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Wednesday September 22, 2021
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You are open to novelty, but this mustn't be something that is imposed upon you. You have talent and good ideas and you're able to make your existence more beautiful by yourself, but is that really an excuse to isolate yourself from the world? Don’t be afraid of what is offered to you, as you‘ll be pleasantly surprised. Someone close to you has something that will impress you and you'd better trust him/her. This person has the same way of working as you and is very attentive to your needs, so why don't you open your door to him/her? Do not doubt his/her abilities and you’ll see that she will meet your expectations.

A concern (or anxiety) has taken hold of you and is very invasive. This is about a person of the opposite sex who is more or less your age. You will not succeed in controlling this concern as long as you do not have a reassuring communication with him/her. This communication will take place soon, but it is not a face to face meeting. Here, it is rather a question of remote contact, either by letter, telephone, Internet, or another such thing. This communication regard both your amorous feelings and your future prospects with regards to your work (or future work). The situation is currently rather confused (or confusing) , but it will improve following this talk. This person is part of a friend’s surroundings, or he/she was introduced to you by a friend. He/she has a lot of charm, and he/she has a lot of tenderness towards you. This person loves you, but a love affair between you two would be extremely problematic (socially).

You’ll have to resign to the absurdity of a situation and not worry about the irresponsible accusations that a man will make against you. Ridiculousness will grow to senseless proportions and you won’t be the only person to notice. In this affair, you’ll have very good support from the people around you. This man will have his insolence and his tendency to gossip against him. With exaggerated words and unfounded pretences, he’ll clearly demonstrate a lack of judgment in his obsession to say things against you. His personal vanity and his overly large confidence will end up turning against him. His motives will be too doubtful and his arguments too insistent. It’s him who’ll find himself on the defendant’s dock and then you won’t have to waste your time replying to him. An action from you will not be necessary to defend yourself, as the absurdity of his behaviour will be so flagrant that this man will end up incriminating himself.
You will overcome a trial that only few people are able to overcome. Several people will advise you to change course and others will amuse themselves ridiculing your stubbornness, but you will succeed! Your previous experiences are unmatched and they will enable you to overcome monumental obstacles and face the greatest challenges. A temporal reward (financial independence) is at the intersection of your earthly success, but you will distinguish yourself the most on the mystical level. Be patient and prudent, because your path is long and full of perils, twists and turns. Listen to your emotions and feelings, because your instinct will be governed by providence. It will send you the right signs and will show you the right moments to act. A far-away entity will support and help you, and he/she will remain faithful to you until your last breath. He/she is endow with a formidable sense of strategy and, in order for you to achieve your destiny, he/she will lead you to the right places at the right times. His/her company will be greatly reassuring to you, because he/she will be one of those rare beings (on earth and in the beyond) to know your true abilities as well as the true meaning of your existence on the earth. Besides, a friend who is close to you (on earth) loves you unconditionally, and he or she will accompany you loyally along your entire journey. You are being asked to love him/her as much as he/she will love you. You will have to cherish him or her above all, because he/she is one of the most precious treasures of the divine (on earth), and the divine has entrusted him or her to you.

It is your mental balance that will lead you to happiness. Nothing and nobody will make you happy if you do not feed your soul of what it really needs in order to stay strong. It is mainly your projects that light up your life and not those of others. So do not let people you do not trust dictate to you what to do. Moreover, do not trust those who promise you the moon when they still have not learned what life on earth is about. Your experiences of life, in fact, have made you very strong and you know perfectly well that your happiness remains still to be built. When attained, your mental balance is powerful and it opens your mind to pathways that are inaccessible to the vast majority of people. You have presentiments of things that only you can understand. Do not let yourself be misled by people who are too materialistic and who have no overall vision (earthly life, spirituality and life in the hereafter). You are master of your destiny and your serenity will always remain your guarantee of happiness. You are a person who travels a lot inwardly and the depths of your thoughts will lead you to relatively unexplored paths. Do not be afraid to venture where you feel guided to go because what you are about to experience will be unique!

Your success will be as much social and familial as individual. You are heading towards a personal accomplishment that you will achieve with distinction and honour. Without being fully conscious of it and with very little effort, you are able to pass from our world to another. Your spirit has access to another dimension where the material no longer exists and where illusion is a creation. Even if your dreams are sometimes among the craziest, you have the power to realise them thanks to this supernatural ability that you have. Your future drives you toward a grandiose destiny and you will leave a great legacy to your descendants.
You will receive a gift from a businessman (or a rich man). This gift has great value for you. The businessman in question is about your age. He is either new in your surroundings, or you have only had a personal relationship with him for a short time. He has a lot of money and he can afford to spend more than most people. This is a patient and opportunistic man. Although he is rather independent by nature, he likes to take part, from time to time, in community (or humanitarian) activities. This man will bring you luck. He spends (every day) a lot of money for his own (personal and/or business) needs and he will not hesitate to spend money on you. He sees in you something special and he feels that he must do something to make you happy. He is under the impression that you are not completely happy in your situation, and he has decided to make a difference in your life. You will go on the road with him (either by car or other), because he wants to bring you to some place. This is a place where he has great power and where his energy is very present (soaked). This man is a hard worker and he wants you to enjoy some of the fruits of his labor.

You are making yourself worry. Two people in your entourage (a couple) are in dispute and this directly affects you. Your worries are valid and you are uneasy because the situation really is not improving. These two people no longer agree on their plans for the future and their financial situation (as well as on the sharing and use of their joint property). There are special rights involved and this creates friction and conflicts. The situation has really become unsustainable and the man will (or will have to) leave the couple. Moreover, he seems to be already thinking about another woman and this did not begin yesterday. The woman will attempt to take action by the use of flattery, but is she really sincere (is it a ruse on her part in order to better trap him?)? In short, no matter who is right or wrong, there will be a split between these two people because sincerity has abandoned them and they are already holding grudges.

A woman is trying to come to your aid or be useful to you. Do you have a problem or difficulty to overcome (dead end, blind alley, etc.)? She holds a hand out to you, but you do not seem to react (or you do not seem to see it). She is sincere and she really can lighten your burden. You have known her for a long time but you are not directly connected to her. Even if are not in the habit of talking with her, stop for a moment and listen to her because she has something important to say to you. You need to get in contact with her, so have no fear. You are not alone in your fight: Accept her help. Perhaps you have never really believed in her (or in her power), but you must trust her and clear the doubt from your mind.

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