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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 42
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A new event will have you make a major decision. This situation will be sudden, but not necessarily unexpected. It has to do with a monumental failure suffered by a woman in your circle of close friends. A reckless action will be undertaken and this woman will have to live with the consequences of her actions. This woman has overly grand ambitions and she frankly plays with risk. Apparently, her confidence in herself is unreasonable, which brings her to make choices that are much too impulsive. Her detachment regarding human values is problematic for many people and this also concerns you. There will be a test of strength between you and this woman, forcing you to make a sharp decision. A line will be crossed and this action will require an uncompromising answer from you.

Cooperation (collaboration) with a woman is coming in order to evaluate the profitability of a financial investment that you would like to make. You will have a frank and very professional relationship with this woman. You will conclude an agreement with her in order to take an important step with regards to a financial process. This woman is smart, careful and honest, and as such you can be confident in her. Here, we are probably talking about a business investment, real estate investment, or stock transaction. It is certainly an investment that will be very profitable for you over time (years).

A man of about the same age as you comes to you because of financial problems. It could be a neighbour or someone from very close to where you live. He tells you that he needs money for food. His behaviour is demanding. He recently went into mourning. Not mourning over a person, but mourning in a broader sense of the term. He wants you to ease his suffering. He wanders in parks and often tells people nonsense. This man is more in need of psychological or psychiatric help than your financial support. You must be wary of him because he is often bossy, exasperating and unpredictable. Any help that you might give him should not be the result of a moral question, but rather out of wisdom.
You will find common ground with a person opposed to one of your projects. This person is a woman somewhat younger than you. She holds an opinion contrary to yours in terms of a financial transaction. She is associated with you on the professional level. It is probably a colleague at work, or a very good friend with whom you entertain a business relationship on a regular basis. Your affective relationship is sincere, and you share the same level of spiritual evolution. As a rule, she has confidence in you and she takes a lot of motivation from you. This time, however, she is in complete disagreement with you and she has decided to stop you in your endeavours. She is stubborn; therefore you will have to be perceptive vis-à-vis her. Whatever it is all about, you are fortunate, as this women is about to commit a decisive error. Her mistake will prove you right. You will also benefit from the support of an influential person during the conclusion of this business matter.

A person is trying to seduce you. This person wants to have a greater intimacy with you. Your connection with him/her is on the professional level. He/she has desired you for some time. You please him/her a great deal. You even represent a fantasy for him/her. In this case, however, it is much more a question of sexuality than affection or real love. This person, in fact, is more attracted by your physical appearance (and/or the way you dress yourself) than by your personality as such. Besides, we are speaking here about someone who has rather a superficial (limited) view of love relationships. Moreover, sexually speaking he/she has no inhibitions. He/she is always looking to make new conquests, even if he/she is possibly already part of a couple or in a relationship. In short, you are strongly advised against this person if you are looking for stability and commitment in your love life. So be careful (even if you have a need to be filled). Keywords: carnal desires, sexual urges, indecency, deviance, non-existent love.

You must maintain your position in order to confront a person effectively. This person has already been your friend but he/she no longer is. You know him/her well, but it's more thanks to your intuition that you will manage to act in the right way (preventive and defensive action) to counter his/her machinations. You have to be ready for all eventualities because this person is devious and unpredictable. You need to be infallible (or irreproachable) because he/she knows your weak points well and this is to your detriment. Your plan is good, so it is up to you not to make any missteps. This person is currently experiencing financial problems and it is this that motivates his/her actions. He/she has not learned enough lessons from mistakes, therefore he/she continues to act badly (immaturity and poor financial management). It is not up to you to pay for his/her mistakes, so do not let him/her dominate you, even if done in an indirect or roundabout way.
A man who owes you money is going to pay you some of it back. This man does not have any genuine bad intentions, but he often shows irresponsible behaviour. He has an attitude problem and has virtually no prospects for the future. His existence is an eternal new beginning and he has decided once again to start from scratch. He probably has some sort of problem to resolve with himself (alcohol, drugs, gambling, carelessness or other) because he is continuously in trouble. Currently, this man has complications with the law. He is not dishonest with you but lending (or giving) him money is always a risky business. It would be better for you not to maintain (or severely limit) financial dealings with him. You are perhaps a little too indulgent with him. It is not up to you to always bear the weight of his mistakes, especially if he is incorrigible. This man plays with your feelings and is wreaking havoc in your life (he destroys your dreams). He considers you to be his lifeline and will never understand that you also need to feel safe.

Your situation is gradually becoming clearer day by day with an individual of the opposite sex who is about the same age as you. This individual comes from the close circle of a friend and he/she has the downside (in a more or less concealed way) of his/her meanness and ruthless (sometimes even cruel) acts. In love, he/she is excessively disdainful and during conversations with friends, he/she often shows a very disturbing degree of cynicism. You should think of a new way to be with this individual, since he/she has succeeded in having an unhealthy hold on you. Your way of acting in his/her presence makes you vulnerable to his/her power of seduction and personal ambitions such that this individual hasn’t the slightest hesitation about using his/her assets, both physical and psychological (beauty, sex-appeal, emotional blackmail) to dominate and manipulate you. He/she knows exactly how to charm you with small gestures or little subtle words and he/she abuses his/her power over you to an outrageous degree. This individual is far from sincere; so don’t let yourself be lulled by his/her false tenderness toward you. Yes, he/she certainly wants to get something from you (you have to find out what), but this has nothing to do with love or affection, even if his/her actions seem to shamelessly suggest otherwise.

You will come into contact with a young woman who has fears about making a decision. This young woman seems to be anxious about the reality of life. She hesitates to take an active place in society. She must act, but she dares not to. All excuses are good for her: it’s not the right time; it’s not the right direction; the bar is too high, etc. Her cycle must now come to an end and you will have to advise her or to help her. Her goal is clear, but she lacks self-confidence. She has reached a point of completion and she must absolutely take a step now. She is facing a deadline and she will become involved in a movement without a future if she does not make her decision quickly. She will not be able to maintain control of the events in her life and this really will not be to her advantage. She must imperatively act as quickly as possible. If not, others will decide for her and this will be in their own interests and not in hers.

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