wisdom, because (in this event) you must separate the truth from the lie(s).

You are going to travel across an ocean. You will go visit a sick friend in a different continent. You will take this trip with your partner or an intimate friend. This trip will bring you closer to the person you love.
You need to make big changes in your life. You need to redefine your world, because things are not moving at all as you want. People are causing you grief, while others love you much more than you think. You have to assert yourself more. You have to tidy up your relationships (both personal and social). Your happiness is very close, but you are turning away from it, because of people who have too great an influence over you or are taking too much of a domineering place in your life. You need to put some order into your circle of friends and you should not prevent yourself from doing this because of a fear (or some pretext) that you will leave some people frustrated or disillusioned. People abuse you and you seem to be letting them do it. Others can bring you much more in emotional terms (love, affection, warmth, loyalty, sincere friendship, etc.), but they are unable to do so because you are too busy with those who abuse you. You have to react. You are stuck in a vicious circle and you have to break out of it. There is currently someone close to you who is able (and has the desire) to complete you (to satisfy all of your needs) (both basic and others) (emotional, psychological, physical and material needs), but who is unable to act because of your current situation.

You are a real ray of sunshine! You transmit the spark that makes hearts shine and one is always very happy to be with you. You stimulate the people who surround you and you give them as much passion as you do the joy of living. Your sensitivity comforts and your charisma is immense. Goodness accompanies you and people love you. Some people know that they can count on you at any time and your presence is always appreciated on special occasions. You will have to accompany or help people close to you (family and friends) many times in their lives and you will be immensely loved (even in silence). Love is in you, you are authentic and you fascinate. People will never stop loving you because you are a gift from heaven. Even those who do not know you will (one day or another) be dazzled by your soul because you are totally irresistible! One can never thank you enough for being who you are, but with humility, thanks all the same.

You must ask for (or demand) explanations from a man. His behavior is unacceptable (or inappropriate). Why is he acting like this? Perhaps he has good intentions, but if that is the case, they are genuinely difficult to decipher. On the other hand, if he is acting in bad faith toward you, you must expect your relationship to worsen (deteriorate) rather rapidly. In short, what is he trying to show (or prove)? If he is ill-intentioned, he is unworthy of you. If not, he clearly has explanations to give you (to explain himself). Incidentally, a competition seems to have been established between the two of you. Is it a healthy competition?

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