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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 27
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A dishonest person is trying to conclude a transaction with you. This person became wealthy in a doubtful manner. You have frequent contacts with this person and he/she tries to convince you to act in a certain way with promises that he/she has no intention of keeping. His/her arguments are based most of all on a knowledge that you don’t have and the object of it is to deceive you. First he/she will work hard to please you in many different ways in order to gain your trust (if she/he does not have it already), and once earned, he/she will only use your friendship (or even of love) to better take advantage of you. Take care of yourself because this person lives off scams and you are at risk to be his/her next victim.

A woman in your professional circle will try to betray you to take better advantage of you. Be careful not to trust too much in a woman you know only a bit or from whom you have uncertain support. This woman is only attracted by material possessions. On the human level, she is an insensitive and disloyal person. Her interests are only oriented toward strong or influential people, regardless of their kindness or meanness toward others. Even if she has an endearing personal approach, her words have no value. This woman would not hesitate to reject her own parents in order to climb higher socially. Her ambitions are great and her honesty is highly doubtful. Her submission to earthly goods may easily lead her to crush those around her. Her monetary gains have always had more value to her than the friendship she has for her close friends. So, be wary of her. You must abstain from divulging information to her that she might use against you, especially on the personal level, and in particular if there are profits to made from it.

You have to leave someone you love very much. Take time to appreciate and cherish the moment with this person because these are the highlights of your life. Leaving this person will be like having your heart ripped out. This separation, however painful it may be, is inevitable. You must accept and come to terms with it. Despite your pain, you have to think positive thoughts. Time will heal your wound. This separation will occur on a Sunday or a Monday.
Someone who has been causing you problems for a good while now will be brought down by events and circumstances. Your destiny will protect you. Events will flow in your favour and will show remarkable ability to come to your aid. Justice will be served by the course of things, which will punish the one who is intent on harming or exploiting you. At just the right moment, your destiny will skilfully fend off the attacks of him or her who wishes you ill. All that will be required of you is wisdom, since nothing more than a well targeted response will have radical consequences for you foe. There will thus be nothing for you to fear if some situation arises between you and an ill-willed person, since your environment and the steps you take will offer extraordinary assistance in combating or confronting your enemies.

You will need to be diplomatic. A conflict needs resolving through dialogue and negotiation. This concerns a young woman. She is a member of your family (direct or indirect) (or she is intimately tied to your family). She has a disagreement with a young man. It is about money and intolerance. Your experience (of life) (wisdom) will serve as your teaching. You will have a long discussion with this young woman. Even if she is in conflict with this young man, she loves him and does not want to lose him. It is a painful path that they (she and he) had to cross. In this situation, innocence and youth are clearly involved.

You are drawn by an extraordinary achievement. Your ideas seem to be contradictory, yet they connect in a way that is difficult to put into words. Their apparent opposition is fascinating and makes them even more remarkable. Even if others do not understand your goals, you should not doubt their feasibility. Your dreams may be grand but they can be achieved. You have a great will and you should not let yourself be discouraged by people who do not believe in your potential. You are stronger than them and you should ignore them. Your place is above them, far above in a place of prodigious creation that they are not aware of but that you have the ability to reach. Do not be afraid of your power, for it was given to you by a very great supernatural entity, capable of annihilating all of your enemies with its will alone. You are protected by forces beyond this world and you are a beloved creature. Key concepts: park, flowers, traffic, walkers, kindness, sincerity, perfection, supernatural woman, feeling, forthcoming change, bravery, emotional shock, anxiety, purity, astrological sign of Aquarius, great achievement, divinity, Friday, night, month of May.
You will attend a public gathering (demonstration, meeting, cultural, sporting or political event, concert or other) at which the crowd will be very large. There will be a lot of people. At this gathering, you will meet a person. This is someone who will trouble you or draw your attention in rather a unique way. This person will speak to you and will try to get to know you. He/she will ask you questions (perhaps even intimate ones) and will try to have real contact (or even a relationship) with you. You will think about the right way to react, but you will not discover it because you will be too intrigued and confused. Perhaps you will even feel bewitched by this person. We are speaking here about an unknown person with great charisma (to you in particular). You will be very impressed by the effect this person will have on you. You will no longer know what to think. You will be strongly attracted by him/her. It is difficult to know if we are speaking about genuine love at first sight, admiration, a person of unsettling beauty or something else, but there is certainly no question of something negative for you. Your numerical references regarding this event: 308, 26, 161, 95.

You are in need of points of reference to orientate yourself in your amorous relationship. Things repeat themselves in cyclical fashion, and they always announce an event that you are in a position to foresee. You can dominate if you learn to adapt, and you have the ability to amass a large amount of money if you manage to dominate. You have the possibility to get rich doing work from home, and you need to assure yourself that your love life will not be a hindrance to your financial success.

A person is watching you or is particularly interested in you. This is a person of the opposite sex who is older than you are. He/she has projects (favourable) regarding you. This relates to his/her or to your professional activities. This person is ambitious and has concrete and very specific intentions. You are undeniably a part of the scenario he/she has in mind. He/she needs you to advance his/her project. This person has a great desire to have you at his/her side to make his/her move. You will shortly know much more because he/she will soon share with you (privately) his/her ambitions and the role that you are to play in his/her project.

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