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Wednesday September 22, 2021
Tarot room 47
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An unexpected or unintended love will manifest itself and arouse your senses profoundly. Even if you already know this person (m/f), this love is currently unlikely in your eyes, which is why you’ll be surprised to discover it when the time comes. It’ll come from a young person that is afflicted by an injury to his/her soul (psychological or affective). This young person can be distinguished by his/her sense of organization and his/her influence over people of a greater rank than him/her at a social and professional level. This person appreciates you a lot and he/she will take a very significant action in his/her relationship with you at the social or professional level. He/she will make you take advantage of an opportunity that would’ve never been presented to you without his/her intervention. His/her love for you is shy, but among the most sincere. Your connection with this young person will not really seem logical in your eyes but, if you let yourself be guided by your heart in your relationship with him/her, you’ll maintain a very durable relationship (regardless of the nature) with him/her.

A significant improvement is to be expected on the financial side. There will be a very significant rise in your assets (cash, savings, investments, real estate, property, buildings, etc.) You will reach a peak never before reached in your personal life. You will change, improve, or refine your investment strategy and you will discover new ways (personal and unique to you) to manage your portfolio. You will better understand market tendencies (market, shares, securities, real estate transactions, etc.) and your investments will be much more profitable. You will make acquisitions that will have a great symbolic value for you, but which will also give you greater public awareness. Your flair and patience in business will enrich you and, as such, the next few years will be very critical for your long-term future. Clearly, in 4 or 5 years, you will be in a position to benefit from the privileges that have long been denied to you, and you will get to enjoy the things that have always been inaccessible to you.

A project is delayed or cancelled. This is a question of a young ambitious woman who will not be able to attend a business meeting (or to honour a verbal agreement) with you. This young woman is the key person in your project. She must cancel or postpone her commitment as she will not be able to fulfil her obligations. This young woman is trustworthy and of good faith but someone else is involved. This person imposes new conditions on her. Everything must be renegotiated since what was taken for granted at the outset is no longer so today.
You are loved by two people. If you are in a couple, it means that someone other than your official partner loves you. This person would even be willing to commit adultery with you. It could also be that you are dissatisfied (or unhappy) in your current situation and that you have (or are looking for) a closer relationship with someone who does not hide his/her love for you and about whom you are not indifferent. Otherwise, and in a general sense, this means that you have two very serious alternatives in the area of love and that you will eventually have to take an extremely difficult, even heart-breaking, decision. You will need to be careful regarding your initiatives with the opposite sex because you could easily find yourself in an extremely compromising position. One thing is certain: one of these people is a lot more mature than the other. You will have to keep this in mind. Be careful, therefore, not to hurt yourself, because the wounds might be difficult to heal.

You are looking for information. Somebody committed an indiscretion and it made you suspicious. A friend is hiding something from you. This friend is a man who is very close to you. He is smart (crafty) and he knows exactly what he is doing. He is busy with something and he wants to postpone a discussion that he needs to have with you. It worries you a lot and you want to know what is really going on. You will have a conversation with somebody else about it. This person does not really want to go into the details (of what is happening), but nonetheless, listen very carefully to what he/she will tell you and you will get the answer that you are looking for. Above all, be careful not to worry more than necessary, because your friend (the man) is only preparing a pleasant surprise for you. Here, it is about an outing or a little trip. You will have to give up a commitment (appointment, meeting, activity or other), because something much better is secretly planned for you.

You’re in a remarkable period of evolution. Many things are progressing in your life. The developments are numerous and more and more favourable. The transformations that you’re currently living are so important that you’ll have to take the time to take root on solid bases so as to not let yourself be surprised by the events. You’re strong enough to withstand everything that is imposed on you but, to really benefit from your new opportunities, you’ll need to create new links. Many things have always had an observable influence on you but, from now on, you’ll need to get rid of the superfluous and keep only what will have real importance in your future existence. A new cycle begins in your life but, before going too far, make sure to realize that there are lessons to be learnt from your recent past.
You will receive a communication (by letter, email, telephone or other) informing you of the problems of a person you’ve known for a long time. This person is a woman who is older than you. She has previously been part of your close circle. She’s isolating herself and avoids contact with those close to her. She feels manipulated by others. She believes people want to harm her or that whatever is done for her causes her trouble. She is experiencing psychological or emotional problems at present and someone should take care of her health. Someone has to care for her, otherwise her condition will become more complicated. She needs to see a health professional, but people want to take her against her will. Yes, she must be helped, but this should not be done by force. This woman has done much for others in the past (she’s a generous woman from all perspectives) and she deserves to be treated with dignity. She may need to be hospitalized, and, if this is the case, it should be her choice and not that of others (she must consent). If you think you have to intervene, you should do it with kindness and compassion. This woman believes that people want to get rid of her, and she is extremely afraid of being mistreated. In this case, words can have different meanings for her, so patience, thoughtful gestures and displays of love will be needed. This woman knows that she is vulnerable, therefore she must feel that she is loved and is not being manipulated or being forced to make choices.

Someone is plotting behind your back. You have to watch out for a person of the opposite sex, who is somewhat younger than you. This is a person who is a part your everyday surroundings (or almost.) Despite appearances and what you believe, this person does not feel any “real” affection for you (a superficial friendship only.) In addition, he/she is not what he/she claims to be (or what he/she suggests.) On the contrary, he/she is treacherous and egocentric. He/she has against him/her her insolence and her penchant for lying (for denigrating and/or ridiculing others). This person is dishonest (from the point of view of friendship) and will not hesitate, if it benefits him/her, to betray you for his/her own interests. More particularly, your situation in love will be the target of his/her forked tongue and calumnies. This person will do you harm (unfounded assertion or accusation.) You will become aware of his/her remarks (aiming to harm you) through another person. Clearly, you will have to work to limit the damage, because false and deliberately malicious words will be said. In short, you will have to (it seems) learn to better discern your friends from your enemies, because this person is abusing (easily and openly) your trust.

A fundamental element indicates that you aren’t taking sufficient care of your health or else that something in your life or in your environment is harmful to your health. If the problem is coming from you, then maybe it’s because you are asking more of your body than it can give you. If it’s something in your life or your environment, you need to take the situation more seriously. Whatever it may be, you are exhausting yourself more than you are resting (you are wearing down). Your body is asking you to listen and you should pay attention, because if you don’t, you risk becoming ill or becoming overtired (burnout, depression or the like). You need to take more time to relax or exercise (cardio, recreation or such) and to take care of yourself. You also need to understand that you have to pay as much attention to your psychological health as your physical health, since the two go hand in hand. Thus, it seems that you need to change something in your daily routines, since things are out of kilter in some way. So you should think more than ever of adopting a healthy lifestyle (or improving your living conditions), since the harbinger signs are pointing that way.

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