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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 46
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A man in your family loves you a great deal. This man has made you an offer you have not yet accepted. You are asking to be allowed to think about it, but your thinking is practically useless because you already know you will accept. You have absolute confidence in this man and you are very happy with his offer. It is a question here of money and of a signature (business, finance, investment, acquisition, etc.). This also concerns a vehicle (car or other type of vehicle). You will have more money in your possession (greater purchasing power) and you will enjoy greater freedom. This vehicle will allow you to go and find (or obtain) something very significant. This is something that will also be very symbolic for you socially. It is possible that you purchase this vehicle, but this is not necessarily about that. In any case, this is an important change (progress, development) in your life. You will be very happy and you will experience great joy.

Somebody feels passionately about you. Each day, you take on more importance for him/her. When he/she is in your presence, he/she is quite simply floating on a cloud. You are generous with him/her, but you perhaps do not realize the extent to which you win him/her over with your little attentions. You are in a position of authority (or almost) (guide, adviser, carer, helper…) with regard to this person, so you must be prudent in how you act towards him/her. This person hopes for more from you than you can give. He/she wants to lead you to commit more (to be more intimate or declare your love) in your relationship with him/her and you may have already noticed this. Furthermore, he/she is worried about a child (his/hers or that of someone close to him/her) and he/she is overwhelmed by financial obligations. Since it is a delicate situation, you will have to change your behavior with him/her. This person has an anxious and mysterious life and soon everything will change into something totally different. You have nothing but good intentions towards him/her, but he/she is in love with you. This person is still profoundly rooted in their past, but he/she dreams of you for the future. It is a great paradox, because now it has taken hold as much in your mind as it is in this person’s life. Therefore, your role must be redefined, because from now on everything will be different than what you had anticipated.

A woman, a friend at work, has disturbing intentions. She’s determined to take a very clear action which will have an obvious impact on her relationship with many people who are part of your professional environment. In fact, she’s getting ready to quit (resign from her position, job, etc.) due to the relentlessness of some people to treat her as if she were an inadequate person (who has no future in the company where she works). Although she is a woman who’s always cooperating and helpful to everyone, she’s psychologically devastated by the way people behave with her. The hypocrisy and doubtful ambitions of some people ended up destroying her. Even if you have nothing to reproach yourself for, you will certainly be disturbed by the action she’ll take. This woman is your friend and you will be greatly affected by her decision. Her departure is imminent and it won’t be possible for you to get her to change her plans. She seems to have other projects in her mind and they appear to be very feasible.
A person (m/f) has the intention of doing justice for you. An event has evolved rapidly and this person is not really aware of what he/she has done. He/she has pain but he/she ignores concretely why. You will have to talk to him/her or go help him/her, since he/she needs immediate psychological support. His/her pain is the reflection of what you recently lived. This person seems to suffer for you, therefore, you need to reassure him/her. He/she wants to protect you or to avenge you, but his/her thoughts are irrational. This person is really vulnerable to the suffering you live through and his/her desire to come to your help is truly incoherent.

You have a supernatural power or a special skill in one of the divinatory arts. You can predict events to come and feel presences around you. You received (or acquired) this gift from a being of the hereafter. This being is very close to you (absolute love) and this means you have a key that very few people have. You have already been persecuted and this being manifested in your life. His/her action was decisive, but you never really understood what happened. This being helps you to get through the labyrinths of life, but you are not always aware of it. He/she has often manifested during your key moments, but this was always without your knowledge. You have often been disappointed, but you must be careful of perceptions. Now, he/she wants to be reconciled with you, but you need to understand that he/she has limits that need to be taken into account in everything he/she does. This could also mean that you need to keep secret this power you have, because most people do not understand this sort of thing. You really have a gift, but you must use it wisely and discerningly.

You have acquired the loyalty and fidelity of a loved one. It is someone who you love, but who is neither your partner nor your close friend even if your affinity would allow this to be the case (in other circumstances or in a different context). This person will help you through an ordeal. He/she knows that you are facing a difficult situation and he/she will do everything to help you. He/she does not want you to be discouraged by your situation and he/she really wants you to know (through concrete actions) how important you are to him/her. Besides, events which you are preparing to experience (in the next few weeks) will confirm the strength of the attachment you have for one another beyond any doubt.
A friend wishes to have a love relationship with you. This is a friend with whom you have a close relationship. You have a lot in common and you maintain a very special bond. This person loves you and this is easy to see. He/she well understands that a love relationship between the two of you is not possible at this time but hopes that it will happen one day. We are speaking here of a person who will never give up because his/her desire for you is too great. This person troubles you (brings you out of your comfort zone), but deep inside yourself you would not like him/her to act otherwise. You would even be jealous, perhaps, to see him/her behave similarly with someone else. Clearly, you no longer really understand what is happening to you (feelings). Your thoughts scramble and your heart races without warning. What does this person have that is so special? It seems that with a little something extra, anything could happen.

Love is for you a totally incomprehensible reality. Once day, it gives you immense happiness and the next day it grieves you. You expect a lot from your love life, yet it often requires great sacrifices from you. Even if some things frustrate you, you accept them in order to keep what you have acquired. Social (or moral) pressures are great, and more and more they are what govern your actions and your decisions. In fact, something is changing (unceasingly) against your will. Even if a situation is not desirable, you know that you have to endure it, because no other option (relevant or appropriate) is really open to you. Be careful not to fall into isolation. A decision will have to be taken (or a choice will have to be made). The impact of this decision (or of this choice) will be long lasting (irreversible). Your judgement will be particularly tested. You will have to think first about your long-term future (your personal happiness and love requirements), because when it comes to the coming years, everything will be decided in the coming months, perhaps even in the coming weeks. You want a major change in your life and your decision will have major consequences. You desire “more” from your love life (happiness, pleasure, etc.) so you will have to be logical with yourself.

An upcoming event will be directly related to a past event. This event will involve a large number of people you probably do not know very well or who you do not see often. You will have to demonstrate that you can easily get in touch with these people and show strong leadership in order to convince them of your ability or your ambitions for the community to which they belong. More specifically, you must increase your influence on a group of people (a union, association, professional body, recreational club, etc.) and this event will allow you to do so. Perhaps you want to be elected or appointed to some position, but one thing is certain, you must demonstrate your worth. You must challenge yourself and speak seriously and coherently with everybody, no matter who you are speaking to. This event corresponds exactly with a similar opportunity that you missed in the past. You have been offered a second chance. This means you will have the opportunity to correct an error or a mistake made in the past, so be better prepared this time, as this may be your last chance.

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