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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 24
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A friend wishes to talk to you. This is a man and he has been your friend for a short while. He is part of your social circle (sport, hobby, culture, social club, volunteer or other). He wants to help you reach an objective you have set for yourself. This is a man who is (more or less) well off financially and who has the time to devote himself to you. He knows that you have taken a tumble with regard to a project and he wants to help you bounce back. He is a joker (he loves to laugh and to make people laugh) and he has a beautiful way of expressing himself. From a professional point of view, this man is self-employed. He is courageous and persistent. Although he is not afraid of risks and sometimes seems adventuresome, he is cautious and never takes decisions lightly. He has contacts that you do not have and can organise things in your favour. He is interested in what you do and you can speak to him about your situation openly.

You will win a great victory. This victory will be closely linked to your love life and to your enjoyment of life in general. You will have to be intuitive and make a quick decision. You will prepare yourself for some bad news, but events will take a completely opposite course. It will have something to do with beauty and love, but also with money and art. In space-time, these events will take place shortly after a funeral you will attend. From that moment on, you will clearly enter into a period of abundance in your life. This abundance is primarily on an emotional level. Gentleness, tenderness and joy await you and will permanently take hold in your everyday life. You will reap what you sow, i.e. the instinct of happiness and satisfaction of a finished piece of work.

The life of a member of your entourage is being put on display. A young woman in your close entourage is proof of a terrible lack of concern. She provokes (or shocks) people with her immaturity. Even if that doesn’t genuinely reflect her true personality, she engages herself to disrespectful or immoral gestures in the public square. She is young and she wants to impress her friends. She looks so much to amuse and excite others, that she makes a fool of herself publically. Her lack of modesty is so flagrant that it becomes embarrassing. It’s about an adolescent girl or a very young woman. She discovers her woman’s life (her sexuality) and she is fascinated to see at which point she can impress and excite as many young men as old men. Fortunately, this is only a temporary situation. This young woman will very quickly find a good way to behave in front of people. She is in the process of entering her adult life and she has some learning to do. Not everyone passes through as troubled of a period, but nevertheless she will finish by rediscovering her sense of direction. This young woman deserves your friendship and your confidence, so be lenient towards her and she will soon again take the right path. The less one criticizes her, the better her attitude will be and the faster she will realize (by herself) what she does. Yes you can influence her, but you must be subtle in your way of doing it. Don’t impose anything and don’t argue, because it’s a question of elementary wisdom.
A major turning point or a significant financial step is predicted in your life and this will allow you to contemplate some challenges of great scope. You will attain solid financial stability and a level of comfort of which one can only dream. These investments (important or strategic) which you will make will be the source of it. You will climb some impressive steps and your level in the social hierarchy will clearly be superior to that where you are presently. But be careful, wisdom must govern your life. Your expenses and investments must be sensible and reasonable, because you will not have the right to extravagances or eccentricities in order to succeed in this manner. These are the conditions posed for you by destiny and you must respect them; if not, you will quickly experience great losses of your gains. Negligence will not be acceptable, because it can lead to the definitive cancellation of your ascent. Prestige will offered to you, but you will have to deserve it and maintain it. Some very great opportunities will rise before you, but you will have to be able to account for your actions at every moment. Your maturity will be rewarded though it will have to be the master of your life at all times. You must never cheat, or ruin will await you.

Your activities are stressing you and prevent you from enjoying your achievements. Your professional success speaks for itself and will undoubtedly lead you to a remarkable state of financial security, yet there is a blockage. You are not able to reconcile your professional obligations with your need to relax, let yourself go and escape (a full enjoyment of life). You have everything needed for a happy life, but you do not manage to enjoy what you have gained. Your stress seems to be directly connected to your schedule and/or workload (needs and obligations). You have a good attitude but you feel overwhelmed by your obligations. You have a schedule that is too crowded and in addition you have to make up for delays. You are exposed, therefore, to an anxiety that is unhealthy for you. It is your lifestyle that is at issue here. You do not indeed enjoy your achievements enough, but worse still this has the consequence of making you suffer from a lack of intimacy in your human relationships.

An objective demands constant efforts and much humility of you. You do not receive what you deserve, but at least you have what is necessary. Your efforts will be rewarded, but beforehand, you must obey a logic which is not yours and which demands your patience and courage. A man which is around your age has a financial proposal for you. This man is one of your neighbors and his astrological sign is Aries. You must be wary of him because his proposal only aims to dazzle you and make you dependent on him. This offer cannot be concluded in an honest, serious and appropriate way without your two signatures, and in no way does this man have the intention to sign anything in order to guarantee his good faith. A legal paper is definitely necessary to complete an arrangement of this type and you cannot allow yourself to trust uniquely his word. Keywords: sun, ocean, hypnotic, black arts, intelligence, creativity, suspicion, Wednesday afternoon, month of March.
You will meet or come into contact with an exceptional being that has the power to heal you or to relieve your suffering. Symbolically, you’ll be distanced from funeral rites. Your body will conserve its energy and no disintegration, either bodily or psychic, will occur. The spirits have a high regard for you and they will give you the energy (and more) which is needed for your recuperation. Your life will be extended a great deal. You should expect to live many more years before being called to eternity. You still have a great destiny ahead of you and only later will you will achieve immortality. You have a mission to accomplish on the earth and you will accomplish it.

Watch out, a crook is near you. This is a mature man. He shows you nice little touches of attention and he seems kind to you. However, he is not at all looking for your happiness, it is very far from his real preoccupations. His words and his actions aim to soften you up in order to better confuse you with respect to his true ambitions. This man has bad intentions and seeks to manipulate you in order to take better advantage of you. Moreover, in addition to being insensitive, he can shows a great deal of insolence (contemptuous attitude). He is very clever in his way of doing this. Here, it is a question of a false disease (or of a major exaggeration) (or of a medical procedure that has never or will never occur), so be careful not to let yourself be fooled.

You will be made to take a hasty decision. Be careful not to let yourself be manipulated by a person (m/f) elder than you who reacts under the influence of panic. You will have to take an important decision and you will have to show great wisdom. You shall not act by choice but by necessity. The idea of making such a decision does not really appeal to you, but you will be forced to take it. Here, it refers to a person who is a direct relative (father, mother, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, aunt or uncle). This person will have to undergo medical treatment (surgery or hospitalization). You will have to discuss about it with your family members and you will have to reach a consensus on what needs to be done so that everything goes for the best. The main subject of this discussion will not be about the health condition of the person but its impact on the lives of each and everyone (including the person concerned). Moreover, this event will result in a disbursement of money that will be quite important.

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