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(Sunday June 20, 2021)

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A person who is in love with you will set you a trap. This trap aims to compromise you at the romantic level. In a roundabout way, this person wants to get you to reveal to him/her the feelings you have for him/her. He/she is preparing his/her trap methodically. It will be during an outing, at a restaurant, a bar or any other indoor public space that promotes the approximation of two people. You will soon receive his/her invitation. But, before, he/she needs your consent for something else, which is directly related with his/her actions. This should make a light go on within you (give you a good indication of his/her intentions). His/her trap is very well thought out and, consequently, you will have almost no choice other than to accept his/her request. In any case, you already have good feelings towards this person so, for you, this will not really be a trap. This is about someone that you have felt attracted to for a long time (perhaps even secretly) and with whom you feel good both in private and in public.

A young person (adolescent or young adult) is experiencing profound despair. This young person is part of the entourage of one of your friends and you know him/her quite well. He/she has artistic abilities and is a very gifted person. He/she is currently going through a very anxious period regarding feelings (impossible love, breakup or other). This young person is suffering a great deal (depression, black thoughts, etc.) and his/her intentions are clearly worrying. He/she definitely needs to be comforted and helped psychologically. His/her situation is very serious. He/she seems to have lost his/her reason for living. Beware of the fact that he/she may try to dispose of his/her property in order to give it to others (a sign of ultimate despair). This would be a very alarming signal.

A dispute between you and a young man is harmful to you. This young man is mocking you. Beyond taking pleasure at your expense, he has also tried to make you lose face in the eyes of other people. You will have to leave a place and not seek to have a discussion or try to reason with this young man. You should not remain or venture upon his turf, as he will always have the last word. The more you confront him the more you will harm yourself. Anything you do or say will simply give him more ammunition to confront you better. So you need to ignore him or avoid him. This young man needs your attention in order to boost his ego, so if you ignore him, he won’t know what to do any more. It is by acting as if he didn’t exist that you will ultimately throw him off balance. Show yourself to be the worthy person that you really are and don’t lower yourself to his inanities, for you are worth a whole lot more than that. This young man has no awareness of what it is to be mature, and as a result you should have absolutely nothing to do with him. A day will come that he’ll stumble upon the wrong person and that will be the day he gets put in his place for once and for all. Now, that day hasn’t arrived and that person is not you, so you need to continue along your way, since it’s clear that you have much better things to do, and can do them with other people who are infinitely more interesting.
A person (m/f) has the intention of doing justice for you. An event has evolved rapidly and this person is not really aware of what he/she has done. He/she has pain but he/she ignores concretely why. You will have to talk to him/her or go help him/her, since he/she needs immediate psychological support. His/her pain is the reflection of what you recently lived. This person seems to suffer for you, therefore, you need to reassure him/her. He/she wants to protect you or to avenge you, but his/her thoughts are irrational. This person is really vulnerable to the suffering you live through and his/her desire to come to your help is truly incoherent.

You will head in a new financial direction as a result of new possibilities which will present themselves to you. Regarding your current investment ambitions, an opportunity which has become more attractive and more accessible will make you change course. You will change your plans to better ensure the success of a new long term goal which you had given up considering until now. Prudence, patience and greater serenity will be a part of your new daily life and will bring you greater financial security, and this will happen soon, even in the short term. You will first become aware of the errors you have made in the past which you could have avoided. You will be more aware of financial traps and, thanks to this new initiative, you will strengthen the fortifications of your well-being with intelligence and in a lasting manner. In terms of your financial plan, very good actions are to be anticipated clearly by you in the next two or three years.

Someone has an offer to make you. It is a very tempting offer. This person is looking to get closer to you. He/she wants to establish a romantic relationship with you. What he/she has to offer you can bring you a lot in the short term (financially). Here, it is about someone that you do not know very well (vague or indirect acquaintance). This is someone who is ambitious and impulsive. For some time, luck has been smiling on everything (or almost everything) he/she does. However, despite his/her great knowledge of business, this person takes big risks. His/her investments are made with excessive speculation, and his/her financial situation is becoming increasingly precarious. Therefore, be careful. You will have to avoid too much engagement with this person, because he/she only plans his/her future in the short term and he/she does not protect him/herself sufficiently in the long term. His/her bad investments (because there are always some with excessive speculation) will eventually catch up to him/her. Do not let yourself be captivated by his/her promises, because in his/her case, the present is really not a guarantee of the future. His/her greed is harmful to him/her and it will cause his/her decline.
Somebody is planning something specifically for you. This person wants to make you live a wonderful, or even unforgettable experience. He/she must get in touch with other people in order to refine his/her project. This project aims to give you pleasure and to make you live a real moment of happiness (intense happiness). It also aims to make you discover something that you have never seen (or lived) until now. Here, we are talking about somebody who loves you very much and who is very warm with you. In his/her way, he/she wants to thank you for everything that you do (every day) for him/her. This is someone who is part of your close surroundings. He/she is sensitive and extremely sociable with everyone. On the other hand, he/she is somewhat anxious in love (or in a privileged relationship), which sometimes makes him/her possessive in his/her relationship with you. The link that connects you is very strong. It is based mainly on mutual trust, but also on exclusivity.

Watch what you do, because a person around you is easily irritable. This person expects to get a lot from you, but nothing justifies such an attitude. This is someone fairly young (m/f) who continually seeks to manipulate others. This person often has hurtful words for you, and this without any obvious reasons. This is someone whose physical beauty is fairly impressive and who uses his or her power of seduction to control people. There is no doubt that you are vulnerable to this person's charm, so be careful not to let yourself be unduly exploited. Here, the balance is upset. This person gets more from you than he or she gives you. You must make sure that he or she is sincere, because many commitments towards you are not met, and this is often incredibly obvious. As such, you should seriously think about the situation. You must understand that what is too good to be true is, most of the time, completely fake. You definitely do not have to take responsibility or the guilt for everything that you are charged with. For this person, you are obviously only a pawn in a game of chess. The more useful you are (materially and financially) the better it will be, but that's all. Therefore, you would benefit from better listening to this person's answers when you think you are having a frank discussion with him or her. Remember that a thousand promises have no value if no concrete and honest action is immediately taken. In short, this person has no feelings for you, and one day or another, you will have to face the facts.

You will have some positive interactions with a young woman who is a foreigner. Your relationship with this person is (or will become) permanent and very harmonious. Your personalities will complete each other marvellously well and there will be a very great bond between the two of you. Your friendship with this woman will be an affirmation, solid and faithful. Even if your relationship will be primarily in the area of work (or professional life), you will undoubtedly be able to count on her (during extraordinary or personal situations) to emotionally or personally support you. This woman is currently married (or lives under the same roof) with a man who has a special relationship with animals. The house where this woman lives is in the country (or not far from it), and there is a stream near her house. This woman is passionate about everything that she does or undertakes, and when she gets involved with something (or with someone), she gives herself over to it totally.

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