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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 26
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A written or verbal conflict with a young man is beginning to grow. This young man is not physically violent, but he is aggressive in his manner of speaking and writing. He is increasingly making you worry. He has a disagreement with you and he makes your life difficult. You recently tried to reach an agreement with him, but nothing has been successful. In fact, he is not at all interested in making efforts to try to understand you, and he does only what he pleases. He has harsh words towards you, and his attacks are really bad-natured. This young man is much younger than you and he has no respect for your age. Even if you have more experience and knowledge than him, he doesn't care, because he is convinced that you are wrong. He behaves despicably, and you would do well to no longer bother yourself with him. Other people in your area have much more positive (good) energy to bring you than him. Do not waste your time trying to reason with him, because you will not manage it and it will eventually start to sicken you. Stop tormenting yourself for him, because in reality nothing is dramatic. So, let time do its work and you will certainly triumph over him later.

You will have an unpleasant meeting with a woman. This woman will pass through your life. She is suffering from an emotional or psychological scar which makes her a disturbed and extremely unstable person. It is possible that you have met her before, but you do not really know her (or perhaps very little). With her, your kindness and your generosity will not get you anything. In her mind, the concept of good and evil is totally nonexistent (if not strongly obscured by her sickness). This woman perhaps means well, but she does not understand other people, and she is oblivious to her actions. You must not trust her, no matter the reason, otherwise you will regret it. It would be better for this woman to be monitored and treated by healthcare professionals rather than taken care of by generous and compassionate people. She is quite delirious, and it could terribly affect the morale of those around her (her friends, family, and those who wish to help her). Be careful because your generosity and devotion cannot, unfortunately, solve everything. This woman is in no condition to acknowledge (recognize, see, understand, etc.) the sacrifices that she forces on others, so it is you who risks suffering the most if you try to help her (alone, without professional help).

Someone is interested in you. He/she will invite you to a meeting (a group of several people) with the hope of creating a closer relationship between him/herself and you. This person is perceptive, and his/her objective is to get closer to you (through providing you service you need). This is a young person from your work milieu. He/she has recently suffered from a psychological trauma (emotional or romantic). He/she is going through a rather difficult time emotionally right now. He/she wishes to make a fundamental change in his/her life. He/she has good insights into you. He/she has been friends with you for some time and now hopes for something more with you. He/she desires you and wishes to be closer to you (physically) (cuddles and caresses) (not necessarily sexual). To be concise, he/she is in love with you. For him/her, you are a logical choice (a wise choice), therefore, his/her approach when showing true feelings will be very significant. This is an honest and sensitive person. He/she recently has asked you a series of questions about your personal life, and this says something about what he/she feels about you (protective behavior).
Somebody is about to become highly invasive, and you will quickly have to become aware of this. This person has the ambition to take over your life (your way of thinking, acting, etc.) and if you trust him/her too much, he/she could (also) be tempted to use you to manipulate (shamefully) some of your friends (or people in your close surroundings – of the same sex as you). In fact, this person is hypocritical and dishonest (and completely unfaithful in love) and he/she will not hesitate to humiliate you or offend you if you do not obey him/her (or if you stop obeying him/her). His/her aspirations are more than worrisome, so you will have to act in order not to fall under (or to free yourself from) his/her grip. But be careful, because here we are talking about somebody who does not accept defeat well and who could seek to make you bear the blame for his/her failures and for things (behavior and others) that people have against him/her. Distance yourself quickly from his person, because his/her aims are ignoble and might even be criminal. In addition, (if you have some) it is probably more your money that he/she wants, not your friendship or your love.

A young man (possibly a child or a teen) will let you know about strange news. You’ll have to make a decision about this unusual fact and you’ll be very surprised that this situation forces you to take action. This event doesn’t concern you directly, but you won’t have the choice but to take action because something important will be at stake. It has to do with a woman in your circle of friends who is experiencing suffering because of her excessive stubbornness in always looking for perfection in everything she does and in everything she expects from others. Since she cannot reach certain, very specific and unreasonable goals she has set for herself, this woman has come to underestimate herself and has a great lack of confidence in herself and in the future in store for her. As a result, she feels defeated and disheartened. She therefore will need special help to regain control and to start off fresh. Also, be careful of this woman’s stress level because it may be very high and it may lead her to have extremely worrying thoughts. The young man who will tell you about this news is closely linked to this woman and it is advisable that you listen to him well so that you can react in the best way possible to this situation. Don’t take initiatives lightly without consulting this young man because he is the key person in the action you’ll have to make.

A rumour is persistent and is rather demoralising (or annoying). A decision is slow in coming, so anxiety tries to establish itself. It is a question of some bad news, but nobody is able to confirm to you that this rumour is indeed justified. Whatever happens, however, you have decided to prepare yourself for the worst. You do not want to be taken by surprise, so there is no question for you of lowering your guard. There seem to be real warning signs, consequently you must not take anything lightly. Fortunately, you know what you have to do and (if necessary) you will be able to limit the damage. You have long understood that prevention is better than cure, so you will be well prepared!
Someone will propose a project or an investment to you that will generate great interest in you. It seems like a good deal is coming along, but you need to take some necessary precautions before undertaking any possible action. A man who is older than your will offer you an opportunity to very substantially increase your long-term income (or your financial security). However, this will require that you invest a lot of your time and money in the medium term, such that if you accept, your situation over the next two or three years could become (not inevitably, but to be seriously considered) more demanding than it is at present. You will have more than one meeting with this man, and for your critical meeting, you will have to wait for him to re-establish contact with you. If you so choose, in order to arrive at a final agreement with this man, you will have to travel. You will have to go to a different city. However, you should know that this opportunity includes several details with which you may not necessarily be familiar. Thus, you will need to deepen your reflection before agreeing to anything whatsoever. This matter involves a major financial decision that has the potential to prove very lucrative for you. However, should you decide to abandon the whole thing in mid-stream for whatever reason, there will inevitably be financial losses.

A person in your family is sowing pessimism in your thoughts. You must not let him/her discourage you with what he/she says. Be careful if you often have discussions with him/her, because you risk provoking him/her and irritating him/her unnecessarily. There is another person in your family who is more jovial and who is clearly more friendly with you. He/she is more distant from you physically (or geographically), but is closer intellectually (psychologically). This is a person who loves to advise you (and to make you suggestions) when you feel the need. He/she is not afraid of getting you to surpass yourself in everything you undertake and his/her advice is clearly more enlightened than the first person’s. We are speaking here about a person who is a lot more optimistic about life and who has a greater affinity with you. So, if you feel the need to talk to someone, it would be more in your interest to trust the second person rather than the first. He/she has a better influence on you and you have a much more stable and strong family tie with him/her. It is a question here of a beautiful harmony between you two, and therefore with him/her you will be better supported on the human level and more connected socially.

Your friendly encounters will soon multiply. Many enjoyable moments with your friends will be coming soon. A link with a person from your distant pass will resurface. This will be a woman who is younger than you and who lives in the countryside (or near a park or forest). The distance separating you must be travelled by car (automobile, coach, train or something else), because the road is too long to travelled otherwise. This woman is stubborn, and this stubbornness makes her very talented in whatever she does (work, art or something else). She left your circle of acquaintances in order to be nearer to the person she loves. However, she is bored with where she is and she is seriously thinking about coming back. She’s lacking something she needs to be happy and she is looking for an excuse to come back home. You are part of her life balance and you will obviously be one of the reasons she comes back. Her move will be coming soon.

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