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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 30
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A person has the ability to put your life back in perspective. This person is a man whose astrological sign is Gemini. This man is part of your past as well as your present. He knows your life path. He knows the people that are around you presently just as well as those who were part of your existence in the past. He needs to talk to you with regard to a person from your past who will come back in your life. This person will play an important role in your life and this man wants to meet you about this matter. He has some things to tell you and he also wants to discuss about something that you already know. Hidden concepts: gardening, crop, energy, ambition, emotional sorrow, love story, intensity, questioning, hesitation, culmination, Thursday, morning, month of March.

Trouble is coming into your surroundings. A man around your age is in a precarious financial situation. This man is agitated and he is looking to flee. He made a dubious transaction and he has a significant reimbursement to face. He has many obligations towards others and he will not be able to hold his promise to you. His troubles are not close to ending and he is seriously contemplating getting out to start a new life elsewhere. Do not lend him any money as you will lose everything. This man has intentions that seem dishonest. Even if he does not deliberately wish you harm, he is lying to you. Do not trust him as he will betray you to save his own skin. This man will soon disappear and you will not see him again. He will leave enormous debts behind him so, as much as possible, make sure that you are not one of his victims.

You will display a formidable power. You will be hit with a trial that you will have to face. It will be a huge challenge that will be thrown at you, but you will triumph in a stellar manner. You will be needed, and you will be there! Events will require you to go beyond yourself, and you will do this with excellence. You will have full control of your abilities and an absolute confidence in your capacities. You will realize a colossal social and political work. You will impress others by acts of bravery, courage, and perseverance. Your task will be excessive and it will discourage many of your partners, but nonetheless you will complete it with coolness and determination. By your brilliance, you will be the focus of an entire people and, for a long time, you will be the subject of lessons and debates. You will get many praises and you will mark the memory of countless people. You will be quoted as an example, and your story will be passed down from generation to generation. You will be adored and you will be commemorated for millennia.
Somebody wants to have intimate relations with you. Your relationship with him/her is at the professional level. Even if you do not aspire to anything in particular in your relationship with this person (outside of your professional interactions), for him/her, it is just the opposite. Here, it is about someone with whom you do not have any romantic link, nor any plans to develop one. Whether you are single or not, for him/her, it is of secondary importance. In fact, he/she does not feel any embarrassment in seeing you consider committing adultery with him/her. You excite him/her and he/she dreams of having you (sexual relations). This person is not in love with you in the proper sense of the term (uncertain feelings). He/she is even probably already in a relationship with someone else. He/she is not satisfied in love and he/she wants to satisfy his/her urges with someone special (you). He/she is very attracted by you and he/she wants you as a lover/mistress. You are his/her forbidden fruit and he/she is finding it increasingly difficult to control him/herself in your presence.

You will have a quick success. A project that you will make happen will earn you a lot of money and practically instantaneously (unexpected result). This success will be so fast that you will ask yourself if it is really happening. You will be as surprised as incredulous. Here, there is absolutely no question of you feeling guilty about anything, because there is no question of cheating or stealing (no scam). From the ethical viewpoint, you will obey the rules and, from the human viewpoint, you won’t be taking advantage of anyone. It is the originality of your project (of your approach, of your initiative) that will make the difference. Pointless to feel embarrassed by such a success, because you don’t get anything you don’t deserve. You have intuition, and you will be able to enjoy life like you never imagined. Your flair will pay off, and this event will be the start of a big adventure for you. Your future is associated with abundance, and nothing will be able to stop you from being happy and obtaining anything you want.

An undertaking with an individual (M/F) is in jeopardy. This has to do with an undertaking with a member of your family (1). Things are going to be postponed until later or cancelled outright. On the other hand, an unexpected proposition will follow that will be more interesting (or more realistic). This proposition will come from a different individual (2) who is not a family member. Here, the question has to do with a financial undertaking (money, contract, etc.) with a woman (2) who is a bit younger than you. It looks like this is a loan or a form of borrowing (or acknowledgement of debt) that you are preparing to sign (or formally accept). This involves a large sum of money. Be careful not to let yourself be influenced (or distracted) by the first individual (1), for he/she will be irritated or frustrated by this new agreement. In fact, you are going to injure her/his pride, so you should be prepared for an emotional reaction on his/her part.
You will have favourable relations with a man who is part of the surroundings of one of your (male) friends. Your relationship with this man will be of a professional or business nature, and it will allow you to increase your knowledge, your skills, or your contacts with regards to your (current or future) professional activities. You will have personalities that will complement each other marvellously well, and as such there will be a great complicity (or camaraderie) between you two. During the coming years, in addition to becoming one of your main business partners (or a high level work colleague) this man will also be one of your most loyal friends (or allies). In addition, he is directly linked to a work-related progress. This man will support you in a professional endeavour and you will benefit from his influence among various decision makers (new job, promotion, business contract?) There is also a national or international enterprise (company, agency, factory, or other) where there are many workers (hundreds or thousands). Your reputation will grow rapidly in this enterprise and in a short amount of time you will have privileged contacts (or a personal relationship) with some of its key leaders.

You are preparing for travel, a journey that has been planned for several months now, and you are taking meticulous care to plan everything down to the smallest details. In a sense, or in part, this journey will represent a pilgrimage that you have longed to make for a long time. It will offer you the chance and the opportunity to take on challenges that promise enticing future benefits. A woman somewhat younger than yourself will be involved in this adventure. Your interactions with her are set to be positive and will play a determining role in its unfolding. You do not know her well, but she knows you better. She is a Capricorn with highly developed artistic gifts. Key words: air, intrigue, music, beauty, enjoyable activities, giving in, similar, Friday morning, month of June.

Someone in your circle (a woman, a friend) is going through a series of unlucky (or difficult) events. Her marital problems are partly the cause of this. You are not indifferent to the situation and this leads you to react (to take her part). This woman should move away (or avoid meeting certain people) for a while in order to resolve her problems. This is a woman whose virtues include her manual dexterity and her love (or great knowledge) of the arts. She has a somewhat impulsive temperament, but is nonetheless a person on whom you can rely. Her financial situation is precarious and consequently she has to make sacrifices. This woman will soon appear before the justice system (court, judge, lawyer or other) to resolve her marital dispute. Justice will be done and an order will be issued. This woman will have need of your support and friendship to get her through this ordeal. Warning: There will be serious tensions and everything will not proceed as desired. Despite your good intentions, you will have to show extreme caution so that your actions really are favourable (to you and to your friend), as the slightest error of judgement could have totally unintended consequences.

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