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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 22
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You have some uncertainties about the romantic leanings which someone in your professional surroundings (work, business, studies, healthcare, or other) has for you. Someone, with whom you do not want to have a romantic relationship, is clearly demonstrating his/her attraction towards you. You may have been clumsy in your way of expressing your feelings (for him/her) and this has greatly complicated matters. Clearly, you do not want to wound him/her, nor find yourself in a delicate position, but this is creating some discomfort. This person is so (indirectly) insistent that you are beginning to doubt yourself. You certainly do not know what to think, because your heart is elsewhere. But, in fact, who is the person making the most sincere efforts for you? Is it the person who loves you or the person that you love? Watch out for life’s traps, because appearances are often deceiving and nothing is ever as simple as one would wish. For now, this situation seems temporary, but is it really? Between what you want and what you do not want, is there a certainty? Are you, in reality, troubled (in different ways) by each of those two people? In short, here the problem lies not with the answer, but with the question. So, if you ask yourself the right questions, you will have the right answers.

You will receive a priceless gift from a member of your family. This gift will come from someone older than you who is a member of your immediate family (parents, grandparents, uncle, aunt, brother or sister). It will be a valuable item that has great value from the point of view of your heritage. This gift will also have a sentimental value for you. We are speaking here about a durable item that can be passed from one generation to another. It is even possible that it has already been passed down several (or many) generations before coming to you. So in addition to having great monetary value, this item also has great meaning for you, on the family as much as on the emotional level.

A person is in an excellent position to harm you (on the professional, social or financial level). This person has the same ambitions as you (rivalry, competition) and the situation is very delicate. You need the advice of those close to you (family, friends, colleagues or others) in order to make an informed decision. Be careful because your future is at stake and you cannot allow yourself to act on a whim. You are not alone, so you should not make a decision that could be detrimental to the people you love (or to people who support you). Be sure to be well surrounded because you absolutely have to discourage your rival from making a decisive move. Do not take initiatives lightly and you will be taken seriously.
Someone is too attracted to or too obsessed with you. This troubles you greatly and really makes you feel uncomfortable when you're in his/her presence. This person has already made you a request or an offer which you have refused, but he/she still insists. You try to be less interesting to him/her, but this does not seem to have any effect. You cannot allow yourself to be too unpleasant with him/her because your overall image to others may suffer. The person bothering you is a widow/widower or has been divorced for a long time. He/she has lots of money and constantly makes you promises in order to impress you. He/she likes to touch you and this irritates you. You will have to be firm and uncompromising with him/her, because the current situation definitely exposes you to unwanted sexual advances.

At present, you feel a sense of solitude, rejection or exclusion because of a spiritual shortcoming. You don't believe you deserve other people's love, but this is only an illusion you have to surround yourself with in order to distance yourself from your spirit. You can no longer find any sense in your life, which has the effect of creating great material and financial insecurities for you. More specifically, you suffer from an emotional inadequacy. Perhaps you are searching for love or you have recently been in a relationship breakup. It is through your spiritual belief that you will once again find your path. You need help from the beyond, but the idea that such help can exist scares you. Here, your pride and arrogance are your major weaknesses. They prevent you from being spiritually open, which is necessary in order for you to get through this difficult period of your life. Maybe it is because of an old wound that you still carry? Little matter what the cause of your mental block, you must give way to the being which is connected to you. She has the duty to protect you and to guard you from misfortune, but to do this, you must first let her approach you. She alone can enter you to cure you of your suffering and she alone can comfort you in your torment. You must open your soul to her, otherwise you will be gripped by a great anxiety. There is a woman close to you, older than you, and a Scorpio, who has the ability to introduce you to the being which is connected to you. Following many recent deaths in her family circle, she has unconsciously developed a channel of communication with the beyond. Without wanting to, she will help you discover the secret you carry within, and which you share with this being. Key Concepts: lamentation, seed, refinement, hiccup, interruption, secret, unveiling, watercourse, walkers, Sunday, night, month of March.

You will have to collaborate or work with a new person. This is a person of the opposite sex who has been part of your entourage for a short time. You have met each other several times and he/she is really keen (or anxious) to work (or collaborate) with you. A very special friendship will grow between the two of you. We are speaking here not only of a sincere and lasting friendship, but of something even more. This person is proud and has great confidence in you. You already seem to have great value in his/her eyes and consequently he/she will quickly attempt to get to know you better (private life, dreams, future projects, etc.). You will understand each other quickly because you have a great affinity with each other. This person comes from outside your area. He/she does not originally come from the region.
You can no longer hesitate, it is time to act. This is not a moral issue, but a responsibility. You need stability and you must clearly show that you know what you want. A man who is older than you is tiring you and you do not have to bear it if it is not your choice. Your allegiance on a professional level should not deprive you of your rights and your ideals in life. This man is part of your business environment and is a Sagittarius. Whatever your good intentions, his nonchalance and arrogance will eventually force you to make an important decision regarding your relationship with him. Keywords: harmful recklessness, delay, redemption, navigation, water, new meeting, secret love, move, accession to power, Tuesday night, January.

Your relationship with a woman is discouraging. This woman is older than you, and she is part of your inner circle. This is a woman who has an unpleasant personality and does not seem to have any real friends. She is impatient, and she often makes insulting (or provocative) remarks about others. She is demanding toward you, and she is also very perspicacious in the way she uses you (or manipulates you) to reach her goals. This woman often tries to make you spend money for her. Be careful, don’t allow yourself to be directed (or controlled) by her. You absolutely must learn to say “No” to her (or negotiate more skillfully with her), because she is abusing your generosity. If you do not do this, she will still have the upper hand over you, and you will suffer perpetually from this. If you succeed in correctly evaluating her real needs, you will also manage to act with more assurance and firmness toward her. You must learn how to dominate this woman. You must function in your way, not hers. You, too, have a life to live, and you must preserve your freedom and your privacy. What’s more, you must also stop wasting money because of her.

You are bound to a flower. This flower has great magical powers. On the other hand, this flower requires that you care for her. She is an extraordinary plant, but she is sensitive to her environment. You must therefore take care of her as if she were your child. She could be of great service to you, but only if she feels your love. Your love should be unconditional and benevolent. This flower has a message for you as follows: “You must confront life's challenges realistically and constructively. If an obstacle cannot be overcome, you must learn to deal and live with it.” So you probably have a child or children, otherwise you dream to have some but cannot. Regardless which it is, a living being depends on you and you should be proud. This being may not be living in a tangible or visible way, but he or she is real. He or she may also be alive and close to you, but cause you grief, efforts, suffering or sacrifice. Be strong and take care of him/her, and he/she will bring you happiness.

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