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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 17
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There is a complicated situation. You have been taught something but in reality it's completely different. You feel lost and you don't really know what to do. You are not able to make a decision and yet you really must take action. You have to accept the fact that someone has tricked you. You are caught in the middle of a conflict that doesn't concern you and you are the victim of this conflict. In actual fact, you are the centre of attention and someone is fighting for you. You are expected to take sides in an argument and you are deliberately forced to make a choice that you don't think you should or want to make.

You have the possibility of forming a new couple. You must not fear what shall come, because nothing can stop you from finding true love through this new relationship. The intentions of both are sincere and you are allowed to get involved. Your self-sufficiency and your independence will be protected and you will be able to blossom freely.

You are not entirely in control of your love life. One aspect in particular of our love life is preventing you from making the choices you would like to make. However you approach the issue, you always end up back where you started. You then find yourself in a position of reaction rather than action. This is especially the case regarding your relationship with someone from your love interest's circle. It is a man born under the sign of Pisces. He is younger than you and he loves adventure, water and the open air. He is endearing but he lacks maturity. His insouciance is often such that you regularly find that you have to make an effort to keep your cool and not to upbraid him. In short, this man is a source of conflict for you. He has a very close link with the person that you love and so you cannot brush him aside. The situation is not going to improve and you are right to be concerned. Key moment: a Wednesday evening in July.
There will be a very significant reconciliation between you and a person that you love. It is a question of greater intimacy between the two of you. The feelings of love are intense, but anxiety is also present. Here, love prevails over reason, and this causes behaviour that is unusual or difficult to understand. Each expects to hear a secret from the other, but nobody is willing to take the first steps (openly reveal themselves) (make themselves vulnerable). Yes, the situation is evolving slowly, but it is evolving. This is good, in fact, because one must not rush things. We are talking here of a love that is built on solid foundations and one that will be truly lasting.

You have a lot of imagination and it will serve you. You constantly have new ideas in mind and you will learn to put them to use yourself. If others do not always trust you currently, this will change. You are a fundamentally optimistic and courageous person, and you will know how to use your inner strengths (imagination, creation, intelligence, sense of analysis and deduction, etc.) to make your way and to triumph over the greatest obstacles. Your supremacy (compared to others) is in you (psychological and mental qualities) and, no matter your challenges, you will always be someone who gives him/herself completely and excels. Since you have the ability to create and the capacity to persevere, you will do great things all throughout your life. For you, giving up is not and will never be an option and, because of this, you will manage to realize very bold projects. On the professional level (especially in business) you therefore have no reason not to be successful. You still have great challenges before you and, undeniably, you will know how to face them with determination and competence. You are the type of person that is generally referred to as a hero, an idol, or a role model, and there is no doubt that you will distinguish yourself in a "very extraordinary" way during your life. You are someone who always recovers with greater strength from a setback and, as such, you will impress people enormously and you will get a lot from life (in terms of learning, experience, and wisdom).

You have (or will have) a great influence on someone new in your surroundings. A very special (unique) friendship will be born and strong links will be forged between you and this person. This is about a sensitive and caring man. He has a physical injury, a disability or a permanent scar. In the past, he suffered psychologically. He has had a difficult relationship with his family (more particularly with his parents). On several occasions, he has experienced disgrace and humiliation. He has nonetheless had success thus far, because of his great ability to overcome life’s setbacks. Despite his sensitivity, he is a strong man mentally. The relationship that you will have with him will lead him to develop a great confidence in you. For him, you will be a role model. He will have a strong attachment towards you. We are here talking about a faithful (committed and devoted) man on whom you will always be able to rely (lasting friendship).
Both work and effort (physical and/or intellectual) will be needed in the coming months. You will need to work hard before being entitled to rest. Your rest will only come when you will have reached a very specific goal which you have set for yourself. Your professional know-how will be put to the test, as you will be determined to climb a step, to get a promotion, or get better living conditions. You aspire to more power and you firmly intend to prove yourself in order to really be taken seriously. Your long-term career plan is to reach the highest peaks, and in this sense, you will take a big step forward in the coming months. A major change will come in your work and you will be the one to provoke it. You are a determined person and you will clearly demonstrate this fact. You will soon have a notice to give or a formal document to transmit to someone who has decision-making power over a large number of people. This has to do with your job and your future plans. This document will take the shape of an official (or legal) paper, which you will hand over in person. You will be very proud of yourself.

You are being asked to face something invisible, but which is very real. It is a suppressed fear, an anguish which has never healed, or even a psychological constraint which someone is imposing on you. You have the energy to conquer this thing, but you continue to revisit it in occasionally (temporarily) because you are subject to a recurring feeling of insecurity. You should not live with this curse any more. You must banish it definitively and you will have to make the effort to do so once and for all. This thing overshadows your personality and prevents you from blossoming fully in your inner personal life as well as in your intimate relations with those you love the most. Be courageous and face it one last time, with an above average determination. Your force of character is colossal, so free yourself. You will succeed!

Your path is closely linked to the earth. You coexist wonderfully with nature and your everyday actions, both large and small, are fundamentally related to the preservation of the environment. You have a deep attachment for both the plant and the animal world, and you have a sacred respect for all forms of life, no matter their size or intelligence. Nature enriches your existence and the slightest strangeness awakens your curiosity. You have a good conscience and you will be a good example for humankind. As such, you have no reason to doubt yourself, because no matter your wealth or social position, you will forever earn the respect of others. You are someone who knows how to grow in wisdom and this is something that nobody will ever be able to take from you, regardless of humanity’s fate. Nature is the key to your happiness, and the closer you will get to it, the happier you will be.

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