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Wednesday September 22, 2021
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There will be the birth of a girl. However, this birth is filled with rumors. The circumstances are unusual or nonstandard and that causes gossip. This even creates uneasiness for certain immediate family members of the future mother. In spite of everything, this child is desired and expected with great excitement. The preparations are exciting, joyful and inspiring. It is also disclosed here that, the months following this birth, the mother will receive an unexpected love proposition.

An important change (improvement, rebound) on the professional level is coming in a few years' time (certainly within two to three years). This will be a transfer, promotion or job change (or an obvious improvement in your earnings if you are self-employed). You will relocate and be in a larger space, a lot larger. This is something you already envisage but which cannot happen right away. You want it to happen as soon as possible, but you will have to wait. Be careful not to live in uncertainty because until it does happen, you may accumulate your worries and doubt your destiny. You will have to remain positive because it is this that will motivate and stimulate you. That you will be rewarded for your perseverance and efforts is indisputable. But first you must prepare yourself. You need to learn new things and consolidate your position on the professional level. You can do better than the others (or do better than you are doing right now) and you will do better. This is essential to make this event happen. Your numerical references regarding this event: 170, 2, 36, 95.

You will have a transaction with a woman about your age. This transaction includes a particular arrangement or layout that will lead to the conclusion of a more comprehensive agreement during the next year. Here, we are talking about an important sum of money. You will acquire a property or a good of great value. This is something that gains in value over time (an investment) and that you will be able to leave as a heritage after your death. Still with regards to this transaction, you will go to (or close to) a well-known mountain (if it is not a mountain, then we are certainly talking about a very high building or structure). There is also the matter of an artist and an animal. You will make a fascinating discovery. You will either climb up the mountain (or the structure) or you will very much want to do so. You will have an observation or identification task (or activity), because you will have to make sure that everything conforms to your desires. This will be an honest and sincere transaction and you will be happy with what you will see. This transaction will be final and fully finished during the next year. Curiously, it includes a triple persistent mathematics (3, 6, 9, etc.) that you should probably notice pretty quickly.
You are bound to a flower. This flower has great magical powers. On the other hand, this flower requires that you care for her. She is an extraordinary plant, but she is sensitive to her environment. You must therefore take care of her as if she were your child. She could be of great service to you, but only if she feels your love. Your love should be unconditional and benevolent. This flower has a message for you as follows: “You must confront life's challenges realistically and constructively. If an obstacle cannot be overcome, you must learn to deal and live with it.” So you probably have a child or children, otherwise you dream to have some but cannot. Regardless which it is, a living being depends on you and you should be proud. This being may not be living in a tangible or visible way, but he or she is real. He or she may also be alive and close to you, but cause you grief, efforts, suffering or sacrifice. Be strong and take care of him/her, and he/she will bring you happiness.

You have the opportunity to change something very close to you and which is very significant for your overall future. This change, if you make it, will give you the chance to blossom in a kind world where nothing is superficial. This world is the source of a creative energy which can lead you to perform at your best both professionally and artistically. It is your life’s work and will bring you fame as well as material wealth. If you want access to it, you’ll have to detach yourself from something or someone who is currently holding you back and is stopping you from opening a door meant only for and which only you can go through.

You will have the opportunity to make an unforgettable journey together with a lover. This journey will allow you to strengthen the bond that unites you with the person you love. Of course, this journey will be expensive, even very expensive, but it has great significance both for you and for your beloved. You would like to make this journey with all your heart, and indeed it will allow you to get closer to your beloved and be more intimate with him/her. Do not miss this opportunity as it will be a unique occasion for you. This journey is an indispensable step in your life and you absolutely have to make it. You have made a lot of sacrifices up until now and you deserve to be rewarded. You will avoid detours and taste an intense happiness. There is no need to have inordinate ambitions in order to reach the end of something, because this is for you the beginning of an even more beautiful life. You are an intuitive person so you do not need to hesitate. You can have access to a lot more than what you have always imagined and you will discover this during your journey.
You will have to avoid (as much as possible) being forced to do things in a way which is not your own. A rival, an intelligent woman, seeks to control everything. She takes excessive advantage of your kindness. Indeed, you have rights (which are perfectly legitimate), so there is no need for you to limit your freedom of action in order to accommodate her beyond reason. Protect your living space, for she grants herself too many privileges at the expense of others. She is so self-centered that she does not even know how to appreciate the generosity of the people around her.

A love quarrel in your immediate vicinity will impact you. A woman who has marital problems will try to get you involved in her misadventures or to accuse you (in an unfounded manner) of all kinds of unbelievable things to justify her misfortunes. This woman is someone who lives near you, but no links of attachment exist between you. As such, your interactions with her will be rather negligible, but you will nonetheless have to be subjected to her insults and her heinous words. Remain as far away as possible from this person, because her insolence and her spiteful gossip could seriously offend you. The resolution of her problem will be inaccessible to you and will not have anything to do with you or your good will, so it will be useless to try or to strive to reason with her. Patience and time are your assets, so do not do or do not say anything that might offend her even more. This woman, through blind vengeance, will be determined to hurt somebody (anyone, and in a deliberate manner), so you should work so make sure that that person is not you.

Someone is concerned about his/her health. This person is younger than you are. You see him/her often (or regularly), but you only know him/her slightly (or not intimately). He/she is an artist or artisan. He/she is intuitive and has great talent. He/she does not have a boss or subordinate, and he/she appreciates the freedom that comes with his/her way of life. We are speaking here about a person of good appearance who is greatly loved by the people in his/her circle. He/she must overcome an illness and the fight will be difficult. Even if you know little about this person, you love him/her. If you could do something to help him/her or to reassure him/her regarding what he/she is now facing, you would do so without hesitation. You regret not being closer to him/her because this is someone who, in other circumstances, could brighten your life. You do not want him/her to suffer and you hope that, if possible, he/she will recover quickly and completely. This situation is sad and you fervently hope that everything will go well for him/her.

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