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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 32
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A friend is very impressed by one of your achievements (or one of your projects). This is a person of the opposite sex who is fascinated by your expertise. He/she is about your age and he/she has only been in your environment for a short time. He/she is currently suffering from an emotional injury and he/she is looking to get closer to you (in order to feel better) (he/she is looking for a more personal or more intimate relationship with you). He/she is amazed by your accomplishments (the things that you do) (your talent). His/her reactions are obvious. Here, we are talking about feelings of admiration and love. This person is very impressed by you and he/she will also try to (in his/her way) impress you. You will be moved, troubled, or shaken by what he/she will do for you (his/her action or initiative).

An undertaking with an individual (M/F) is in jeopardy. This has to do with an undertaking with a member of your family (1). Things are going to be postponed until later or cancelled outright. On the other hand, an unexpected proposition will follow that will be more interesting (or more realistic). This proposition will come from a different individual (2) who is not a family member. Here, the question has to do with a financial undertaking (money, contract, etc.) with a woman (2) who is a bit younger than you. It looks like this is a loan or a form of borrowing (or acknowledgement of debt) that you are preparing to sign (or formally accept). This involves a large sum of money. Be careful not to let yourself be influenced (or distracted) by the first individual (1), for he/she will be irritated or frustrated by this new agreement. In fact, you are going to injure her/his pride, so you should be prepared for an emotional reaction on his/her part.

You will be made to take a hasty decision. Be careful not to let yourself be manipulated by a person (m/f) elder than you who reacts under the influence of panic. You will have to take an important decision and you will have to show great wisdom. You shall not act by choice but by necessity. The idea of making such a decision does not really appeal to you, but you will be forced to take it. Here, it refers to a person who is a direct relative (father, mother, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, aunt or uncle). This person will have to undergo medical treatment (surgery or hospitalization). You will have to discuss about it with your family members and you will have to reach a consensus on what needs to be done so that everything goes for the best. The main subject of this discussion will not be about the health condition of the person but its impact on the lives of each and everyone (including the person concerned). Moreover, this event will result in a disbursement of money that will be quite important.
A job, task or project will be in keeping with your desires. Someone will (very professionally) fulfil to one of your expectations. Your level of satisfaction will be very high. This accomplishment is related to a woman with an obvious wound, handicap or scar. She is honest and wants everything to be done according to your wishes (down to the smallest details). This woman is warm and welcoming. You will develop great affection for her. You will go to her home and discover how sensitive she is. You will be struck by her honestly and openness. She will fulfil an essential task which is extremely important for you. This woman is remarkable and will greatly impress you.

You will discover a great secret. This secret concerns a man close to you. This man has done something very bad. What you will learn will have a decisive impact on your relationship with him. This man does not want to acknowledge a harmful act he committed in the past. He has always lied to you and he will challenge you to prove what you have learned. The act he committed (in the past) is serious and known to many people, but he insists he is not the author of it. Do not press him too much, because he may have a disconcerting, perhaps even threatening attitude towards you. You will surely consider cutting your ties with him and this will not necessarily be a bad idea. Be careful not to let doubt sow in your mind. Given what you have learned, you will have no interest in continuing your relationship with this man, no matter what kind of bond you have with him. You are a proud person but even more than this you are not naive. You have a reputation (image, notoriety) to preserve, so it will be better to make the right choices and nobody will hold this against you.

A young woman is anxious. She underwent a separation and it has been very difficult for her to recover from it. She feels like she is in a long and unending dark corridor and she needs help to return to the light. This is a person in your social circle, but with whom you have no close connection. In fact, her lover has deceived her and she did not see it coming. Her thoughts are scattered and she is in a true state of emotional shock. The development of this affair was surreptitious and without any distrust and the discovery of this situation was brutal. This young woman now feels deeply betrayed and she has painfully discovered her great weakness on an emotional level. Although you cannot change things, you can talk to her and she will listen to you. She does not know who to trust anymore and you can be her lifeline. From the astrological point of view, this young woman is a Leo. For her, a very significant event took place one Sunday night in April.
A person in your social circle is deceiving one of your friends. This friend is a man of about your own age. This is a man who seems to be in poor health. He recently had to undergo (or will soon have to undergo) a small medical intervention. Regarding the other person, we are speaking about someone dishonest. He/she often moves home because he/she is the author of mischief wherever he/she goes. This is about a financial scam. It probably concerns a loan of a large sum of money under false pretences (or a fraudulent transaction) (between this person and your friend). This shocks and distresses you. You are going to ask for (or demand) an explanation, but unfortunately you will be very disappointed. This person is going to leave your social circle in a hurry and your friend will never be paid back. Nonetheless, this departure will also be a consolation since this person will no longer be able to harm the people you love.

There will be a marriage. It will be the marriage of two people who are very similar. These two people have the same job (or profession) or work at the same place or in the same sector. Otherwise, they are two people who live very close to each other. There will be minor unforeseen events on the day of the wedding, but nothing really serious (a little confusion). More particularly, there will be oddities or unusual things at the location where the marriage takes place. We are not talking here about real complications, but rather quirks without any real consequences. No matter, this marriage will be successful, joyful and unforgettable!

A man blames your slow reaction to a situation. However, he confuses slowness with perseverance and patience. This man is about your age and is part of your professional entourage. His astrological sign is Virgo. He doesn’t understand that you need to adapt and adjust in order to avoid making a mistake. You have no valid reason to precipitate everything because of him. He has the obligation to put up with and not try to obtain the impossible from you. Rather, this man should train himself to be discrete and show more restraint and realism in his demands. Even if he is in a position of authority, he talks too much and has a demotivating pessimism. Here it is a question of a move, an unforeseen event and disappointment. This man is authoritarian and has excessive power over you. Keywords: continent, train, Sunday, October, night.

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