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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 35
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A man (older than you) is getting married. This man is one of your relatives (if not, then he is a long-time friend). He carries an emotional wound from a distant past within him. This is an ambitious and uncompromising man, but he is always honest with everyone. He is madly in love with his girlfriend, even if they have already known each other and been together for a few years already. Before meeting her for the first time, he encountered her through writing (letters, work or business documents, classified ads, the Internet or other). This union is primarily a message that they now want to convey to the whole world (socially). They want to formalize their loving bond and to now appear as united for life (both legally and socially). However, this union will also allow them to improve their financial situation (social security) and realize their future plans. You will be called to get involved in the wedding preparations (assistance, advice, etc.) and you will be very happy with the role that you will play.

You have an unsuccessful approach to something you are doing. You can do better if you act differently. You have to show originality, but in order to do so you need to be more intuitive. It is a question here of making more money in a business undertaking (or strategy). You have created (invented) a product (or service) that could be very profitable for you, but you need to be able to sell it. Marketing it is difficult, because you do not know exactly how to proceed. You also want to protect your intellectual property rights, but know that ultimately you will end up being imitated. In short, you must accept that you will never be able to control everything, even in an ideal world. There will always be competitors and they will not all be dishonest, even if they have an approach (marketing technique, business strategy) that is more aggressive than yours. You can, of course, occupy a key area in the world of business, however you need to comply with the rules of the game. The attraction of profits is undeniable, but others will always want their share of the cake. Yes, you can stand out from the others, but you will have to remain vigilant at all times. You will always have rivals and you will have to constantly adapt (evolve) (show yourself to be more intelligent than they are).

You have questions about your job or your main occupation. They concern a difficult relationship or collaboration you have with a proud and rebellious Virgo man. What's more, he consumes alcohol or some sort of drug. You wonder if you should continue to support him in your circle. You want to act, but you hesitate. Keywords: failure, carry, escape, suspicion, big expense, definitive end of a relationship, Wednesday evening, October.
You are in a hopeless situation. This has been the case for months perhaps even for years. You must look after yourself and stop worrying. It’s true you have a reason to worry, but there is nothing you can do. This involves an illness suffered by someone close to you. This individual is an elderly person or someone who for many years has battled with a degenerative disease. This person has loved you very much and helped you in the past. You would like to see this person recover, but in actual fact, you have to be realistic. Time must do its work. Your role now is not to intervene, but to accompany.

A person is seducing you but his/her approach is not amorous. His/her way of behaving with you is natural and that’s all. You’re a good person and he/she appreciates you enormously. You shouldn’t hold it against him/her if his/her gestures direct towards ambiguity. On the contrary, you should be flattered. This person is young and isn’t necessarily aware of the scope of his/her good actions. It comes back to you to demonstrate your maturity. You’re a balanced person, but also a passionate one. These two great qualities can sometimes enter into contradictions. You will thus need to meditate on the matter. However, time works and contexts evolve. A day shall come where your relationship with this person will be clearly different.

You will have to work hard to achieve what you want, but you will realise your dreams. Yes, you will live through moments in which your worries will be persistent, but you will overcome them. Yes, you will pass through great anxiety but you will come out stronger. Obviously, you will sometimes be confronted with personal attacks, but no-one will come to destroy your morale, because you are worth much more than that. Here, a woman tries to demoralise you or prevent you from realising a project. This woman is a former friend. She is even determined to go to court to discredit you. Her accusations are serious because she accuses you of having destroyed her love life. But, is it really you that is the problem? Certainly, you are not perfect, but are you really guilty with regard to her misfortune? This woman is in a problematic relationship and claims you are responsible for her troubles. You let yourself, perhaps, be led a little too far or implicated in her misadventure, but do you really have a lot to blame yourself for? No, you assuredly do not, because this woman is spiteful and quite simply incapable of taking responsibility for her own faults. Her jealousy is excessive, so do not dwell on her accusations. She does not agree to see people that are more loved than her, so ignore her as she has nothing positive to offer you. You deserve your happiness and you will gain it. Nobody has the right to claim it for you and nobody will have access to it apart from yourself. Think above all about those you love and you will quickly understand that you have far better things to do than worry about people who do not appreciate what they have.
A man is demonstrating absurd behaviour. He is just a little older than you are and is a relative or yours (directly or indirectly). He is patient and opportunistic, but above all he is chauvinistic and a liar. This man likes spreading rumours about himself. Without being really conscious of it, he constantly acts in such a way as to isolate himself from others. He believes he is idolised, but this only takes place in his head. He speaks about his illness, his professional success, incredible financial transactions, etc. Does this man tend to just say anything in order to draw attention to himself? One thing is certain and it is that there is no need to look for logic in everything he says because nothing is consistent. So should one really believe him?

You are soon to have success in your personal life thanks to your tenacity and good work. Your efforts will be successful in a personal activity to which you dedicate much time and energy. Your thoughts will be precise, your actions will be targeted and your ambitions will be legitimate. Your choice will be the right one and you will be rewarded for your perseverance.

Your sufferings will leave definitively or they will decrease a great deal. You no longer have to be in despair, because the worries that you have, have no reason for living. A loss will be explained rapidly. You will make a new encounter at the same time that you will receive a gift.

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