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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 21
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A man will intentionally induce you to make an error for the benefit of his own interests. This man knows your weak point so that he will be able to defraud you. You must be very vigilant and take advantage of your experience so he does not succeed. However all is not lost if you fall into his trap. Even if the problem is important, be mindful not to lose hope. You will have a chance to respond to this fraud by resorting to legal action. In this case, it will be a bit more overwhelming for you and you may not be able to recover everything. This man seems to be very sure of himself, but you will defeat him. You must not trust appearances since, even if he has self-confidence which is downright disconcerting, this man easily can be severely punished for his actions. You will have the right to demand justice and you will win! But above all, you must know that you have the opportunity to thwart the plans of this man from the start, but this will require great perceptiveness. Yes, you will be able to dissuade him from attempting whatever despicable things he wants to do against you, but for this you will have to demonstrate a greater mistrust of the way he operates. This man is sly, and you must be sly as well.

You plan to do some hard work (or accept an undertaking that will require great determination). This is a physical and/or intellectual investment that will demand from you a great deal of courage, energy and time. It is not essential for your physical sustenance (your basic needs), but it is fundamental to your self-esteem. You know that this endeavour will be long (or huge), so you have to consider it as much a test as a personal challenge. Along the way you will face discouragement, but you will not give up. Some people try to dissuade you from continuing, but you will persevere. You will show bravery and others will finally bow to your heroism. You will accomplish this task successfully (glory) (complete success) and you will be very proud of it for the rest of your life. Key concept: Outstanding action!

A new friendship will blossom between you and a young woman. She’s a woman you’ll meet on vacation (trip, stay in the country, beach or elsewhere). Even if your relationship is fleeting and short-term, it will still be important in your life. In fact, there are two parts to this prediction. The first part: This new friendship will be short-term but very intense. A close link will be created between you naturally and quickly. Within a few days you’ll feel like old friends. You’ll share everything and quickly become inseparable. This young woman will bring you an exceptional (reciprocal) joie de vivre and the day you separate will be very emotional. So, you’ll have a strong and lasting memory of your relationship with this young woman. Second part: You’ll get back in touch in the distant future (in several years). At that time, numerous events will have taken place in your respective lives and many things will have changed in your personal lives. In conclusion, your emotional bond will last over time and that moment will be extremely joyful. Your relationship will therefore be destined to be reborn later, and this time it will never be extinguished. You’ll never lose the contact between the two of you again. This friendship will be most precious to you and you’ll cherish it until you die (and even beyond).
A question must be worded well. You should take your time wording a question very carefully in order to get the exact information you’re looking for. If your question is too hypothetical, you will get nothing but a hypothetical answer, but if you ask a very precise question, targeted carefully in context, you will get the information you truly seek. You have deep motivations and you must understand them well before you ask your question. This concerns two related things: a very close friend (a woman), and your physical safety. It’s clear that you let yourself be too easily dominated and that you accept all kinds of things too readily. This person owes you explanations. Learning how to say no from time to time won’t make you any less friendly. The way you communicate your intentions and try to find answers, especially over the phone, needs to be improved or corrected.

Someone is in love with you. However, this person is already in a relationship and he/she does not have the freedom to confess his/her feelings. His/her current relationship seems well entrenched, but it is actually strangely confused. Although this person may have an unreasonable, or perhaps even inappropriate love for you, this love is nonetheless quite real. This person cannot get closer to you, but he/she would actually like to do so. You have already noticed this, but you cannot (or do not want) to believe it, because this seems too insane to you. Here, we are talking about a young person who is smiling and full of energy. His/her actions (which are intended to make you happy or to get your attention) are barely veiled. Even if all of this appears implausible or incomprehensible to you, we are indeed talking here about someone who is madly in love with you. He/she will soon show this to you, and in a rather unusual way. You will be very surprised!

You want to realise a dream but a bad past experience makes you doubt your abilities. Your thoughts get stuck in irrational reasoning. They lead you into a world of deceptions that does not allow you to adapt to or envisage new challenges (or training). You learned from your first defeat, however, and you certainly will not repeat the same mistake again. You fear another failure, although you now know what to do to avoid finding yourself in the same situation again. Have confidence in yourself, therefore, and stop putting yourself down in your own eyes. You have a lot of potential but do not at all seem convinced of it. You absolutely must stop doubting yourself. Yes, you have the will to realise your dream (and even more), so you will be quickly able to surprise many people. It is only a question of conviction (self-confidence). You are worth much more than you think and your dream is much more accessible than you believe.
You are influenced by an illustrious (legendary or historical) artist (or character). This artist (or character) is from another era. He/she has been dead for a long time but, in the minds of many people, he/she is still very much alive. His/her work is fascinating (remarkable feats) and his/her fame is timeless. His/her achievements are mostly related to supernatural or unexplained phenomena. They feed your imagination tremendously. There is a matter of angels, spirits, fairies, and other entities of the same kind. Key words: flowers, gardens, uncharted worlds, luggage, travel, journey, love, autonomy, independence, tenacity, legend, and fantasy (mythical) realm.

You will have to take a delicate initiative in order to discourage a young woman from taking a radical action (unreasonable). She needs to overcome heartbreak, but her thoughts are confused (dark thoughts). We are talking here about a young woman who works with the public. Psychologically, she feels rejected. She is ill at ease and she wants to be elsewhere. She believes she has enormous problems (insurmountable), when in fact she is only going through a hollow (transient) phase of her life. This young woman has a very promising future (rainbow) (radiant sun) (unconditional love), so she must absolutely understand that her life is not a total mess. She is an angel and you must help her out of the chaos (show her the path or route to take).

An undertaking with an individual (M/F) is in jeopardy. This has to do with an undertaking with a member of your family (1). Things are going to be postponed until later or cancelled outright. On the other hand, an unexpected proposition will follow that will be more interesting (or more realistic). This proposition will come from a different individual (2) who is not a family member. Here, the question has to do with a financial undertaking (money, contract, etc.) with a woman (2) who is a bit younger than you. It looks like this is a loan or a form of borrowing (or acknowledgement of debt) that you are preparing to sign (or formally accept). This involves a large sum of money. Be careful not to let yourself be influenced (or distracted) by the first individual (1), for he/she will be irritated or frustrated by this new agreement. In fact, you are going to injure her/his pride, so you should be prepared for an emotional reaction on his/her part.

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