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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 16
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An extraordinary event will take place. It has to do with an unexpected or unhoped-for development concerning a woman (a very close friend). Her conditions of life are going to change and radically improve. This rebound is directly related to her love life. This woman is going to find love while away from home or on a travel junket. This trip will take place quite close by (certainly no more than 200 km from her home or her place of work). You don’t know the man whom she will meet. This man will fall head over heels for your friend and she will make special arrangements to open her door to him and welcome him into her life. This man has a privileged and extremely solid social position (especially financially). He will be very sensitive to your friend’s precarious situation in terms of finances. Unhoped-for initiatives are to be anticipated on his part. A project in cooperation with your friend that you have scrapped can finally be realized.

You will be drawn into a series of very exciting events (physiologically, sexually) and you will do things that are quite unusual for you. You will be charmed by a new person in your entourage and it is this person who will incite you to venture onto a path that is totally unknown to you. This person will seduce you and invite you to leave your comfort zone. He/she will work at pleasing you (or gaining your confidence). You will become his/her obsession and will be led to compromise yourself in a very audacious game. You will experience very strong emotions with him/her. We are talking about a person who is affected by a great feeling of insecurity (socially) and for whom you will be the source of new sensations. The further you follow him/her in his/her desire, the more he/she will feel appreciated by you (and therefore the more socially appreciated). This person needs comforting (affection, understanding, tenderness) and it is through the sexual act (direct or indirect) that he/she seeks it, because he/she knows no other way.

You look after your emotional life well. Small, daily pleasures will be your greatest source of inspiration and your sincerity will always be greatly appreciated. As you are intuitive, you will have a unique and rather special love life. You will not do anything like others do and you will surprise people with your very original initiatives. Passion will be great, but the small pleasures will be what make you happy. You will show your love so well that you will provoke desire, even without seeking it or knowing that you’re doing so. You are, thus, a person that will please the other sex, not because of your physical attractiveness, but because of your honesty and sincerity. However, as you will often seduce, you will also break hearts. You must, therefore, be more vigilant than most people, because every gesture you make will have a particular meaning to the person in question. Sometimes, some persons will likely suspect that you have intentions you actually don’t have, so be careful not to be too ambiguous with those who will be smitten by you. Some others will undoubtedly behave strangely upon encountering your uncommon charm, so it will be better for you to learn quickly to not allow yourself to suggest (unconsciously) things that you could quickly come to regret.
You will be subjected to a request and you will not be able to refuse it. Somebody is expecting something important from you and you will not be able to ignore it. Even if you obtain no profit or benefit from this gesture or from this decision, you will submit because your conscience will force you to do so. You are a sensitive person and for this reason you will demonstrate good citizenship and sharing. This request will come from a person with whom you have already been connected by a feeling of love. It is probably an ex-partner, or someone with whom you had (for a while) a very strong emotional connection. He/she will ask you for a gift (of time or of money). You will not feel very comfortable with the situation because a lot has changed in your respective lives. Nonetheless, you will answer his/her request (or need) quickly because you will wish to quickly set yourself free of it (or free this person).

You will momentarily need to slow down or suspend your everyday activities in order to respond to a situation that will require a great time investment from your part. This isn’t something urgent but something with priority. It’s expected that you get involved in an activity that has great importance in your professional* environment. This activity is very significant for some of your work* colleagues and you won’t be able to run away from it. It’ll disrupt your plans and especially your schedule. This activity is related to your work* but it’ll take place outside, at a different place that you’re not necessarily familiar with. Each person’s role will be shared and you’ll be required to closely associate with a woman (colleague, teammate, etc.) to carry out a task. However, a mess will have to be overcome and an unexpected expense will have to be taken care of. You’ll face true chaos, thus your patience and your sense for creativity will be what will allow you to get things in order. Without a doubt, there will be disagreements between certain people but it’s nothing that you won’t be able to manage. Despite the contingencies and the efforts it’ll require of you, this event will be a great success. You’ll live happy, memorable moments. You’ll be able to feel very proud of the work accomplished. *(This event may be connected to a charitable organization as well as to a professional activity).

An important meeting is coming up with a woman about your age. This meeting will be of a financial nature. This woman is a stranger to you (or is new in your surroundings.) She has artistic skills (or an exceptional talent for manual work.) This is a passionate and intelligent woman, who is always looking for good relations with others, and who knows how to make herself liked by everybody. She likes talking (both about serious things and about banalities) and conversations with her are often lengthy. Unfortunately, your meeting with this woman will not really bring you what you are looking for. On the contrary, this woman will bring you to reconsider an act that you are about to perform. In fact, you are facing a great challenge on the financial level, and your meeting with this woman will clearly show you this. Your project can therefore not be realized now, but you must in no case abandon it. Here, it is not your project that is the problem, but rather the context in which you are. It is essential that you adjust your plans if you want them to work. Yes, you have to improve your financial situation, but you will manage it, there is no doubt. Take the time to analyze the situation from all angles, and you will be surprised by the other (interesting) alternatives that are available for you to achieve your ends.
This concerns your amorous feelings. You will be confronted with your inner desires and will venture into the unknown. You will have an affair with a person who has recently come into your social circle. This is someone you have known only for a short time (months or weeks). This affair will be irrational as you will be guided only by your instinct. This indicates above all that you are already in a relationship with someone else or that you have already taken steps to become involved with someone else. As a result, this may (probably, but not necessarily) portend any of the following situations: You will succumb to adultery; You will have irresistible cravings for this person; You will let yourself commit reprehensible actions with this person; Or else you will have guilty thoughts about your desires for this person. In other words, you will obey your instinct more than your moral conscience. You will act according to your desires and will make compromising choices. Your relationship with this person will become intimate (or very revealing regarding your desires). You will, therefore, experience a turning point in your love life, and this will mainly be due to a desire or a carnal need. You will change your schedule to see this person. You will have to justify some absences and to do this you will have to lie to your loved ones or to certain members of your entourage.

An aggression announces a definitive breakup. Be careful not to place blame, as you will be subject to a heartbreaking internal conflict. You must surrender to the failure of an interpersonal relationship and your impotence to go on to something else must be overcome. Be careful not to run away from reality, since this won’t achieve anything other than to perpetuate your agony.

A man who is married (or living in a couple) is having an affair with a woman linked to the sex milieu (prostitute, stripper, tease, or other). This woman is clearly younger than his partner. This man has regular meetings with her. He thinks that his actions will never have any real impacts or consequences on his marriage. This man shows a real lack of judgement and respect for his wife. He feels very comfortable lying to her, but he is making a grave mistake.

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