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You are going to fall in love with a landscape. This will be a landscape that is magnificent and mysterious at the same time. It will extend to infinity. There will be water and a beach. The breeze will be pleasant. This is certainly beside the sea. You will meet an old man with a pet (probably a dog, but not necessarily). You will be fascinated by this old man. He is probably an old (or ex) fisherman (or sailor). We are speaking here about a man who has gone through most of the major hardships of life and who is now at the end of his journey. You will want to talk to him, but he seems stuck in time (the past, nostalgia, old age…). This man is a solitary being and it will be difficult to talk with him (or perhaps impossible). You will be impressed by him, but you will have to continue your journey and not disturb him. This man, in fact, reminds you of someone with whom you were very close during your childhood. Someone who marked your youth and whom you loved a lot. So why this mysterious meeting? Are we speaking about a memory, a vision, a message…? Is someone trying to get in touch with you? Do you manage to see what is on the other side of the sea? No, surely not. But can you imagine it?

You need to confide in someone. An inner force is asking you to reveal a secret that you are keeping inside. You cannot keep this secret; that is obvious. Timing is no longer up to you, because the damage is real. It has become imperative for you to confide in someone. However, you must wait, because you cannot talk to just anyone. There are unscrupulous people who could do you harm or ridicule you in front of everybody. Be patient and wait to find the right person. Things will progress favorably and you will soon know the person in whom you can safely confide. In a little while, you will meet a woman, and she is the one that you will be able to talk to. She is younger than you, and she will have a job to complete for you. She is intelligent and will understand you perfectly. She will help you to make someone who has denied behaving badly admit it. Be careful but firm. Let this woman act, and you will receive compensation for a wrong. Here we are talking about a situation involving the justice system, so your presence may perhaps be required in court.

There will be a marriage. It will be the marriage of two people who are very similar. These two people have the same job (or profession) or work at the same place or in the same sector. Otherwise, they are two people who live very close to each other. There will be minor unforeseen events on the day of the wedding, but nothing really serious (a little confusion). More particularly, there will be oddities or unusual things at the location where the marriage takes place. We are not talking here about real complications, but rather quirks without any real consequences. No matter, this marriage will be successful, joyful and unforgettable!
You are in a period of fertility and abundance. You will have a descendant (direct or indirect). A child’s coming into the world is still a secret or uncertain, but it is actually real and will take place. It announces spontaneity, pleasure, the unprecedented, and a new beginning in your life. At that moment, you will receive a gift and an unexpected letter. Likewise, this birth will announce or favor the return of a person born under the astrological sign of Aquarius. This person left your life some time ago and will return on a Saturday in the month of May. Key words: prosperity, filiations, creek, generosity, receiving, happy event, night.

A task, a job or an achievement has to be completed and you’ll have to work hard. A period of great efforts (physical or intellectual) is coming and your personal pride is directly related to this achievement. This achievement will take much of your time and deprive you of an important part of your personal or family activities (leisure time and family gatherings), but it will be worth it. The people around you probably won’t understand why you insist so much on your task, so you’ll also have to resist the temptation to let yourself be persuaded, distracted or slowed down by them. Yes, your immediate family will suffer from your absence (physical or mental) during this period, but it will only be temporary and for a short term (if you are persistent and you persevere). A person very close to you will understand what you do and encourage you. This will be the person you’ll be able to rely on throughout your process, so take care of him/her more than anyone else. This task will bring you great personal satisfaction. Those who didn’t have faith in you (or in your accomplishment) will eventually congratulate you on your great courage and your extraordinary determination. Your reward will be great, both for you and your family, so don’t be afraid to go through with your dreams, because that is what this is about.

You will obtain a new privilege in your professional life. This new privilege will be of immense benefit to you. We are speaking here about a promotion, a new job, a new appointment or something similar. It is also possible that it concerns successfully passing an exam (academic or professional) in order to obtain a diploma, a permit or some kind of certificate. More specifically, it concerns a competition, a test or even an election which involves several people or candidates. You will pass while others will fail. You will be chosen or selected, or else you will successfully pass through the selection process leading to this new privilege. In summary, you will distinguish yourself in your professional life and you will be rewarded. You will make it to a new level and you will feel great pride in this.

You are currently threatened by a stress which comes from your immediate environment. Your actions and your thought are often forced or provoked, and have a tendency to distance you from the emotional condition which is your own and normally manages your behavior, your reactions and your good humor effectively and logically. Your reflexes are a bit too quick and are sometimes even completely perilous. This emotional pressure you are experiencing could harm you considerably in your interpersonal relations if you don’t find the means or the energy to free yourself from it or at least to tame it. This stress is really heavy to bear and it is clear that you must absolutely be able to master it. A great accumulation of small harassing details could end up having a very harmful effect on you in the long term if you don’t make a change in your attitude in the short term. In any event, you will have to take care not to injure certain persons who are dear to you because if your reactions continue to be badly handled or badly contained, you will inevitably end up offending friends or people whom you really do not wish to harm.

You have a gift for gaining people's trust. Your business initiatives bear fruit. You can count on the ease with which you communicate your ideas, emotions and ambitions, and this is the case with practically everyone. Your influence on others is quite special and it is constantly growing. Your approach in business is socially responsible and it appeals to people. In short, you have the right attitude and this will draw all kinds of opportunities to you, each one as profitable as the next. You are warm and emphatic, but in addition you have a personality that charms. People have a nice picture of you in their minds, which will greatly facilitate things when persuading people and promoting your ideas. An excellent financial transaction is in sight. You will soon make a significant monetary gain and this will likely be within the next six months.

It is your mental balance that will lead you to happiness. Nothing and nobody will make you happy if you do not feed your soul of what it really needs in order to stay strong. It is mainly your projects that light up your life and not those of others. So do not let people you do not trust dictate to you what to do. Moreover, do not trust those who promise you the moon when they still have not learned what life on earth is about. Your experiences of life, in fact, have made you very strong and you know perfectly well that your happiness remains still to be built. When attained, your mental balance is powerful and it opens your mind to pathways that are inaccessible to the vast majority of people. You have presentiments of things that only you can understand. Do not let yourself be misled by people who are too materialistic and who have no overall vision (earthly life, spirituality and life in the hereafter). You are master of your destiny and your serenity will always remain your guarantee of happiness. You are a person who travels a lot inwardly and the depths of your thoughts will lead you to relatively unexplored paths. Do not be afraid to venture where you feel guided to go because what you are about to experience will be unique!

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