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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 29
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Be careful not to hurt someone you love. A woman might suffer from your silence if you do not speak to her. This woman is older than you. She’s a sincere friend. She is shattered by a (recent) misfortune, and her grief is profound. Her psychological health is being severely tested. Even though the situation is complicated, as much for you as for her, you must (as far as possible) help her psychologically. There is probably nothing practical that you can do for her, but nevertheless you can comfort and support her in her ordeal. It seems that it is for you to do so and no one else, because this woman has more trust in you than in anyone else. You must listen to your heart, even if some people disagree with you.

A complication is inevitable. A person (m/f) who is in a relationship right now with someone else is intensely attracted to you. His/her initiatives are sometimes unpredictable and you don’t always know what to think or how to react. While this is beyond your control, you need to try to manage this as best as you can, otherwise you risk finding yourself in a truly awkward position. This person is reckless and you can expect some major indiscretions on his/her part. He/she says things (or makes gestures) of a sexual nature and he/she trivializes them to excuse him/herself and so that you will accept them more easily. You will have to pay close attention to everything that person can change, move or monopolize, and that concerns you intimately. Be careful, because this person can lead you (against your will) into a love triangle which you do not want to be part of (or encourage you to allow sexual advances that could upset or bother you greatly). Here, the problem lies not in the fact that this person is repulsive, but because he/she is in a relationship with someone who is close to you and with whom you have a very special (harmonious) relationship and that you enjoy greatly (brother, sister, brother/sister-in-law, close friend or other). However, it may also be that this person is socially responsible and doesn’t do anything objectionable with you. In this perspective, complications are almost non-existent, but definitely, it still involves a person (your intimate environment) who dreams about you more or less obsessively (who secretly wants you, who is fixated on you or fantasizes about you).

You will receive or will obtain confidential information from a businessman, a salesman, or a man who manages relatively large amounts of money. This information is related to a matter or an event that will have consequences on the level of justice. A woman who represents the law is involved (lawyer, judge, policewoman, prosecutor, witness, or other). This woman is barely older than you and is determined to enforce the law. A payment (or a transfer, theft, or misuse) of money was done fraudulently and somebody will have to be accountable for his/her actions in front of a tribunal. The amount of money is considerable and this action cannot stay unpunished. For now, this information is more the subject of a rumour or a suspicion, but evidence exist and they will soon come to light.
A situation is socially complex. It bothers you or hinders you in your actions with a person of the opposite sex. This is someone who is barely older than you. He/she has the power to rule over you (really or psychologically). He/she is intelligent, but stubborn. You will have to overcome a difficulty with this person, otherwise you will not succeed in making enlightened decisions. Here, a relationship of attachment is not clear (or is complicated). This is about a tense interpersonal relationship (a relationship that is binding, subjugating, or that causes a real discomfort from the standpoint of love, companionship, or sex.) A process or behavior is inappropriate, or a request or an expectation is imprudent or indecent. There is a great disorder in your thoughts concerning this person. You probably do not know how to react to his/her actions, because you are probably worried about hurting/offending him/her. Obviously, you do not want to upset this person too much, so be careful not to get into a situation that could become seriously embarrassing for you. Keywords : taboos, limits, social pressures, transgression, irreversible act.

You will be granted a great deliverance. This deliverance has to do with an old disagreement between you and a man who is somewhat younger than you. You have been living with a misunderstanding that has lasted for years, and you will finally be reconciled. You will have a frank and constructive discussion and you will be relieved of a crushing burden that you have had for all this time. The problem that you have been living with this man will be corrected, and a durable peace will be established. Together, you will show yourselves to be reasonable and you will both make compromises. You will show decisive leadership and, on both sides, goodwill will prevail over mistrust. It is on your honour that you will come to an agreement and you will both be much better for it. A legal contract or document will be sign and it will attest to your agreement.

You will achieve an extraordinary victory over yourself. Your internal harmony will be greater and your new way of cohabitating on Earth with other human beings will make you access an unparalleled beauty. Your social and spiritual life will achieve a balance never achieved before. You will meet a person with a very high rank on the human scale. This will be someone (m/f) that will be very closely related to the field of the arts and personal accomplishment. Your relationship will be very significant. It will accentuate your acceptance of responsibilities on the planetary level and it will lead you to considerably ascend in relation to the phenomenon of universal consciousness. Great promises will be kept and important frontiers will fall before you.
You have to make something. It will be an object or an artistic work which will have for you a high sentimental value and that will become immortal (which will long outlive you). To create it, you will have to use precious materials that are very symbolic for you. Your work will also induce respect because it will have a spiritual value which will transcend the reality of the contemporary world in which we live in. Its mystical character will be clearly established, and for many people, after your death, it will allow a contact or communication with the afterlife. This is about interactivity with an actual entity of the afterlife: a real being (angel or deity) or a specific phenomenon that is attributed to this being.

An interview will be advantageous for you (conversation, discussion) (analysis, opinion, advice, exchange of views, etc.). You will have to consult someone more experienced than you (more specialised or better informed) on a professional level. You will need an expert opinion to see through (or complete) a project. You are entering into a critical phase of a long process and everything is becoming very technical. Precise and detailed information is essential to keep up the process and gain time. One person is ideal for this and will make him/herself available to you.

You will undertake a new project with a lot of enthusiasm. This project aims to acquire a real estate property. It will be an excellent transaction. It will immediately be profitable. This investment will be offered to you by a reliable friend (a woman who is very close to you) during a meeting that was decided long in advance. This is a sincere woman who you know well and with whom you already have a very harmonious relationship. This woman has as her virtue her great intelligence (imagination, creativity, vision for the future, etc.) Even if she lives with a man, she is financially independent. In fact, she is in a relationship with an obviously older man. Their age difference is quite significant. This woman has an infallible memory, which makes her a person who learns quickly from her experiences. She knows exactly what she is talking about and you can rely on her. She is your friend and she sincerely wants to see you realize your dreams (materially) (financial autonomy). She will do everything to help you in your project, because she knows that what she is offering is an opportunity that is not to be missed.

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