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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 4
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The gentleness and goodness of someone is essential for you. Someone loves you more than anything in the world, but you do not know this. He/she helped you (or comforted you) in the past, during great distress, but you were not really aware of this, because your mind was turned elsewhere. This person has the ability to put the sun and the stars in your life, but he/she has not often had the opportunity to do this, because you do not seem to have understood how much you love him/her too. Strangely, you do not realize the strength of the bond between you two, and consequently, you do nothing to maintain it. This person does not speak to you very much (or very often), because he/she does not want to impose him/herself in your life. However (unconsciously) you love him/her immensely and one day you will desperately need him/her. Do not search in vain, because this is not the one whom you are thinking of. Do not waste your time in vain quests, because your happiness is very near to you, in your everyday life. You may be miserable today, but you will be filled with happiness tomorrow!

You will need to make a decision about a young mother who lives nearby. This young woman is living a difficult situation with a child, and you will have to act so as to diminish her suffering. Your action, no matter whether it takes place on a moral, spiritual, material, financial or other level, will comfort her enormously. Whatever you are able to do, don’t hesitate to do it, for it is your hand extended to her that will provide her with great relief. This young woman feels she is burdened by life and you can make all the difference. This has to do with a young woman of foreign origin who recently moved into your neighborhood. Although she doesn’t have a lot of money, her main worries are not of a financial nature. She has a job, but she seems poorly adjusted to her new environment. She has had an accident (not necessarily a very serious one) not so long ago and she is still experiencing the emotional shock that she underwent at that moment. This accident was so unanticipated that she now suffers from great insecurity. Open your heart to her and life will reward you.

Somebody is trying to tell you something, but he/she does not have the courage to do so (shame, embarrassment, etc.). This is someone who is tied to you romantically (or who wants to reveal his/her love to you). This person would like you to spend more time with him/her. He/she understands your situation well, but he/she still hopes to see you demonstrate a greater openness in your relationship with him/her. Even if he/she feels helpless to change things, he/she needs you and he/she sincerely wishes to have a private conversation with you. Here, we are talking about jealousy, or something close to it. In fact, you seem to be overwhelmed by your commitments to other people and this person feels left out because of them. However, we are not necessarily talking about selfishness, because in view of the circumstances his/her feeling appears to be quite normal. What’s more, one of you two must soon leave on a trip and you will be separated for some time. For him/her, it is an additional bit of stress to go through and it is probably what is making him/her so anxious currently.
An important meeting is coming up with a woman about your age. This meeting will be of a financial nature. This woman is a stranger to you (or is new in your surroundings.) She has artistic skills (or an exceptional talent for manual work.) This is a passionate and intelligent woman, who is always looking for good relations with others, and who knows how to make herself liked by everybody. She likes talking (both about serious things and about banalities) and conversations with her are often lengthy. Unfortunately, your meeting with this woman will not really bring you what you are looking for. On the contrary, this woman will bring you to reconsider an act that you are about to perform. In fact, you are facing a great challenge on the financial level, and your meeting with this woman will clearly show you this. Your project can therefore not be realized now, but you must in no case abandon it. Here, it is not your project that is the problem, but rather the context in which you are. It is essential that you adjust your plans if you want them to work. Yes, you have to improve your financial situation, but you will manage it, there is no doubt. Take the time to analyze the situation from all angles, and you will be surprised by the other (interesting) alternatives that are available for you to achieve your ends.

A situation is worrying. A young woman has a very immoral and inappropriate behavior. Despite her nice conversation, she has a way of life that is disturbing. She is particularly beautiful (sexually desirable) and she uses her charm to gain power over men. Her cynicism is great and she does not hesitate to provoke people (actions, words...) (offensive, indecent...) when she wants to make her point known. She is a master manipulator and she is constantly looking to impose her life’s philosophy (sex, licentiousness, debauchery...) both with women as with men. As such, despite its nature or its importance, your relationship with this young woman is unhealthy (or will soon become so). She wants to bring you to live in her way (to better manipulate you), so be careful not to find yourself in an embarrassing or extremely delicate situation because of her. In fact, she has a scandalous proposition for you... This young woman has a bad reputation, so you had better stay away from her because it could seriously harm your image.

You currently have in your hands a document that seems useless to you, but it is not. Keep it carefully, because it is an important paper (or collection of information) and it will serve you later. We are talking about information (or instructions) that relate to something in another country. It is a country overseas. You will take a trip to this country. You will go there partly by boat and then the rest by train. Here, it is a matter of privileged information (or a well-guarded secret – reserved for very few people). This document will be very useful to you and, when the moment comes, you will fully understand its importance. As far as you’re concerned, it has an inestimable value and you will be glad you kept it. You will meet a man older than you. This man is the key to the mystery.
You’ll be able to plan the trip you desire with the person you love. The context is conducive to the realization of your project and the great stability that prevails (or will soon prevail) in your life (in general) will allow you to increase and diversify more the small pleasures you wish to offer yourself in the future. You made some good investments (or you have taken actions that will be very profitable for you financially) and your returns will multiply. A key event will soon mark your existence on earth and it’s proclaimed that you will realize most of your dreams sooner than you think. You will know abundance and you will know how to enjoy it intelligently and sustainably. (Very good management of your financial, material and real estate assets).

A young woman’s hopes and/or successes depend on you or on your relationship with her. This young woman occupies a privileged place in your life or in your daily activities and it will be very important to keep healthy, maintain a good psychological state and a positive attitude in everything you undertake with her or for her. This young woman feels a great attachment to you. For her, you are a source of both comfort and self-affirmation. You recently made a commitment regarding her, and you should stick to it. Keeping this commitment will require major effort on your part, but you know you can’t go back on your word. You are the person she is counting on the most and you must not let her down. The stakes are enormous, for this young woman is returning from far away. She recently went through a difficult experience that ultimately proved to be an extremely grueling event for her. Even if she may not have told you, she has even thought about or attempted in the past to end her physical life on earth because of an existence that was too tormenting. Taking care of this young woman will be a laborious task for you (more on a psychological than physical level), but you have the capacity to make a difference in her life. Stay strong and loyal to her, and you will be assured that one day she will repay you a hundredfold. The divine entrusts her to you, so take good care of her.

A woman is thinking, and her thoughts directly concern you. This is a very close friend (at the social or professional level). She has to make a decision and you're an important part of her preoccupations. This woman knows you well and knows what kind of reaction she should expect from you. She is intuitive and understanding, but her role (work or otherwise) impose choices and constraints on her. She probably has authority over you (or something to that effect) because she has to decide your fate in relation to a situation that is evolving faster than expected. Fortunately, you can trust her judgment because she is determined to do everything to avoid inconveniencing you (drawbacks, harm, etc.). Yes, you'll have to submit to changes that are happening in your environment, but everything will go smoothly. Therefore, turmoil is coming at a social or professional level, but you'll be able to maintain most of your acquisitions. Despite the constraints, this woman will save you from huge problems. Even if it all happens behind the scenes, you can consider her as a true friend.

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