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A sentimental surprise is on its way. Someone loves you and will do something great to please you (or do an action that will greatly move you). He/she will make a very big expense for you (or in order to have the opportunity to spend time with you). This person is a little younger than you. You know him/her through a connection he/she has with someone from your entourage. This is a person who loves organizing events and always works in a very detailed way. He/she speaks eloquently and knows how to convince people (regardless of the situations). You should pay particular attention to the way he/she behaves with you (extreme politeness, great tenderness, etc.), because even if he/she’s trying to reveal his/her feelings to you, he/she is hesitating to do it (either because he/she is shy with people of the opposite sex, because he/she is intimidated by you or because he/she is afraid of rejection). A sure thing is that this person feels a great attraction for you and his/her nonverbal is saying a lot about it.

Disarray is present in your life. You are going through a challenging period on the emotional level. You wish to escape and your desire for attachment is soon directed toward a person (m/f) who is new to your circle. For you, this person represents the joy of living and the naïveté that you do not find any more in your usual interactions. Far from being pretentious, this person also demonstrates a large tenderness for you and this touches you greatly. You have something in common and that is what attracts you the most about him/her. It has to do with something that is very symbolic for you and that moved you at once during your first encounter. On the other hand, this person seems to create large ambiguity in your thoughts. You know the trap that he/she represents for you and you greatly fear the large instability that he/she could create in your life.

A person will prove their gratitude for a favour you did for them a long time ago. This person will make a significant gesture to help you get through an obstacle, or to allow you to overcome an important challenge. A good deed will be done to you with loyalty and gratitude. This person is younger than you are and is connected to the sun and warmth. Either they live south* of you, or else they live (or come from) a country in the South (*in the North, for people in the Southern Hemisphere). There is also a question of love and feelings, and therefore it is possibly someone with whom you already have a relationship stronger than mere friendship. The past also reveals (in an obscure way) an accident, injury or hospitalisation related to alcohol (or an excessive consumption of drugs or medicines). This person has changed a lot in recent years, buy they have not forgotten you. You are still somebody who occupies a very important place in their thoughts and you will see them again at a recital or show offering some kind of artistic performance.
You will be more audacious than the people around you. Your initiatives will give you great personal satisfaction. Of course, they will not all be successful, but in a general way they will undoubtedly make you progress more easily than the others. You will have a routine that will seem irrational to many people, but which will be very sensible to you. Your successes will above all be related to your way of informing yourself (obtaining information of the highest order). You will be better informed than your rivals and will be able to act (or take decisions) faster than them. You will always have privileged information at hand and will often be able to take decisions that others cannot. You will therefore be an informed person and your sense of organisation will save you from making unnecessary efforts. You will be a methodical person and will not do what many people do unnecessarily (without knowing it). In short, you will be able to adapt more quickly to all situations and consequently you will obtain (from life) more than the others and with much less effort. In this way, you will not work unnecessarily and it is this that will be one of your greatest strengths.

There is a disagreement between you and the person you love. You lack efficacy in your approach to love and you are unable to distance yourself sufficiently from others. A certain naivety in business seems to be the main conflict between the two of you. Not everything is solely a question of appearance and physical beauty. The minutiae of your way of life or of seeing things sometimes seem bizarre in the eyes of your loved one. On some occasions they are worrying, and on others they are irritating. This facet of your personality must be corrected, as it can lead to needless disputes. In particular, this concerns your way of managing your personal finances. Your loved one criticises you or is upset by your recklessness. Your way of acting seems to demonstrate your vulnerability to leaving yourself open to hoax, fraud or theft by experienced sellers and professional scammers. This could also concern compulsive buying that you do. A negotiation that you carried out with a man of the Aries sign, one Sunday afternoon in July, seems to be most especially involved.

You will be noticed because of your actions. Your spirit will be enriched by a balanced, radiant energy which will be abundantly expressed in your relationships with others. With your good behavior and the good influence you have on others, protection will be acquired for you for many years to come and will manifest itself principally at the major turning points in your life. Important will be the marvels that will have the task of preparing your destiny. Powerful will be the phenomena that will be charged with watching over you and keeping away the evil spirits obstructing your way. Your enemies will have to be on guard, for great misfortunes will afflict those who dare to spread evil in your path or inflict wounds on you, regardless of whether these are psychological or physical.

You will take a trip in order to relieve yourself of stress that is becoming too intrusive. We are speaking here about a therapy. It concerns a stay, hike or retreat in an isolated place (rest, relaxation, meditation). If you have suffered significant difficulties recently, it could also concern a hospitalisation or a rest aimed at curing an anxiety that incapacitates you or prevents you from recovering (fully or effectively) physically (disturbed sleep, chronic fatigue, burnout, depression, etc.). If, however, you do not suffer any particular discomfort, this indicates that you will give yourself a moment of well-deserved rest. This therapy will certainly last longer than a day, but should not extend to more than a week. You will, therefore, have to be separated from a close friend for a little while. You will also have to submit to several restrictions, so you should be well prepared mentally.

You will have the protection of a powerful man. You will have to defend yourself against a malevolent attack, but you will be defended and protected by a man who holds a high hierarchical position in your community, and who has great confidence in himself and in his means of intervention. He will face the people who oppose you and he will protect you. This man has a great political influence and he has the capacity to resist the greatest affronts. His past exploits are remarkable and he will give you back your self-confidence.

You are well loved. A person in your professional circle always appears friendly and very helpful with you. His/her small kindnesses are much more than mere politeness. This person feels real love for you. His/her silence on the subject, however, reveals embarrassment. You are special to him/her and he/she sees you as forbidden fruit. Explanation: This person is already in a relationship and his/her love for you makes him/her extremely uncomfortable. He/she does not want to call his/her current relationship into question because he/she finds comfort and security (money, family, etc.) in it. This person is very attracted to you but will not make any move to get closer in the foreseeable future. Even if he/she loves you and sincerely wants you, he/she is very afraid of compromising himself/herself in a fellowship that might resemble an extramarital affair. He/she feels trapped and it is with great regret that he/she refrains from confessing what he/she really feels for you.

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