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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 23
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A woman has health issues at the psychological level (anxiety, anguish, hasty decisions, etc.). Her problems stem from a romantic situation that she has not yet managed to overcome. This is a dedicated and organized woman but, however, to be happy, coherent and healthy, she needs to be with another person. She cannot bear loneliness (feelings of rejection). She cannot achieve a psychological balance if she is not associated to someone else, whether it be a man or a woman. She is currently in a social climate that makes her very vulnerable on all aspects of her existence. In addition to being tested psychologically, she must also overcome major financial problems that have been caused by her recent separation. Her distress is so great that she could probably accept (or be tempted) to partner very quickly with a new man (even a complete stranger), without taking the time to appreciate the consequences of her eagerness.

Be careful! You must be wary of the words of a person near you. This person is probably a member of your family or someone close to you. He/she is constantly looking to impress people and he/she says anything to attract the attention of others towards himself/herself. You must absolutely not let yourself by seduced by his/her plan, because his/her plan does not rest on something concrete. This person wants so badly to look important that he/she is unaware of the weight of his/her statements (the harm he/she may cause to others). He/she leads people into error and because of this he/she may lead people of good conscience to make decidedly catastrophic decisions. Yes, you have understood for a long time that most of this person’s stories come more from his/her fantasy than from reality, but this time he/she will be more convincing than usual. In fact, this person is getting ready to announce to you (or to affirm to you) something so unlikely, (so enormous, so incredible …) that you are about to believe that this cannot be (that it is impossible that it is) a lie or an invention on his/her part. So be very vigilant; if not you risk experiencing a terrible disappointment.

Your efforts of today will pay off tomorrow. In fact, your past is filled with durable achievements. The more time passes, the more you are making gains for later. Even if you do not fully realize it, with enough daring, ambition and determination, you have done great things. Now, your path is mapped out and your objectives are clear. It is obvious that you have to keep your momentum. Your initial path has led you to anxiety, but it has also forced you to surpass yourself. Do not let yourself be influenced by negative people, because today it is you who are right. With the experience that you have gained over the years, you have been able to develop your ability to predict future events. You are a sensitive person and this is a treasure that you should always cherish, even if it sometimes makes you vulnerable.
Someone is slow in giving you what he/she owes you. It is a friend who is of a foreign origin (professional surroundings). You need this property and/or these funds. This delay is putting you in an uncomfortable position. You will get what you are owed, but unfortunately you will have to wait longer than expected. You will have to work to secure your position so that you do not have to suffer (suffer the consequences) of this delay. Although you are not in conflict with this person, you will nonetheless have to put a project on hold because of him/her. Here, we are talking about someone for whom you have compassion, and this is why you will forgive him/her. You will be indulgent, because the unexpected is often ruthless. You know that there is a complication, and you will agree to be understanding. This person is honest, but he/she is going through a difficult experience. There is also the question of a child, which makes the situation even more delicate.

You are going to meet the person you desire. This person went away and this made you very upset. There was a great lack of understanding between the two of you. At your next meeting, words will have much importance. You must use words that do good. You will have to give comfort and you will have to show some indulgence. This person hopes for your support and you must give it to him/her. He/she has been confronted with major changes (or unexpected events) in his/her life (especially on the professional level) and it is normal that he/she is somewhat lost in the face of what he/she is currently experiencing. He/she is concerned about his/her future and hopes to hear words from you that will reassure him/her. Maybe you have the opposite feeling (or a different perception of the situation), so if that is the case, above all do not let yourself be fooled by appearances. You are a responsible person and here it is not at all a question of judging anyone. Even if it is perhaps you that has suffered the most from recent events (or who has been most weakened by what has happened recently), you are the one who has to reach out first because right now (considering the circumstances) it is you that has the greatest power.

Major prediction! Your work and your good investments will earn you. Your determination will overcome your precarious situation (financial and material level). You will make many acquisitions (durable goods) in the coming years and the profitability of your projects will be prodigious. You will gain great freedom, both professionally and socially. You will be able to invest regularly and constantly more, because you will have the means to do so. Your influence over others (even the most powerful of this world) will be considerable, and you will travel a lot. Your notoriety will be so great that it will intimidate all of your rivals (even the most formidable ones). Always, people will prefer to accommodate you rather than to confront you. However, you must persevere, because your success will have to be consolidated before becoming final and recognized by all. In addition to concentrating on your successes, you will also have to learn from the mistakes of others. You will have to observe people and always make sure that you do better than them. Then, the years will go by and others will learn to either fear or admire you. So, your domination in the world of business will be both durable and extraordinarily remarkable. It will continue even after your death. You will give a great fortune to your heirs and you will be honored for several generations. Your wealth will be invaluable and it will survive for countless years (certainly more than a century, if not more).
You do not seem relaxed enough to properly receive the messages that are being sent to you (from the other world). Important things escape you, because you cannot find the right moment to listen to the unknown. It is obvious that we are not speaking here about prayers, but about a two-way communication. You have known enlightenment, but have not yet gone through the door that has opened to you. You have to make yourself more friendly with silence, because there are teachings that are meant for you. Silence favours the understanding of great mysteries, and some of them are personally revealed to you. There are other laws governing the other world and you know this perfectly well. You have the capacity to understand them (one after another), but above all you have to want it. You can do more than the majority of people, because some doors are open to you but not to others. It is up to you to pass through them in order to get closer to something larger. You are a person of great wisdom, so what are you waiting for to blossom? Is it the unknown that frightens you?

Your good intentions and your goodwill will touch the heart of a young person who will have a very sincere or maybe even loving affection towards you. This person will seek to get closer to you and each of his or her gestures towards you will show it more and more clearly. His or her behaviour towards you will have a very specific meaning. The actions of this young person will gradually demonstrate a strong attachment to you. Moreover, a special circumstance, event, or situation is to come in your interactions with him or her and this will be an unexpected source of revelation. Confessions or the revelation of a secret will come from this person and this could radically change your thoughts and your relationship, not only with him or her, but also with other people close to you.

A man is going to entrust you with something. It is a precious object or some personal property that has great sentimental value for him. You will have to undertake to take great care of it. The man who entrusts you with this thing currently has financial difficulties, but they are only temporary. You have great influence over him and you are probably the person in whom he has the most trust. This man cannot envisage or imagine his life without having you as a friend. He appreciates you very much and has great respect for you. This is a friend of long standing and he will be for a long time to come. He is going through a difficult period and, in your own way (according to your abilities), you will come to his aide. He is more or less the same age as you and it was through your work (or studies) (present or past) that you met him (for the first time). He also has a health problem to overcome (chronic fatigue, lack of energy) and this problem is related to a recent event in his personal life. This man needs a new start in his life and will begin a new existence the moment he has settled his financial problems. You have great affection for him and for some time you will have to be his guardian angel. Fortunately, it is announced that he will successfully get through his ordeal and this will be largely thanks to you.

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