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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 33
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You've travelled a long way but you don't fully realize it. You've gained a lot of experience and you now have the power to open more doors than you imagine. You don't have to turn back as you're closer to your point of arrival than to your point of departure. You don't have to retreat as you've almost overcome the important obstacle standing before you and that overwhelms you so. Be brave, since this test is almost behind you and great benefits are waiting for you on the other side. Even if you're exhausted or discouraged, continue on your path since, if you fall after so much effort, the angels will carry you and honour you. The divine is touched by your bravery and your reward will be great.

An unpleasant situation has been going on for truly too long. You are going to have to backtrack in order to resolve a problem that has to be dealt with at its source. You have put excessive trust in a man who is proud and vain. This man is about the same age as you and you’ve known him for a long time. It seems that you once again put yourself in a foolish situation on account of him. However, even if over several years you have had the annoying habit of believing everything he has told you, today you’ve largely learned to tell apart what is true and what is false in what comes out of his mouth. This man is to all intents and purposes a pathological liar with limitless ambition. It’s happening again that you are letting yourself be fooled by him, simply because you don’t want to take the risk of ignoring something that may be true. However, you will need to show even greater perspicacity than you have shown until now, since he keeps succeeding in generating doubt in your mind. You need to understand that you have already learned several lessons from your relationship with him, so it is indisputable that you should be capable of better judging the circumstances behind what he says. Of course, you can’t anticipate everything, but there are certain signs in the way he expresses himself that betray him. So, be even more vigilant – you clearly have the opportunity and the ability.

Your world view is not the same as before. It has changed. In fact, it evolves constantly. But especially with this regard, recently you have had a spiritual enlightenment or a revelation. You are now inspired by new spiritual concepts and some of your values that were firm are now less certain. Among some truths that you have learnt, now you find yourself in a complete and an utter emptiness. A new teaching is affirmed in your life and you are now forced to start from the scratch which means from the bottom of your deepest convictions. In this sense, you are required to free yourself from your past life which has clearly shown its vulnerability. You must adhere to new choices of life and access to wisdom and to know more systematic and more promising ways of doing things. There is a significant person in this process. It’s a fairly young person who has the astrological sign of Leo. Keywords: relatives, jealousy in love, impulsive action, violence, sudden change, new beginning, altruism, month of September.
You will benefit from some extra money coming in. This income is the result of an audacious (but intelligent) action you took a long time ago. This is corporate income, or income from a real estate investment, financial investment or interest. You will have right to a return on investment (capital gains, dividends, profits, etc.). It is also possible that you are preparing to cash in on the entirety of this investment for yourself or to invest in another way, but this is not certain. If this is not what you planned to do, then it is an idea that has gone through your mind and which you have seriously considered. Whatever the situation, you have already planned how you are going to dispose of this money. Moreover, you know that it will relieve you of a commitment you have recently taken. You will have new financial power and it will give you greater freedom of action. Besides, you will make contact with a woman in order to give her the mandate to administer (or use) this money. You have specific requirements and you will give her precise instructions (contract). Are you an artist? Your numerical references regarding this event: 9, 276, 78, 78.

Your daily activities (work, hobby, or other) bring you into contact with a person who bothers or upsets you with his/her doings (or particular words) in circumstances that you don’t control. However, even though this person often makes you uncomfortable, your relationship with him/her will end up being incredibly favorable to you in the long run. In fact, it’s a matter that you don't know that person well enough to foresee (or understand) his/her thoughts and actions. This is a person of the opposite sex, who is about your age. He/she lives in your neighborhood, but you don’t have any intimate (or personal) ties with him/her. This is a person who likes to speak with others and appears to be very sensitive to the problems experienced by the people in his circle. He/she is often impulsive and eccentric, but this is an aspect of his/her personality that suits him/her well. On the financial side of things, this is a person who enjoys a rather considerable personal fortune. The more time passes, the more you’ll understand that you can develop a very good friendship with this person. Even though he/she seems to have a fairly capricious temperament, this person knows very well what is right and what is wrong, and his/her thoughts (and words) are often of great wisdom. You should not be afraid to trust him/her, as in the near future, he/she will be part of your circle of intimate friends who are dear to you. This person will be able to protect and defend you from people who are too grasping or who harm your personal growth (social and professional levels). He/she has the means to do it (authority and money), and he/she will do it.

A situation is out of your control at a professional level (work, business, education, healthcare or other). Even if this hits you closely and that you are directly suffering the consequences, you do not have the right or the possibility to intervene (or to oppose the sequence of events). A decision was taken by a person of authority and you are among those directly concerned. His/her decision is unfavorable towards you, and it is irreversible. This is someone that you do not know personally (or intimately). He/she is a newcomer in your surroundings. This is someone who has been given new responsibilities and very precise directives. He/she has decision-making power over you and over your everyday activities. He/she does not like what is going on around him/her and he/she is looking to change everything so that everything will be the way he/she wants it. This is an ambitious and insensitive person. He/she is very attentive to small details and he/she wants everything to be perfect (according to his own personal view of things). He/she is looking to save or to make money from everything, without regard for the consequences of his/her decisions on those who have to endure them. This person only sees things from a financial point of view (no moral conscience) and for him/her, the well-being (respect, care, etc.) of people is only secondary.
You will have multiple remote meetings on the romantic level. More specifically, this is about someone who is interested by you and who would like to know you better (more intimately). Here, we are probably referring to communications through electronic means (Internet, private network, or something like that). This person is looking to (or will soon ask you to) meet you in person (in private). He/she likes you very much and he/she is now very attached to you. This is probably because you have already been speaking for some time (a few weeks?). You are restless and there is no doubt about it. You are nervous, but you want to go to the end of this process. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It is your emotions that control your thoughts. This (private) meeting will indeed take place. You are hyper alert to everything that happens around you and your heart races. Every little detail counts. You do not control anything anymore, but it is going well. You will see each other again.

You lived through a stressful event and its unhealthy events are slow to dissapear for you. You will have the support of a young man who will be very concerned by your situation. Even if his actions will not be very relevant, you will appreciate them enormously. This young man has a lot of importance for you, and it is mainly this which will enable you to find the energy that you will require to overcome your trial. This is a young man who is always very honest with you and who often comes to you with incredibly original ideas in the hopes of convincing you to embark on all kinds of projects or adventures with him. He really wants to help you, but he cannot find the right word or the right act for you. However, he is persistent, and despite repeated failures, you will be quite surprised with his determination and hiss dedication to your trial. Here it is a question of a turnaround of situation. This young man will make so many wasted efforts for you that you will be the one who will end up consoling him. This change will bring a great life lesson to you. You will come out of it greater, and your bitterness regarding the recent events will fade to make room to a great heroism for those that you love and the values to which you adhere. Psychologically, you are much stronger than you think and, all throughout your life, it is thanks to moments like this that you will discover it.

You will be lucky! An investment that requires a certain amount of boldness will profit you. But be careful not to spend or invest all of your money (earnings or savings) in an impulsive manner due to excessive enthusiasm. Yes, your earnings will be impressive, but they will be too fast or too large to last. Your luck will be very real, but only if you can show wisdom and prudence (moderation). The whole thing will play out in one day. Be also advised that the lure of easy earnings is often a trap. You must not run after your loss. Do not, therefore, hang on too long to this transient prosperity because the reality will eventually catch up with you.

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