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(Sunday June 20, 2021)

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You are hiding something from the person you love. He/she senses it and this creates a tension (or discomfort) between you. For the situation to improve, you will have to reveal your secret. Maybe you are not deliberately lying to him/her, but you are not telling him/her everything. You cannot let the mystery linger indefinitely because the beloved will eventually lose faith in you and you will find yourself facing a failure in your love life (or in your romantic aspirations). You have to open up to him/her: you do not have the choice. This person needs a proof of love from you and you have to come clean with him/her. It is a question here of ego (or self-pride). You would like to tell him/her everything but you are not at ease doing so. Do not be afraid of being judged because it is frankness that prevails above all else.

You will have a love story without a future. You are going to intimately link yourself with a person in your professional environment. This is a friend that you like a lot. Nonetheless, this liaison will not be lasting because this person does not have the principal characteristics (psychological or physical) that have the effect of stimulating you and lighting your fire in a relationship with the opposite sex. This person is sincere and of good faith, but you will have to make efforts in order to be truly and abidingly attracted to him/her. You are currently good friends, but a romantic relationship between you both is not viable, even if the other person tries to convince you or demonstrate to you otherwise. It is pointless to build your love on compassion or on human charity because this will only make you unhappy in the long term. It is better (preferable) to continue to maintain the strong feeling of camaraderie that you have with this person because this is what he/she truly has to offer you the most. You will need to be extremely delicate in the manner in which you explain yourself because (despite everything) this person deserves your friendship. Be careful, then, because even if you have good intentions toward this person, a single ill-chosen word could totally demolish him/her emotionally.

A young man will take an action involving you and you will not have the immediate power to react or intervene in the way you would like. He’s a young man that you do not know well, but with whom you will have an agreement. It concerns a transaction (buying or selling) and consent. This young man is reckless and anxious. He will act on very familiar terms with you, so as to believe he is able to act without consulting you. He will take an initiative that will be against your will or incompatible with you. He should, consequently, be stopped or quickly reprimanded to prevent him from going too far in his approach and to keep a major problem from arising. This young man is rather naive and does not worry enough about the consequences of his actions. Your relationship with him will be only temporary, but it will create a real discomfort between the two of you.
Your financial situation will improve, and your priorities will change clearly. It will no longer be necessary to sacrifice. You're going to move into a new environment. It probably amounts to a new beginning for you because these are major changes. In fact, you will achieve a long-held wish. You will acquire new knowledge (admission to a school, back to education, part-time studies, advanced training at work or otherwise). Your wealth of knowledge will greatly increase (or diversify), and you will virtually become a new person. And so a goal of the past will soon be achieved, and this will allow you to seriously consider a project (challenge) that has long been prohibited or inaccessible. You have a great dream to achieve, and you will be more ambitious that you have ever previously been. An important desire will come true, and a great adventure awaits you.

There will be a marriage. It will be the marriage of two people who are very similar. These two people have the same job (or profession) or work at the same place or in the same sector. Otherwise, they are two people who live very close to each other. There will be minor unforeseen events on the day of the wedding, but nothing really serious (a little confusion). More particularly, there will be oddities or unusual things at the location where the marriage takes place. We are not talking here about real complications, but rather quirks without any real consequences. No matter, this marriage will be successful, joyful and unforgettable!

Your life is followed closely by a person (m/f) from your close associations. This person secretly envies you and would like to live in your place or become more intimate with you. He/she envies your situation and would willingly exchange his/her social or professional position for yours. Even if everything is not perfect, you seem to possess what this person is looking for. Your decisions and actions please him/her and greatly foster his/her daily direction. This is a proud person, but when he/she compares himself/herself with you, he/she forgets his/her pride to better hold you in esteem. He/she recognizes in you his/her psychological strength and builds his/her life within your shadow. His/her habits are related to yours and most of his/her initiatives are inspired by what you bring to him/her day after day. His/her maturity depends, therefore, on your state of consciousness and you can even lead him/her to surpass your knowledge.
You will move with the help of a horse or you will make a trek on horseback. Your relationship with this horse will be remarkable. This animal will bring you closer to nature and allow you to detach yourself from the complexities (or your complications) that are connected to urban life. You'll discover a very special facet of small pleasures that are linked to a rudimentary life and this will be very beneficial for your health. The chemistry between this horse and you will be excellent. You will take the time to admire the scenery in all its simplicity and you will see existence on earth in a new light. You will appreciate this moment greatly. This opportunity will also allow you (and above all) to forget an unfortunate event that you lived in the past and from which you still have had trouble freeing yourself.

You are going to enter into your life’s most prosperous period very soon (in the coming months). Here, it is about a long series of very profitable financial transactions. You are learning to position yourself well on the great chessboard of business, and it will pay off enormously. You will be at the right place at the right time. You will have the opportunity to invest in very profitable companies, and the coming years will be prosperous for you. You will acquire several (or many) durable goods (real estate and other) and you will protect yourself (finally) against the vagaries of chance (in a certain and permanent way). A man will be particularly implicated in your success. This is a businessman who is generous and good to you. You will be able to enjoy his unconditional support and his good advice. This man has an indirect link with your family. He may not be directly related to you, but he is very close to your family (or to your family network). You know him well and he has a lot of affection for you, because he knows that you had to go through many (difficult) trials to get where you are and become who you are. He is older than you and he wants you to benefit from his knowledge and his business experiences. He knows that you have potential and he wants to bet on you. His wisdom will prove him right, because the student will surpass the master!

You will go on a long and magnificent voyage. You are presently only at the beginning of your adventure. You have many things to discover and you are impatient to experience unforgettable moments. Your voyage will bring you great and precious lessons. It will lead you to develop new competencies at the level of the community and to deepen your current aptitudes in the social realm. Your way of taking on and feeling things will henceforth be different and improved. Your emotions will be dominated by a greater intuition, and your everyday worries will make way for a life course which will in the future be full of discoveries and learnings. Following this voyage, many aspects of your personality will be transformed. You will evolve toward a greater financial and social autonomy, and will become a person who will be markedly more prudent facing everything which is related to ecology and human existence on earth.

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