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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 36
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You will quickly resolve many of the problems facing you in the immediate future. You will be able to turn a disconcerting situation to your advantage. Combining caution and finesse, you will come up with a method to advance effectively in both personal and professional spheres. A person of imaginative brilliance will be placed at your disposal, to provide assistance, encouragement and support. This person will guide you in demonstrating a quality of tenacity or fearlessness that you previously may have not recognised in yourself. This support can be relied upon. These new developments will allow you to radically reshape a thorny situation that has hindered you for too long. This will cause a chain reaction in your spiritual nature and in your method of addressing the less significant challenges that remain still present in your thoughts. You will quickly eliminate the remaining barriers that hinder your life journey.

Things will be difficult and support from those around you will be weak. You will have to clear out a lot of ground by yourself before others will finally realize that your ideas and your life path are reliable and that real success is waiting for you at the end of your journey. Remain confident in what you’re doing because your intuition is guiding you well. Even if some obstacles sometimes seem insurmountable, you have the true ability to overcome mountains. It’s not because your loved ones don’t trust you; it’s only that they don’t have as much vision as you do. It’s completely normal that not everyone has your flair, so you must forgive. You manage to feel out the future much better than many people and this is why you can see rainbows where others only see rain. Stay your course and indulge your loved ones. One day, your courage will be recognized and you will then be rewarded. Your bravery will bring you esteem from those who are great in this world, but before this happens, you must think about yourself and learn to be proud of what you are.

A complex and a crucial decision (or a decision which will have major repercussions) is to be taken professionally. You will have to meet several people regarding this. Some belong to your immediate surroundings while others may not. Your decision will be difficult and will bring you few moments of discouragement. More specifically, you will suffer from stress of an obstacle (or a limitation) from a person who has a negative influence on a friend who is dear to you and who has always been loyal to you. Your friend has his/her kindness, charm and unconditional love (or his/her strong friendship) as his/her particularity. This is someone whom you admire and in whom you have a blind trust. However, this person is emotional and he/she is easily influenced in order to please people who are close to him/her. Your friend is also a person who has a high sense of organization and work, and who has often been a strong support to you in your projects. An important meeting with him/her must necessarily take place in order to establish whether or not you should go ahead with a transaction or a commitment which could have a major and an irreversible impact on your everyday life and on your long-term future.
Beware of the actions of a business woman (or of a woman who seeks to profit from a financial opportunity). You need to protect yourself, as this woman has objectives that are harmful to you. You are an obstacle to one her projects and she is preparing actions against you. This will involve psychological means as much as financial ones. This woman is incredibly insensitive and she is determined to get her way. She will harm you (or seek to manipulate you) as much as she can. Keep in mind, however, that she has no legal power over you and you can stand up to her. No matter what she tries, you have rights and she knows it.

You will have a favorable interview with a young woman of many talents. You will have a personal meeting with her and you will get her support in the implementation of a project that is close to your heart (personal action or social initiative). You will have a close relationship with this young woman and a real complicity will be born between you two. She will guide you in the path you have to take and (thanks to her extensive knowledge or her great skills), she will allow you to go much further than you envisaged. This young woman is a healer (doctor, nurse, healthcare worker, therapist, or other) and she has the power to bring you to go beyond yourself. As such, she will make you feel good about yourself (your body and your mind). As such, if you are sick, this means that you will soon heal from your sickness (completely, if it is medically possible). Otherwise, if you are healthy, it indicates that you will outdo yourself in your project and that you will succeed in what you do, in a much more striking way than you imagine.

You are currently passing through a period of emotional or psychological fragility and you are in need of protection. You have a clear idea of what you want from life, but recent events are causing you to doubt. You have recently completed an important stage in your life and you must now rise to a new challenge. You are thus in a period of transition, making you more vulnerable. During this transition, you will be closely bound to another person, a Capricorn. This will be a friend, a man whom you see on a daily basis. He is of generous spirit and you are free to trust him. He will allow your current path to lead you through a positive development. Key words: factory, manufacture, bird, self-esteem, refinement, distance, artistic work, Wednesday morning, month of May, happiness in love that is unstable but growing.
You have a routine which repeats itself on annual basis. Each year you are visiting a special place or person. You're going to a place away from your area of residence; as a result, preparations are called for every single time. This journey is for you a kind of pilgrimage, a ritual of some kind or type. It is an occasion when you can benefit from a change in environment and where you can renew yourself and/or reaffirm your faith or your spiritual convinctions. It is herewith revealed that your next trip will be a happy one, either by your having a lot of luck or by bringing luck to someone within your family. You will be witnessing an act of providence or you will benefit from a divine favour.

You arrive to an end of a stagnating period of your life. A break-free is coming up and you will have the right for a fresh start. A goal which you always had fixed is now possible and you will have the opportunity to try your luck again. Your freedom will be greater and consequently you can plan, organize and act with less limitations and greater flexibility. An unavoidable obligation awaits you, but your unwavering willpower will remain and will lead to overcome the frustrations with intelligence and control. Your combative energy which is full of spirit will be a great asset to you. A woman who belongs to the Zodiac sign of Aquarius will have a somewhat surprising impact on the progression of events to come. This woman is a doctor, or she works in a field related to medicine. Keywords: city, pet, sanitation, skills, formal declaration, indulgence, Wednesday afternoon, month of May.

You try to help a woman but she appears suspicious. This woman is older than you. She no longer feels comfortable with what she is experiencing and sinks into anguish. Even if her suffering is coming to an end, she still remains fearful with everyone. This woman feels threatened by what you say to her. You are trying to be sincere and comforting with her but she feels manipulated and deceived. Be patient because she has suffered a violent emotional shock and it is only time that will make her regain her spirits. She will soon understand better what is happening to her and it is only at that moment that she will give you her trust. Her most pressing need for now is safety. Above all, she needs to feel safe in her environment. Show yourself to be sensitive to her need and the words will no longer be so important.

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