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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 14
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A young woman wants to help you relax and live better. She is proposing (or will propose) you a trip lasting a few days (or perhaps longer) in order that you distance yourself from your daily worries (or the stress of a recent event). This woman is close to you and wants what is best for you. She is a lovely person and you love her a lot. You will not be able (or you should not be able) to refuse her offer. This trip will allow you to take a step back from your many obligations and it will also be very beneficial from a medical point of view (health, alternative medicine, healing). You need to relax and a change of air will do you a great deal of good. Setting out to discover something new (giving yourself a change of scenery) is not necessarily imprudent. Similarly, leaving your comfort zone does not necessarily mean exposing yourself to dangers or intense emotions. On the contrary, we are speaking here of giving yourself to something wonderful (an experience that is both soothing and reassuring). Put your trust in this young woman because she knows exactly what she is doing. Put yourself in her hands and you will be happy.

A close friend has something to tell you. This woman’s star sign is Sagittarius and she is very beautiful. She has a problem or a challenge to overcome, but she doesn’t want to spend hours discussing it. She wants to have an open and direct conversation with you. Perhaps you will not agree with her, but her explanations will be clear. It is in relation to her job and her financial situation. This intuitive woman now feels herself to be in an appropriate position to start her own business. She wants to be her own employer and have her own company. Being naturally very beautiful, she also believes that she will be able to use this charm to her advantage in this endeavour. She has thought about this a lot in secret and she has now finished this period of reflection. She has already met with an influential person about this and you will be unable to change her mind. Your duty will be first and foremost to support her, but also to warn her to take care. Key words: spiritual accomplishment, marriage, evolution, police officer, distinction, Monday morning, April.

A joy is coming. This joy is located at the family level. You will live a great happiness with your loved ones. An ideal of life (or a dream) will be reached and harmony will reign in your close family (the loved one and/or children). In this event, it certainly comes about a trip that you will do. However, this great happiness will not come by itself. It's you who will have to prepare it and it's you who will be responsible for it. By being reasonable in its planning that its success will be assured. This happiness will be immense and it will give you a great joy of living.
Someone is secretly in love with you. He/she is part of a friend's environment. More precisely, he/she is a close relative of a friend. This is someone who is afraid to confess his/her feelings to you. Either he/she is intimidated by you, or the context is not really favorable for him/her. This is about somebody who has kindness and great generosity as virtues. He/she is financially comfortable and he/she is very warm with everyone. You will soon have a private conversation with him/her, and it will be the result of a rather original approach on his/her part to contact you. The idea of this meeting is currently making him/her very nervous, but he/she is determined to try his/her luck to step out of the shadows. This situation will create anxiety (or discomfort) on both sides, but this conversation will (nonetheless) be successful. An amorous link is probably not possible (in the current context) between this person and you, but a very significant emotional bond will certainly arise between you two.

A woman is being impatient with you. She is new in your entourage. This is a woman who is just a little older than you. Despite what she makes you go through (nothing serious), her way of behaving captivates you. Yes, this woman behaves strangely, but she is without malice. Do not be afraid as her attitude is not connected with you. This woman does not want you any harm. She has some financial problems which are difficult to overcome and this makes her irritable. This woman is a wise and honest person, but since separating from the person she loved, countless problems have befallen her. She is looking for herself, but has not yet fully recovered from what she has just experienced. Her documents are not all in order (or legal) and she has a lot of work ahead of her. She is a bit eccentric, but this is because she is an artist whose works have often been rejected (or misunderstood). You have a meeting. She has an offer to make you. Will you accept it?

A person close to you is (or is becoming) prey to overwork. This is a woman who is younger than you. You have a lot of affection for her. She is a part of your inner circle. She works too much and she is living with great anxiety. People ask her to, or recommend her to work less and to slow down her life’s pace, but she doesn’t want to hear anything. This woman is faced with important financial problems, and this is why she insists on wearing herself out (physically and mentally) in order to avoid a meltdown. For the moment, her determination to her task is ensuring financial balance for her, but this balance is extremely precarious and it is only temporary. This woman is on the verge of exhaustion and her health is decaying. She will not be able to maintain this pace indefinitely, because it is too much for her. Her psychological balance is seriously compromised as well. This woman must absolutely rest, because she is going straight towards hospitalization or a (long) forced absence from work.
You will renew contact with a woman that is distant to you socially and of whom you were very fond, or who was a great friend of yours, during your youth. You will relive once again the joy or happiness experienced with her several years ago and which marked you a lot. You have not seen, or barely seen, this woman for a very long time and your happiness concerning the reunion promises to be great. On the other hand, even if it will sadden you both, you will not have the opportunity to prolong this magical moment, as this woman will have to leave again (it is equally possible that it will be you that will have to leave). You will retain a virtual connection (Internet or other), but the physical, geographical or social constraints will not allow you to see each other again on a regular basis. Although you will not see each other very often, you will have other great moments to experience together in the future. You have a great deal of affection for this woman and this affection is mutual. You have a lot in common, but your destiny is different.

Amorous feelings will be revealed to you in an unexpected and very surprising manner. You will discover, in a single encounter, the great attraction that a young person feels for you. This young person will enter your social circle and you will soon feel his or her attraction for you. This is someone who is definitely younger than you, and this shows at first glance. This young person will soon move into your neighborhood. He/she will be living next door to you, or very close (same building, same street, etc.) His/her move seems to be a result of two separate events; more precisely, a breakup and a business opportunity. You will very quickly notice the ways in which this person is watching you. From the very first days, he/she will act towards you in an unexpected manner, which will however be very indicative of the effect that you have on him/her. This person is very careful with his/her initiatives that aim to impress (or to be noticed by) the opposite sex, and you will be surprised on this point in particular.

A recent painful event (or major disappointment) is clouding your vision and keeping you from properly analyzing your current situation. A man will be speaking to you with the aim of helping you to reason through it. You need to reflect about your real prospects for the future and this man will guide you to reconsider big ideas that you have given up in the past. This man is patient, talented and he has the ability to recognize the wounds that are causing people pain. He will make a very major effort on your behalf and will be very loyal to you. This situation is mainly one of money, mistrust and financial choices. It is imperative that what is making you suffer stop getting worse. You are in need of stability, harmony and vitality. This man will get the swindlers away from you and will not tolerate anybody who is making you suffer. He will rise up on your behalf and make major efforts to protect you from anyone who takes advantage of your generosity. Symbolically, he is a gardener of life. For this reason, he will be in a position to help you discover great wonders, both about nature and the seasons and about life in its broadest sense. He is the one person in whom you can place all of your trust with candor, tranquility and ease, and he will bring you the safety and serenity that you need.

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