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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 41
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A rumour will soon be confirmed. Someone is preparing to give you some important news. This is news that you are waiting impatiently for. An event (very favourable) has indeed occurred. This event marks the beginning of a new era. Your intuition was good and the rumours were true. It is no longer the time for speculation but for the realisation of a project you have cherished for a long time. This concerns a phenomenal success and the culmination of a dream. You have worked hard to get here and you fully deserve what awaits you. Your joy will be great!

A considerable sum of money will be coming. It concerns an investment of some kind that you made recently (or that you are preparing to make). Monetary or otherwise, this investment will indeed be profitable. You will be rewarded for audacity. This income will serve you in the long run, and you will continue to benefit from it in several years. It will later be entirely up to you to use it just as intelligently, in order to make it yield more profit.

You will be invited to a reception or official ceremony. You will be honoured at this event for your perseverance at work and/or your success with a project involving many people. You will receive a reward (or a present). This will be a very special moment for you. This event will be unforgettable. It will be really enjoyable and you will amuse yourself greatly. We are speaking here about a company (business office, public administration, manufacturer, factory or other). This company is preparing to make a major acquisition. To this company you are a tenacious person who always acts in a professional manner, regardless of the obstacles. You are an important member (or partner) of this company and they want to indicate this to you. To this company, you are a person of great value because you are someone who always makes wise choices possible in all circumstances.
(Present moment or near future) A woman wants to sell you a physical asset of great value (or a luxury item). This asset (or this object) attracts you greatly. It is very expensive and one can assess its great value at first glance. This is a physical object one would be very proud of and which one would like to show to others. It is a symbol of financial success (or wealth). If, though, you do wish to acquire it, you will have to make many payments (years). This item has a value too great to be purchased with cash. Moreover, it was not meant for you and this woman knows that perfectly well. This object is of no use to you and she tries to sell it to you all the same. Be careful not to let yourself be fooled by this woman because she seeks only her personal benefit. She will try to (legally) sell you something that is beyond your financial capacity (that requires unreasonable sacrifices). This object will not bring you anything concrete (related to your happiness) and you will only waste your money. What this woman ultimately has to offer you is foolishness and regret. She can be very persuasive, so be vigilant.

You will take part in a very interesting business transaction. You will have an associate (a woman). She has a great artistic sense. She is from a culture that is different from yours. You will therefore have to agree together about some basic principles that you do not have in common. Happily, you both have courage and an open mind. This will be your strength. This agreement concerns a commercial activity. You will be business partners and your cooperation will be honest, caring and warm. We are talking here about a successful business whose future prospects are excellent. On the other hand, your beginnings will be somewhat laborious, so you should pay attention not to mess things up. During the first months, disorder will be present in your financial planning. Perseverance and creativity will therefore be your strongest assets. Once this stage has been passed, you will definitely make good profits. Moreover, significant property acquisitions are to follow in the coming years.

Even if you think that it is and will remain superficial, the relationship that you have with a young person of the opposite sex (a newcomer in your surroundings) will grow (or will become more intense). This young person has a very nice personality and he/she impresses others with his/her beauty and charm. Although for him/her, it is natural to be nice with everyone, his/her kindness and sensitivity towards you appears to be much more sincere than it is with most people. In fact, you have such a special place in his/her thoughts that he/she often feels (emotionally) distressed when you are not there. As such, if you think that you are receiving more compliments from him/her than you truly deserve, you need to seriously stop and think about this issue. This young person clearly shows great interest in you, so do not be surprised if his/her shows of tenderness multiply as your relationship evolves. This young person is full of enthusiasm in your presence, and this is not at all a coincidence.
Your romantic situation is unclear. It is even strange. So much so, that you yourself no longer understand what is happening to you. You have ambition, but you have the distinct impression that everything might collapse at any time. You certainly bear a wound of love inside you. Of course, you make an effort to make everything fun and exciting, but it seems that you cannot manage to act effectively and/or sustainably. Presumably, you work too much to achieve your purposes, and this is clearly not reasonable. Maybe you need to impress (again) the person that you love and make him/her rediscover what he/she appreciates the most in you… If this is the case, you have to show your attachment plainly and unambiguously, because indifference is not an option. On the other hand, if the person you love is not your partner and never was, you will probably have to try a new approach in your romantic relationship with him/her. Everything is possible, but for this you must absolutely be more strategic in your way of doing things. In addition, you might be in love with the wrong person, so it might be appropriate to try your luck with somebody else. As such, understand that if the person in question does not appreciate your true value, your efforts will always be futile. Yes, you have to keep the flame alive, but do not forget that love should give us wings, and not consume us.

Your energy will have been well spent and a disagreement will be resolved. You’re confronted by a problem of instability in your human relationships and you’ll be able to overcome it with great dignity. Even if your pride is put to the test, you won’t neglect your duties and you’ll solve your problem with great realism. Your realization will be very clear and it’ll confirm your ability to correct your mistakes and recognize the contexts that lead to a dead end. The end of a disagreement is to come thanks to your future actions. You’ll know how to clearly target your problem and you’ll be able to permanently break away from your problem. Your ideal for life relies on true love, so don’t be afraid to hang on to your dream, as it is what will allow you to find your taste for challenges and joy of living.

In three days, you will witness a strange phenomenon. You will not be alone. You will be in the company of someone else- a friend, a colleague or the sort. You will be in a small group of people. You will meet a being with paranormal or supernatural abilities. There will be levitation; therefore it will likely be a being from the beyond. Everything seems to indicate that you will witness the apparition of a person that comes from the beyond. This apparition will be planned and it will be directly destined for you. This being has a message to convey to you. He or she will convey it you in a non-verbal fashion, but you will understand it clearly.

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