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(Sunday June 20, 2021)

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An unexpected change has occurred. It challenges a long-standing friendship with a person born under the astrological sign of Taurus. Everything is done in an utmost discretion. That is at a professional level (work related or other). This new situation makes you change some of your long-term plans. This person is now over-ambitious and from now on, your relationship with him/her should be reshaped in a different manner and it must be definitely less intimate. That doesn’t affect your future long-term prospects, but the loyalty of this person is no longer assured to you for your future plans. To be exact, the situation of love with this person is changing and this is the main cause. Key words: over-ambitious, renewed in love, lost confidence, nervousness, mountain, marriage or engagement, Saturday morning, month of November.

A coincidence is actually not a coincidence. Something seems to be taking a happy turn of events for you and you are not mistaken. Nothing is random. Your efforts have provoked these things and you will soon be rewarded for it. You are someone who is independent with your future projects but a man is interested in helping you to accelerate the process you have started. This man is younger than you (slightly) and he is part of your professional contacts (in finance or business). He holds special knowledge that can set you on the right track and that will let you fulfill your dream. This man is good and he is generous. He is very tough in his field of activity and he doesn’t let himself become intimidated by hardship, no matter how great. He has authority over a great number of people. He has identified you among many other people. He knows that you have more potential in your field of skills that most people he has already met. You are someone who isn’t afraid of taking on responsibility and he knows this (or can guess it by your attitude). He will take you under his wing and will help you to further affirm yourself in what you do and/or what you aspire to do. Your plans have impressed him and he wants to be there to see you make them come true.

You will display a formidable power. You will be hit with a trial that you will have to face. It will be a huge challenge that will be thrown at you, but you will triumph in a stellar manner. You will be needed, and you will be there! Events will require you to go beyond yourself, and you will do this with excellence. You will have full control of your abilities and an absolute confidence in your capacities. You will realize a colossal social and political work. You will impress others by acts of bravery, courage, and perseverance. Your task will be excessive and it will discourage many of your partners, but nonetheless you will complete it with coolness and determination. By your brilliance, you will be the focus of an entire people and, for a long time, you will be the subject of lessons and debates. You will get many praises and you will mark the memory of countless people. You will be quoted as an example, and your story will be passed down from generation to generation. You will be adored and you will be commemorated for millennia.
Your general social situation is changing favorably and your level of wealth (financial and material) will increase. You appear more determined than ever to do everything you can to realize a dream, and this will benefit you more than you think. In this sense, you will have the support of a person of the other sex who is between 36 and 45 years old (or very close.) This person is new in your surroundings and you do not know him/her very well. He/she is easily noticeable by his/her great beauty and his/her way of dressing, which is very neat. This person puts meticulous care into his/her appearance, which makes him/her very physically desirable. Without really wanting to, you will impress him/her. You will make such a strong impression that he/she will look in the following months to spend more and more time with you. However, here it is a question of an ambiguous relationship, between true friendship and love. This person will be very friendly with you in certain circumstances and rather insensitive in others. At certain times, he/she will feel a real amorous desire for you (as physical as it is sentimental), while in others he/she will turn away from you. In short, even if you will develop durable and very solid links on the personal level with this person, (in the forseeable future) he/she will remain inaccessible to you on the amorous level. Here, the complication is not at the level of amorous feelings (which are really present) but rather at the level of a legal or moral context, which is based on taboos.

A test must be overcome as soon as possible. In fact, you must openly disapprove (condemn, denounce, incriminate or something else) a person who shows highly inappropriate behaviour towards you. This person has no place in your private life and he/she delays (or cancels) actions that you wish to take (or steps that you wish to take) to improve your living conditions. Your ambitions are great and legitimate but this person is hindering you. He/she is part of your close circle and you have already had a more or less intimate relationship with him/her, which proved too superficial to last. Furthermore, this link has been broken for a long time and you no longer have any feelings for him/her. This is someone who speaks a lot and who, despite your intentions, always has a negative influence over you. He often seeks to obtain benefits from your good deeds, while he/she has absolutely no merit for the decisions and initiatives you take. He/she is selfish (or egocentric) and his/her actions against you demonstrate well to what extent he/she is insightful in his/her way of using you (exploiting you). What is all the more unfortunate is that he/she knows personal information about you (secrets, private life, etc.) and that he/she allows him/herself to use it to manipulate you better (blackmail, moral pressure or something else). Be careful to act intelligently, as this person has the power to strip you of your assets or to abuse you.

You will take yourself to the seaside. You will need to touch the water in its greatest chaos in order to bring yourself closer to one of the greatest forces of nature, that which creates and transforms life and which enables its perpetual regeneration. This water also represents freedom, movement and uninterrupted renewal. Here, nature is dominant and cannot be altered. It can recharge and make informed decisions. Your freedom of choice is wholly respected and no one can hinder your decision making. This also heralds your spiritual awakening at a crossroads. Your subconscious is fed by an invisible power that allows you to more precisely evaluate the possibilities open to you. Thanks to this force, you can clearly differentiate between what is good and what is bad for you. This may also symbolise that which you are presently doing faced with doubt of a spiritual nature and that you need an energy outside of your own in order to help you see more clearly in your difficulties. Fortunately, it is a weakness that can be surmounted. However, you must act accordingly to overturn it. The word overturn is the correct word, because you must transform this weakness into a strength. A message is transmitted to you: It is formally forbidden to allow you to infest by way of the malaise that infests you. You must act!
Caresses, human warmth, mellow relaxation, and well-being are prominent. This clearly shows that your future in general will be happy when it comes to your social life, and this will last a long time. You will learn to manage your life with subtlety and surround yourself with your dearest friends. You will come to appreciate small pleasures as well as great ones and you will feel a great affinity for down-to-earth people. Your actions and your ideas will be in line with the deepest aspirations of your soul, and being down-to-earth will always serve you well as you progress through your social life. You will experience the ultimate satisfaction as an individual, and this will be beautifully integrated into your social relationships. It will come from a great spiritual serenity that you will acquire intelligently throughout your life.

A completely new situation in your social relationships is in process of establishing in a sustainable way and this will bring you to see several basic things of your life in a new and a very different angle from what you know now. Here it is mainly a question of a phenomenon, more or less of the abstract of law of the universe which concerns the divine consciousness that affects you every day. One person will force you to act differently with respect to the management of a problem and you will quickly understand the benefits of his work. This person is a man who is much closer to you than you think. Thanks to him, in the future, you will be able to see a rainbow in the places where you now only see clouds. This man has great qualities and will be able to lead you to find a solution to a problem that continuously imposes you extra work and effort (physical and/or mental). At a symbolic level, this man is associated with happiness and wonder. All that he will do for you will be both wise and remarkable. Your relationship with him will bring you many answers to your questions. He will tell you the real way to follow to be a better person and then you will need to show that you listen to his advice. It is indeed him who will allow you to foresee the light that is hidden at the far end of the long tunnel that you are going through, and then you will have to show that you are worthy of his generosity and greatness of soul.

A conflict that has been building up for many years is on the verge of ending. This conflict will be resolved following a new event (or a new situation) that will have a determining impact on the issue that is in contention. But be careful, as a definitive understanding with your adversary will not be possible unless you truly wish to put in a major dose of good will. If you want this conflict to be resolved, you will have to accept that the other individual (or entity of whatever kind) will also derive some benefits from your agreement. Be respectful of the equilibrium of forces (natural or supernatural) and you will understand that everything is riding on the “scale” (the Law) of “giving” and “receiving” (last judgment). In other words: good harvests come only from good seeds. Briefly put: you have the right to a well-earned respite, so if you respect this equilibrium, the benefits of your decisions will not be slow to be felt, and this, in a lasting and definitive way.

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