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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 38
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A delicate situation professionally-speaking (or at work) will force you to make a defensive decision. The situation will be such that you will perhaps have to react in order not to be targeted unfairly (or by mistake). A difficult hardship will have to be overcome by many people and you’ll have to try not to become part of this group of people. A large project (disturbance) will be coming to your professional world and this project will include a reorganization that will create victims. This reorganization will be favorable overall, yet it will open the doors to score-settling. As a result, be sure that you have an irreproachable image because if you want to leave this situation a winner, you’ll have be as white as snow.

Money will bring about intense discussions with a man approximately your age. A transaction, an investment or an acquisition will lead you into a negotiation which will involve a rather considerable amount of money (in comparison to your financial means). These discussions will take place over several days and you will have to wait before getting a definitive answer from this man. An agreement will have to be signed, but details (or formalities) will have to be resolved before it can all be confirmed. The waiting time which will be necessary before everything is finalized will have you experience great emotions, and at times it will seem almost unbearable (anxiety facing the uncertainty). Fortunately, you will reach an agreement (satisfactory for both of you) and with great delight you will find your usual serenity again. This is about a significant progress and happy event in the course of your life, and then you will fully deserve to be proud of yourself.

You are going to take another trip (return to the same place). You will go abroad, to a country (or place) that greatly impresses you. You will travel by sea (or fly over the sea). You have already been to this place, but you like it so much that you will return again. Alternatively, if you have not been there yet, then you will go there several times. You will go to a city near the sea. This city is close to a valley or near a hill. There are numerous boats (all kinds of small craft). Many famous people regularly visit this city. This place is renowned (or known) throughout the world.
You are soon to have success in your personal life thanks to your tenacity and good work. Your efforts will be successful in a personal activity to which you dedicate much time and energy. Your thoughts will be precise, your actions will be targeted and your ambitions will be legitimate. Your choice will be the right one and you will be rewarded for your perseverance.

An investment opportunity will be offered to you. You’ll be able to take advantage of favourable circumstances at the financial level. An investment will bring your considerable profits. Only your current financial capacity is a determining factor facing the importance of the investment that you’ll soon make and the gains that you’ll get from it in the coming years. You have a financial investment to make and you’ll have to begin as soon as possible to prepare to take advantage of it. But be careful, this opportunity is only destined for you if you manage your finances intelligently. This investment will be lucrative only if you’ve taken care of building important reserves of money during the last few years. You mustn’t use the money that’s destined to your everyday wellbeing or that of the people close to you, as this will undeniably lead you towards financial disaster. You also mustn’t borrow or get rid of things that are necessary to you. You are thus advised to take meticulous care not to waste your money unnecessarily from now until then, as every penny you save today will bring you lots in a few years.

You will show great determination in overcoming a new challenge. Courage is part of your strength of character, and it will lead you to surmount a major obstacle (or cross a milestone) in the completion or fulfilment of a project, dream or ideal. Your resolve is so strong that you will be disconcerting to others. Socially speaking, it is clear that you have not reached your peak yet, because (numerous) major successes are still to come in your life. You are an extremely determined individual (who is not afraid of challenges), and the fact is that you will successfully overcome the mountains that rise up before you.
A woman of great sympathy wants to soothe you. This woman has the qualities of courage, tenacity and pride. She feels that you are stressed or under attack and she is filled with compassion for you. You need to be reassured and this woman wants to teach you to control your emotions. Her teachings are done with gentleness and subtlety. She can teach you to manage your fears and your sorrows in a more sustainable and almost unnoticeable way. Her energy is penetrating and she can do you much good if you accept her help. This woman has two pieces of advice for you: Her first one is not to put off the decision you must make. You are currently going through a situation that demands great control of your emotions and you must face it now, and you must do it with courage, but also with humility. Her second piece of advice is to get some rest. This woman wishes for you to take a vacation as soon as you can. Once you make your decision, you will have to rest and take your mind off things. This is for your own good and you truly need it.

A situation will be difficult. A person will need you. This will be a woman who is older than you. She is part of your everyday circle. She can be recognized by her beauty and her great physical attractiveness. She recently had minor surgery. This woman has quasi-exceptional prudence, which leads her to be very little combative when confronted with a major problem. Even though she has a very appealing personality, someone wishes her harm and considerably complicates her life. She is going to suffer devastating grief and you will have to support her emotionally. You will need to transmit her a lot of love to encourage her to open up to you. You must be persevering and philosophical, since this woman will be very afflicted. This is a question of a broken marriage, of a mountain, and of an abandoned land.

Your loved one gives you many answers, but does not really commit. You depend on his/her goodwill, and you do not really control the relationship that you have with him/her. Above all, you need to be tolerant, because the married life that you seek is something rare. If possible, you should limit your expectations because you too are not easy to understand. Obviously, your relationship is viable and sustainable, but you must first learn how to tame it. Be attentive, because you can fill the life of the person that you love, and this, with far fewer compromises than you imagine. Making the right choices and taking the right decisions is not always easy, but this is what is asked of you here. Your loved one has a lot to offer you, but you must let him/her act in his/her own way. This person can surprise you greatly if you give him/her the opportunity to express him/herself in his/her own way. So, give him/her a little more freedom (for personal initiatives) and you will congratulate yourself for it (pleasant surprises).

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