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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 44
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A woman wishes, hopes or would like to live and spend her life with you. She is living with a man, at the moment. Her life with his man is correct, but it is monotonous and unappealing. It is a conservative relationship, based more on convenience and financial benefit than love. Still, in her heart of hearts, you are the one she loves, and not the man she lives with. You know her very well, and the two of you often do things together. There is even a financial connection between you (recurring monetary transactions). What is more, either she has already lent you money for a major investment or you have already made a major joint investment. However, she may be hesitating or refusing to admit her love to you because of social constraints linked to an equally compromising admission.

You will develop a deep attachment to someone new. This is someone who is younger than you, from the opposite sex, and who has recently become part of your surroundings (or who you are about to meet) for social, pedagogical, or professional reasons. This person is kind and you will feel extremely good in his/her presence (protective and comforting energy or consciousness). We are talking here about someone who is helpful and very sociable with people (even those that he/she does not know). He/she likes to teach others and he/she is extremely skilled with children. His/her abilities and aptitudes are large and numerous, and they will impress you greatly. Given the high value that this person will have in your eyes, it will be natural for you to seek to get closer to him/her or to have a closer or more formal relationship with him/her. However, be careful not to show (publicly or too intensely) your affection for this person, because this could spark gossip. However, do not worry about loving this person, because he/she deserves it and he/she will return it to you in kind. But, you will have to be careful, because here there are rules that must be respected, or constraints to be considered (order, balance, or social hierarchy).

You need to have an important conversation with someone close to you but this conversation is slow in coming. You need answers but (currently) the answers you receive are blurred. It is a question here of a person you love. You are impatient to hear from him/her, but this impatience is slowly turning into anxiety. You need reassuring about what is coming, but opportunities to take stock of the situation do not arise. Are your expectations too high? Be careful not to intimidate this person with too much eagerness because it is perhaps you that paralyses him/her. Be more modest in your expectations and at the same time you will probably give him/her the breath of fresh air that he/she needs in the circumstances. Yes, you are a person of great maturity, but do you not see that your heart has remained young and feverish? Slow down or you will stumble!
You will have a “very private” conversation with a person (m/f) that you love. This is someone for whom you feel a strong attachment, but with whom you are not necessarily in a relationship. You need to know the true feelings (or intentions) of this person (with regard to you), because there is a great deal of ambiguity in your mind. You sometimes have moments of great intimacy with him/her, while on other occasions everything is confused. You probably do not doubt the sincerity of this person, but apparently he/she does not tell you everything. Here, you particularly need to be reassured. You need to know if this person is in love with you or if he/she loves (or sees) someone else. Is he/she serious with you or is it a game? This conversation will require a great deal of you psychologically. You do not want to have disappointments, but you need answers. In fact, the situation is really not simple, even if everything seems easy to understand. In conclusion, you will get your answers, but you will have to demonstrate a very open mind faced with what will be said to you (or requested of you) at this meeting. Yes, this person loves you, but an obstacle is real and this obstacle is (presumably) not the one you fear.

A new encounter is coming. You will meet a person (m/f) who will be very attracted to you. This is someone in a friend’s regular circle of acquaintances. This person is intelligent and a perfectionist. They are seeking your love. Your very presence stirs up their amorous feelings. Your encounter will take place in a bazaar or an open-air market. This person is very attached to traditions and rituals. Because of this, if any union should take place between the two of you, it will have to be by marriage. This person has recently stopped working to take up studying again. If not, this means that they are currently in training/apprenticeship for a new job. As far as their dwelling, this person seems to live near a green area (a park, woods, etc.) in the outskirts of a large city. After your first encounter, this person will definitely try to contact you once more. They will make a substantial trip (by car) to be nearer to you or to facilitate a new meeting with you.

Someone is decisively seeking to entice you into a love affair with them. As of yet they have not said anything to you but there is no doubt that the way they act towards you is very suggestive. This person is very good looking and therefore it is hard for you to not to react when they attempt to seduce you. They like to give you gifts and do things for you and this thoughtfulness is so evocative that even the slightest gesture on their part can quickly unleash your desire. This person lives under the same roof as you; be it that they live with you (as a roommate or otherwise), or that they live in the same building as you. If this is not the case then this is a person who lives very close to you and is someone who you talk to almost every day.
Circumstances are difficult at an emotional level for a woman (a very close friend). She is currently trapped in a conflictual situation with a man with whom she is in a temporary sort of relationship. This man lives in your neighborhood but you don’t really know him. However, this involves someone who is known for his cynicism and his inflammatory statements, and you have heard about him before. Despite her habitual wisdom, your friend has fallen inexplicably under his charms. Her hopes have quickly turned to disappointment, and this has happened very abruptly. You need to provide (psychological) support for your friend as best you can in order to help her get out of this difficult test. More specifically, she feels guilty for having shown such naïveté concerning this man and she absolutely wants to get out of his life. For his part, this man is preventing her from leaving by using all sorts of very ingenious stratagems to keep her with him. Your friend has had one (or several) intimate relation(s) with this man and is far from being proud of this. This is what seems to be bothering her the most, as she is experiencing deep shame for having known him. You presence at her side and your reassuring words will be more than welcome, since her situation appears to be a veritable emotional disaster (totally emotionally annihilating).

You will have a premonition in a dream. In this dream you will meet an angel. This angel will appear so real to you that when you wake up you will wonder if you really were dreaming. This angel will speak of two different scenarios that will appear to you. You will have to choose between the probable one and the illusion. The scenarios will have different values and only one of them will be a sign of things to come. Be careful, because what you hope for will not necessarily become reality. The answer you obtain will be vague, but it will be blessed by the future. It will announce great happiness to you, but at this time you won't realise it. You'll understand later that in your heart illusion can prevail over what seems likely, but that when it comes to it, the likely scenario is very often better than the illusion. You will be blessed and greatly rewarded.

Your happiness will last because you will maintain it. It will therefore be the result of a multitude of challenges and several regroupings. You will throw yourself into many adventures, and chance will make it right. At the professional level, you will be entrusted with all sorts of tasks, and they will all be most interesting. You will complete many projects, and with a lot of talent and a strong will, you will achieve many people’s dreams. You will be admired, and you will be wanted everywhere. You will be offered all sorts of opportunities, but you will mainly excel at a social level. You will therefore be happy because you will manage to succeed at everything and please (almost) everyone. You will constantly be looking for new discoveries, and nothing will nourish you more than innovation, nature and pleasant surprises. You are a person who loves history and the arts, and you will clearly show this through your temperament and your commitments. As a result, you will travel a lot because it will be a necessity for you.

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