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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 39
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A woman is trying to lure you in the hope of concluding a transaction (dishonest business) with you. She is older than you are and she seems respectable. One must not trust appearances because she is a cheat and a liar. She makes commitments that she does not meet. Be careful not to let yourself be charmed by beautiful words (an opportunity too good to be true or serious). Her strategy is clever. She says she wants your good (protection, comfort, security, etc.), but in reality she wants your money (your naivety). This is linked to the place where you live (house, apartment or other). Be careful, because apart from empty promises and unfulfilled commitments, you will obtain absolutely nothing concrete (realistic) from this woman.

A person is managing to read into your thoughts. Fortunately, this person doesn’t wish you any harm. He/she accepts your ideas and he/she agrees with your opinions. This person puts forth actions that seek to achieve objectives that are the same ones you have. You share a common secret and this is what joins you so closely. Your personalities have a facet so similar that an unperceivable channel of communication was created between both of you. Nevertheless, you must understand that this person reads your thoughts better than you can read his/hers. Your relationship is excellent but, for a reason that isn’t revealed, this person has an advantage over you and always will have it. Therefore, remain the way you are since this inequality is harmonious and constructive both for you and for him/her. You have no interest in impressing this person so remain humble, because that’s good like it is.

A naive and reckless person is madly in love with you. This person is terribly attracted to you and looks for you wherever he/she can. You have already met up with him/her and he/she has already let you know of his/her desire for you. This person has a very attractive appearance and the desire to have intimate relations with him/her has even already crossed your mind. Moreover, it is also possible that you have already had intimate relations with him/her. A possible prolonged relationship that you might have with this person, even if it has a magical and wonderful appearance, hides a complication that is extremely difficult to overcome. You could have exceptional happiness with this person, but it will only be short term. A major challenge will hinder your connection and promises will not be able to be kept.
A delay in your financial situation should be taken into consideration. Excellent financial results are pending, but they are expected later. You have made good decisions and your progress is good, but the fruit of your labour will not come immediately. You made rewarding choices, possibly even more rewarding than you imagine, but you must be patient. Keep up the good work, because the more persistent you will be, the more you will profit (later) from your good decisions (of today). You are a true visionary and your initiatives are very pioneering. If others do not understand what you are doing, you should not worry, because later they will (undoubtedly) witness your extraordinary success. In short, your actions are important, well-founded, and well-targeted, but be patient, because you are before your time. Do not be afraid to seem like somebody that is eccentric or unreasonable, because while others might see in you only someone obsessed with senseless projects, it is rather your genius that they should see. You are strong, very strong even, and you will confound everyone!

Worries and stress are currently having an impact on you in a very telling way. Your current business (or activities) are not going the way you would want (or wish). It seems that you will have to adapt to a new situation (context, environment or such), which is going to be there for the long term. Something in your life has changed and there’s no going back. You have lost your bearings and will have to orient yourself in a different way. This is not necessarily a negative thing, as all indications are that you are entering a new phase of your existence. Some of your life experiences are no longer useful for you, as the change you are in the midst of is too great. It’s a little like starting all over again. You need to take back some privileges for yourself, as you have lost so many of them. On the other hand, you are still the same “fighter” and you still have all the potential you ever had. You have doubtless stumbled in one way or another but you are going to stand up again (if you haven’t already). Something has necessarily taken place that is very major, as nothing will be the same again. This change may be something that you wanted or maybe it's a normal culmination point in your life. If this is the case, it’s up to you to find your new bearings. You have now lost what you had to lose, and so from now on, you have everything to gain. Show your intelligence and you will succeed in constructing an extraordinary world (full of abundance). You can achieve great things, so if you manage your new life well, a wonderful universe awaits you.

A story of justice from the past resurfaces. A balance that had been fixed is now broken. You will have to be represented by a lawyer, counselor or professional. It has taken you some time to become aware of this situation, but it's not too late to react. A man must be held accountable for his actions. His past actions will determine his future. In astrology, this man is a Gemini. You will be called to a meeting or an encounter for a reprehensible action carried out by this man against you or against a member of your immediate family. It will be a Wednesday afternoon in September. It will be in a building high up, in a place where there are many people who walk, meet and discuss. You will have to adhere to an agreement of some kind before you claim your rights. Please do not let yourself be manipulated by people who are more experienced than you. Remain true to your beliefs and everything should be fine. It should be noted, but without any effect, that there will be a pregnant woman or a new mom at the meeting.
You will have the opportunity to make an unforgettable journey together with a lover. This journey will allow you to strengthen the bond that unites you with the person you love. Of course, this journey will be expensive, even very expensive, but it has great significance both for you and for your beloved. You would like to make this journey with all your heart, and indeed it will allow you to get closer to your beloved and be more intimate with him/her. Do not miss this opportunity as it will be a unique occasion for you. This journey is an indispensable step in your life and you absolutely have to make it. You have made a lot of sacrifices up until now and you deserve to be rewarded. You will avoid detours and taste an intense happiness. There is no need to have inordinate ambitions in order to reach the end of something, because this is for you the beginning of an even more beautiful life. You are an intuitive person so you do not need to hesitate. You can have access to a lot more than what you have always imagined and you will discover this during your journey.

A reality is obvious, yet you prefer to ignore it. Unfortunately, a relationship that you have with a person of the opposite sex (at the professional level) will lead you nowhere. Yes, you know it (or you seriously suspect it), but your feelings continue to trouble you. Take care, because your most serious enemy here is yourself. If you cling to a person who is on a route that is totally different to yours, one day (inevitably) you will take different paths. So even if you think you can do more, is it really in your best interests (in the long term)? Nonetheless, this person has something particular in connection with you (something that binds you both very closely together). This can probably explain what you feel, but it seems it is only later on that you will find it out.

You will have a positive encounter with a young man. This young man is new in your surroundings and he is distinguished by his kindness and charm. He is a perfectionist in everything he does and he is always serious when it comes to helping someone else. He is trustworthy and always keeps his word. This young man admires you and wants to follow you (or have you as a role model). You exude something (in your personality) that impresses him, but it is difficult to understand exactly what it is, because it does not seem to precisely be anything in particular. This meeting will thus be the starting point of a growing friendship. This young man will, in the future, be a part of your life (everyday surroundings), and he will have an influence over you, your daily life, and on many of your future decisions. You will do many things with him and he will take care of you. Your health will be his greatest priority and, in addition to being one of your greatest admirers, he will also be one of your most loyal supporters (psychologically and spiritually) for the coming years.

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